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Finally got around to putting my oracle halo's into my headlights. First of all, to install these you have to take apart your headlight housing, which can be simple or a PITA. I had to put mine in the oven at 220 degrees for about 15 minutes to loosen up the sealant on the headlight housing, so I could then pry it apart.

Now the halo's themselves have 3m double sided tape that you are supposed to use to install them into your headlights; this would have been fine if the halo's were actually the right size. The halos were a little smaller than the area you are supposed to put them, so I had to bend them outwards a little bit, and the 3m tape was not strong enough to hold them in place after that. I ended up getting some gorilla glue epoxy to do the job.

Overall I'm happy with this product, I think they look really good and would recommend them, just let it be known that installation can be a PITA.




7e770874-fae3-49d5-ad82-4cabf106fead_zps d3abdb88-50bf-42d8-9628-e257559ec11d_zps

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Looks sweet!




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