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4 channel hertz amplifiers review


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So I recently bought a hertz hdp4 channel amp

-4x150wrms @4ohms

I also bought another "quality" big brand name amp which I wont name to avoid a vs thread

-This second amp was a 2 channel that ran 200wrms [email protected] 4 ohms and on the birth sheet it said 250 wrms x2 which included the dynamic power

-I am running component hertz mille 1650.3 which were 150wrms x2 @4ohms

When I had the second amp hooked up. Gain was matched to head unit properly.

I could turn speakers up to 35 volume on head unit and my ears would not hurt.

When I hooked up to hertz amp with gain match properly and all the same settings as other amp. I could only turn head unit volume to 27 and it was as loud as other amp at 35. At 35 with hertz amp my ears instantly started ringing. ( I was only running 2 channels of hertz [email protected] 150 wrms. I was not bridging to get two channels at 333 watts)

The hertz amp had way cleaner sound. Way more power even tho it was 150 wrms vs 200 wrms.

I'm just curious as to why the difference was insane when the amp with less rms rating was so much more powerful than the

Other supposedly more powerful amp?

I'm a little disgusted actually with the other amp and the company and will never run any item they put out because of this.

I assure u the connections and w erything was right because I had an installer look over my work to make sure it was the amps and not human error.

My question is how is this possible?

And sec9nd I will say this.

If your looking for a wicked powerful. Clean sounding 4 channel amp for a mid to high price range. U cannot go wrong with the hertz hdp4 amplifier. And I would highly recommend it. On top of the clean power and available settings. It's compact.

It has 4 lights on amplifier that troubleshoot any problem u could have with that amp.

And has a variety of possible connections

[email protected]

4x250wrms @2 ohm

[email protected] + 500 watt [email protected]

[email protected] +500 watt [email protected]

Daily driver

  • Crescendo Audio Encore 4.5k
  • Fi SP4v2 18" ( 5.5 cube vented tuned 27hz)
  • Hertz Millie mid-range, tweets, xovers
  • Hertz SPL Show 10" mid-bass ( 1 cube sealed box)
  • Hertz hdcp 4 channel amp
  • 370 amp mechman hairpin
  • 2x d3400 XS Power batteries
  • 2/0 gauge 100% ofc welding/ground cable (big 3 done)
  • 40 ft.2 second skin pro/ 40 ft.2 dynamat extreme ( doors sealed)



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I've got an HDP4 and it is loud and crystal clear! Agree with your review 100%.

The one thing I didn't like about the Hertz was the sound wasn't warm enough. It took some tuning to get a nice warm mids sound I was looking for, that for example the PPI 900.4 has although certainly not as loud.

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