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so i've been thinking about sound deadner for the trunk of my car, im worried about if the placement of where i would want the deadner to be would be effective or not(trunk lid and under the sub box to stop the gas tank from rattling. would these places work? i recently ordered a bigger amp and with the smaller one i use to have the rattle on the outside of the car was horrible but on the inside you couldnt hear to much unless it was a higher hz tone. ive been thinking about getting the Qmat from soundqubed the 16 ft2 stuff. would this be enough? and would it be highly effective? i hear sound deadner increases deebeez is this true? thanks for the help, recommendations are appreciated

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First, sq's line of deadener I've heard nothing good things about. Don't know what u drive but I piled 20 ft of deadener onto my rear deck and trunk lid alone of my old dodge neon. Buy it should Bork f ur what u want done

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i love the q mat that i got. the 4 sheets i got was only enough for the trunk lid, and across the whole top of my trunk. will be needing more soon but i can definitely tell a difference.

Edit: also, just wanted to add that i didnt necessarily get louder. but the bass sounded so much better and cleaner with a lot of the rattles taken away

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I'd say it depends on your application if you're chasing tenths on a meter full coverage may be warranted, but for the most part covering even 1/4 of an area attenuates a lot of the vibration. My last car I did full coverage, this car I used CLD tiles covering about 33% and I can't really tell a difference between the two cars( I only did the trunk though). The first was an avalon and the second a lexus es300. Sound Deadener Showdown has a great site you can read up on info and pretty good product. SDS is pretty expensive and for about same price you may be able to get full coverage. Don't know much about qmat, but when I was researching I ran across a lot of people who like it.

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okay awesome thanks for the replies, ill look around a bit more on different brands but ive also heard good things about qmat. i drive a 96 ford taurus so there is only rattle by the back 5x7s, the trunk lid, and whole low bumper/back end that rattles, its a pretty solid car, but the bass does shake the rust off. ha

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