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tonights buzzed adventures


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Tonight I had a triple streak.

First, I introduced myself to the cute girl at one bar. She seemed pretty friendly and interested (eye contact, smile, etc)

Then I went to the other bar to play pool and was clowning on the dumb ass bar tender girl (first she was commenting on how "OW I hit my hand" when she smacked her ass with both hands and said it usually jiggles) then I said "let me see that ass shake". continued to play her like a dumb ass and commented on her nose ring, saying "people still get nose rings? isn't that like a 2000 thing?". Then I called her the wrong name a couple times and she didn't even correct me but I know she heard what I said. A short while after that, she said something about my dad and I finding her attractive cause it's dark in there, and I said that "well I've had a few beers" and a guy at the bar just laughed and so did my dad...lol fucking clowned.....

The reason behind my clowning on her was cause my dad said she was making out with some random dude and she's married! and to top it off she was practically begging him not to say anything to her husband. Can't respect girls like that.

Then, I went to this store to buy food. Long story short, girl always flirted with me when I went in and finally asked her out and we met at a bar. I never smoke weed anymore but I did to try to impress her and got super paranoid and awkward. She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek when I left and I haven't been back for about 2 months.

With my buzzed confidence, I went there tonight after leaving the bar and it went surprisingly well.

First she asked how I've been, blah blah. Asked if I found everything ok. I said "not really, cause you went on the intercom and said you have one minute to get your ass to the register cause we are closing" (she didn't actually say this but the girl behind me laughed and nodded her head)

I guess she forgot how awkward I was at the bar cause she again, looked in my eyes with a smile and told me to have a good night.

BTW she is petite with perfect tits and sexy as fuck (tatted up, lots of piercings and died hair)

Last time I went in she showed me a tattoo on her ass! what a fun girl ;)

Anyways just wanted to share that :)

I need to drink more often...

2010 HHR LT - DNX 6160 - sony xec-700 - sony xm-4040 for door mids - XM-6020 for tweets in a-pillar - saz1500d v1 - VVME RD-12 1.75 f^3 32hz

guru and president of the "cheap asses trying to beat up the block with bargain bin woofers" club

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Sounds like a hell of a time :D

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Yeah.. like i said, nothing in my life. :shrug: meh, im cool with it, fuck it.

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