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Hey guys new here, got a quick question for you. I was gonna buy an fi ssd12 but then came across this subwoofer nvx vcw124. I've never heard of this brand but it doesn't look like a half bad sub, I wanna try it out cause it doesn't call for that big of a box but it has pretty much the same specs as the ssd 12. Now my question is for the vcw124 I've come up with a 1.84ft^3 box after sub and port displacement, with a 3 inch areo port that is roughly 16 inches long, a little less, that would give me around 22square inches of port area, so it should be tuned to 25hz like I want it. So my question to you guys is does this sound right or is the box too small or the port too small? I'm not an expert at all but they recommend tuning it to 25hz. Thanks

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      2010 chevy express work van  plans: 4 18”s may be american bass on 2 8k,prv 8 midrange 8 midbass 10in speakers,8horns,24Twiters, 3- xs30k 7- D3100, 2 Dcpower 370, running iPad pro  to sony rsx-gs9 to audio control dm-810 via optital cable all digital up to the dm810 
    • By Paul Kadoshnikov
      In regards to the image, here is my design for 2 warden 21" subs. Box is about 17.5 cubes total after displacement and some bracing. Port will be about 12" wide by 22.5" (internal dimensions) long about 33hz tuning (270" port area).
      So my question is, I can leave the spot underneath the port without a separator wall, or I can add a separator shown on the right. Aside from adding bracing to the box, would it lower port tuning a little? (in the thought of the air will hit the divider and move up, as if adding some port length?)
      If the subs allow I may make the port slightly longer, but tuning would max go to 31hz even if i add 6 inches internally to the port. So I dont think I will extend it if the box allows. The port will be pretty close to both woofers.
      I intuitively don't think it'll affect port tuning, but would it cause any issues adding the separator almost up to the port?
      Or if anyone has some input on changing where the port goes. The sides are very close to the vehicle walls so a port to the side may not be the best. And there isnt room to port forward.

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      I am building two of these enclosures for a boat.  They will be inside an observers compartment.  When stopped we will have the seat opened up.  My question is will it cause any issues with cancellation or port noise or decreased volume to put that port on the opposite wall of the box.  I need to shrink the 20 inch sides down to about 18.5 inches and the 4 inch aero is actually almost touching the subwoofer in my current box with this design.  It would be much easier to make them fit if the ports were on the back wall. Any thoughts?  Subwoofer is a Wetsounds REVO-XXX 12 inch.

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      Hello, Im looking to get a box design for 2 NVX VCW 12s from specs it says they like lower tuning and around 1.5 to 1.85 cubes per sub. with that in mind id like to tune to 30/32hz also i have good electrical that never dips below 13.5, i will get at least rated 2k if not more my max room is 15.5" tall,34"wide,23" deep thanks!
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