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Vcw 124 box help

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Hey guys new here, got a quick question for you. I was gonna buy an fi ssd12 but then came across this subwoofer nvx vcw124. I've never heard of this brand but it doesn't look like a half bad sub, I wanna try it out cause it doesn't call for that big of a box but it has pretty much the same specs as the ssd 12. Now my question is for the vcw124 I've come up with a 1.84ft^3 box after sub and port displacement, with a 3 inch areo port that is roughly 16 inches long, a little less, that would give me around 22square inches of port area, so it should be tuned to 25hz like I want it. So my question to you guys is does this sound right or is the box too small or the port too small? I'm not an expert at all but they recommend tuning it to 25hz. Thanks

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    • By darksoul989
      I am hoping someone can explain bandpass and how the port tuning works.
      I recently had a friend give me a bandpass box with a kicker cvr 12d2 in it...
      the box measures 15"h 20"w 8. 5"d both sealed and ported side having these measurements. 2 tube ports 3.875" What i don't understand is way it sounds for the ports it has???
      According to every port calculator iv used its tuned at 95hz! Am i measuring port frequency wrong or does bandpass create a different port frequency that is measured differently.
      Also can someone explain bandpass and how you tune one.
    • By Sufkayx
      Im building a subwoofer enclosure for 2 12' type r subs (2kRMS) and wanted to know what size enclosure i should use. I have depth of 17 height of 15 and width of 35 max.
      I was thinking around 5.5 cubes
      I want to tune the box to around 32 hertz and want very low bass.
      What diffrence does a larger enclosure make over a smaller one?
      Also how big should i have my port i will be using a slot port but wanted to know if a port which its height is less and width is more is better than a port with a larger hight and smaller width. I was thinking a 4' wide and around 9 heigh is thw width fine?
      All help appreciated
    • By Bj3ll0
      Ok so i have seen many different answers on this and I am wondering on what is the correct answer. so my head unit is a pioneer FHX-520ui
      now on the head unit there is a bass Level, not bass boost but bass level it goes from -24 to + 6 its default setting is 0 when i am DD-1 tuning my set up should i set this at 0 or+ 6 or somewhere in between, i'm assuming this is Gain from the rca outputs, and if it does not matter what are the beniffits of tuning at 0 or +6 i just want to tune it for the best possible output, what i am currently running is in my signature as well, I also plan on upgrading to an AVH deck with 4v pream outputs because i feel like i can get better bass response out of these subs.
    • By Mstsnitro
      (OLD) (OLD) (OLD) Newest build starts on page 5
      I've been mainly a lurker in the audio world and figured maybe I'll finally do a build thread to show my Daily Driver. Here is my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant. Being a college student I don't really have the money to go totally all out with audio, but I do what I can haha. All pictures can be found below.
      Audio Upgrades:
      Pioneer DEH-X6500BT Head Unit
      Skar Audio FSX-65 Midwoofers 2 Front/ 2 Rear
      2 Lanzar Super Tweeters
      2 NVX VCW 15" Subwoofers
      2 NVX JAD1200.1 Subwoofers
      1 Hifonics X800.4 Speakers
      50 ft of NVX 1/0 OFC wire power/ground/ Big 3
      12g NVX Speaker Wire for subwoofers
      16g NVX Speaker Wire for speakers
      2 Kinetic HC2000s
      20 Sq Ft of NVX Sound Deadening
      Stinger Volt meter
      CNF Distribution blocks
      Box is a Ported common chamber sitting at around 34 hz
      Visual Upgrades:
      Front end swap from a 2000 Galant
      Smoked Tail lights
      Plasti Diped front grill and splitter
      Build pictures:
      Box Design in Sketchup



      Custom Brackets made to fit 6.5" speakers in 6x9 hole

      Trunk Lined with deadener:

      Amp Mounts:

      Battery Bay in spare tire well:

      Box Build:

      Semi Final Project:

      This car has come a long way since the first set of shitty 10"s, then 2 15" kicker CVRs. Its still not done, I.E. It still need the interior of the trunk put in and the subs box still needs a little facelift, but Im happy with the overall sound quality of the build. I'm hoping for 145+ dB but am not sure if im quite there. I'll get metered sooner or later and I'll post up my results. I have another build with a 1990 Civic Hatch on plate for the next semester. I've started a car audio club/ team at Virginia Tech and that will be our demo car for the spring. Thanks guys for the look and I look forward to try and be more active here and other audio forums.
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