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Well, to start, let's give a few general ratings and go into detail later:

Sound Quality - 7.9/10 Bass was really smooth and punchy, very responsive, a little high frequency noise on the output of this amplifier though.

Circuitry: 7/10. I've seen better. There was a bit of flux residue on the boar, some of the solder joints could've been done better, but as for the components, I didn't see anything I didn't like. All the capacitors were branded, "LM". These aren't bad caps, I've seen these in Canadian products, one of them is a wall mount heater from Home Depot that's made in Canada. They seem to hold their own and seem to be good quality. I'm not familiar with them, so I can't glorify them or hate on them. The output and input circuit is where this thing fell a little short. Can it do it's 3000W @ 0.5 ohms? Yeah, I'd say it'd probably have no problems doing that. The transistors on the output if all are put together correctly to get the max voltage out of them on a single output rail, this thing would deffo do it's 3000W or better NO problem. The power supply circuit fell a little short, only being able to do 3000W at it's max happily, however I don't know how they're running it. If they're gonna allow it to get warm and actually pull some power, it can do a little more. If they're gonna run the fets at manufacturer spec, it's gonna do it's 3000W no problem. The brands of all the components were decent brands, the circuit was nice, but it's not the best. Very good for the price, no complaints.

Build Quality and Design: 6.5/10 The decal started loosing quite a bit of the paint on it out of the box from just some light rubbing. The aluminum brushed finish is nice, but the glossy black on the edges chips easily if hit with something like a screwdriver. The bottom panel makes it easy to repair, and they did pay attention to detail well, such as adding screws that were colored to match the pallet of the amplifier. The knobs for the gain felt okay, a little loose for my taste, probably gonna hot melt em' down just to be sure. The bass knob is a PoS though. It feels like shit and that's because it's a fucking potentiometer that's using some really cheap 3 wire phone cable as the wire. I can't complain though, it works, just feels and is a PoS. I'm probably gonna get a better potentiometer and put that in the place of the original shit one so it doesn't feel like I'm breaking it every time I turn it. However, the LED lighting looks nice, the circuit for it internally is VERY cheap, but it works very well though.

Cable Connections: 5/10 They've used the dreaded angled 0 gauge connectors that for some fucking reason every manufacturer except for really reputable ones use. They did the same annoying bullshit for the output connectors, again I don't know why the fuck they do this. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's like YouTube Cinema channels, putting tits in their thumbnails since 1999 for the most views. However, they're made of solid brass, so they've got that going for them. Either that or they're coated, but they look to be solid.

When I install this thing fully, I'm gonna update it and make a more comprehensive review. I did however burn this thing in using a Corsair RM1000 power supply, pushing 500W out if it for 8 hours to see what would happen. Didn't even get warm, just ran happily.

TL;DR I didn't write all this for you not to read it, you lazy fuck.

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