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Note sure if this is allowed but correct me if im wrong but here ya go guys:

So guys after messing around on the dashboard I found a new way to get a Free 1-month membership for ANY existing XBL Silver account, regardless of region or the last time an account had a Gold membership, much like Tyler's previous thread this should be able to be used monthly, in addition to this brief tutorial this thread will also feature what is currently offered with your XBL Gold Membership
Anyways below is a brief tutorial.

Xbox Live Silver
Valid Payment Option on profile
Xbox 360 Console

Text Tutorial:

1. Make sure Console Locale is set to U.S. (If using on any non-U.S. account)
2. Sign in to ANY account into Xbox Live and let the dashboard load
3. Sign out of the profile
4. Under "Home" tab Hit "A" on "Explore Xbox Live"
(Explore Xbox Live should appear if your locale is set to U.S.)
5. Sign into account you wish to get the free 1-month on
6. Hit "A" on "Xbox Live Gold" (What's in Gold)
7. Hit "A" for one month free
8. Confirm Purchase

Video Tutorial:

Enjoy, and make sure to turn of the auto-renewal clear.png

Special thanks to Lisbon Lions 67 and sparky56p (Both from s7vensins) for the region workaround clear.png

(Idk how long this will work so use it while you can)​

2002 Mustang GT Procharged

Procharger P1SC Supercharger, 8psi

Procharger Intercooler, Headers,

Borla Off Road X-Pipe Exhaust, Mass Airflow

Upgraded Fuel Injectors

SCT Flash Chip (Excaliber II), Throttle Body, Lowering Springs, Carbon Fiber Hood

-Front 275/40ZR17

-Rear 315/35ZR17

5.0 Short Shifter

3.55 Gears

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