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  1. Wondering if u could get back to me on this. If u can't warranty the work at least tell me how to fix it. Thanks. Mike
  2. Thanks duck. My Headunit voltage is 4volt. That should be enough to test just the Headunit using the RCA method correct? Well I did that and I never got the distortion light to stay lit. It blinked at 34 of 35 on my volume. Same when I tried the amplifier method. I could get the distortion light to blink @34 of 35 on the Headunit volume. But it never stayed lit. Making me wonder if everything on the system is out. Because I set all my gains on amps.with head unit volume at 34/35 I just pulled.this off another thread about Kenwood decks ****** My DD1 on my Kenwood Excelon does the same thing, every notch on the volume knob the clip light blinks really quick then turns off. It would illuminate HARD at 25/35 on deck power, RCA's read through the amps were clean all the way to 35. Mine never stayed on at all on just deck power. I hooked up the positive RCA into the dd1. Tried sub, front and rear like that.
  3. All good man thanks ? I always get stressed out during troubleshooting. Glad.it all.worked out
  4. Yeah that's real cute. Didn't decide to just wing it. Had the instructions glued to my face. You know that manual that came.with it. Whenyour new to car audio and the instructions doesn't explain every single.dial you make sure from.another source your doing it right. I thought I'd double check. Thanks KS for the help 8's. Your the man
  5. My 2 gain settings on the 4 channel are identical. That little quick blink on the distortion light was tripping me the fuck out. Got it to stay steady at about 4 on my 4 channel. my sub amp the DD 1 worked like it was supposed to. Think everything's good. Got to finally hear.my sp4 the way it was meant to be heard. Everyone on my block was poking their head out their front door ??? The sub bass from the sp4 and that enclosure Trit designed.for menis ridiculous. I thought my old jl13w7 pounded. Fuck me. What a trip. Well. It was everything I was looking for.
  6. Did all that. Been watching videos all morning. My gain on my 4 channel hertz 1000 wrms amp goes from 0-6 I had it set by an audio shop and they had it set at 3. Which is about 1/3 of the way up. On the distortion detector. I get one little blink at 3 then nothing..turn it up to 5.5 and the distortion light stays on. Never got a full light on my headunit either. Did it with the amp test and rca from Headunit.
  7. Did all.that. headunit is flat everywhere. No bass etc. It says Turn the gain on the amp to min. Set crossover switch to flat. What the fuck is flat on a crossover. 0? 400? 1000? On my amp.both channels can go down to 50 or 80 on the cross over settings
  8. I just tried to measure my HU .with just RCA's. Had the distortion light beep once. On max volume. tried it through a four channel amp. Had the RCA's plugged into amp..gain on 0. Pass mode set to full as I assumed that was flat? then tried hooking the red probe to minus and black.probe to plus like it said I might have to in manual. Followed instructions. Turned headunit up.to 34 ( max volume is 35) and it blinked once and quit. Never stayed on. Turned the pobes around and did it and got the same thing..distortion blinked on once at 34. Then quit. Blinked.on again at 35 and quit.
  9. It's not all black and white. If your a pro flat makes sense. If your not it's confusing as fuck. Does flat mean full pass or full through on an amplifier? It doesn't specify that in the manual
  10. Don't post on social media. Problem solved. The world has changed. Change with it........Or learn to avoid all tha pussy shit. Simple really
  11. Bout to install a mechman 370. I have two xs power batteries in parallel. 400 amp fuse from alternator to battery right? But does the power wire from battery to battery also need a 400 watt fuse? On each end. Thanks mike

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    2. Mack187Murder


      Their at least 5' apart. One on the end the engine bay. I have a 400 amp fuse on the alt. Even tho I may not need it since that wire is roughly 4 feet. And I've decided to go with 400 amp fuses battery to battery since my research recommend 300 max fuse rating for 1/0 wire. And I have 2/0. Sound good to you guys?

    3. Mack187Murder


      One on each end* 

      And alt to battery is 2.5 '*

    4. WalledSonic


      Fuse it all in your case.

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