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  1. Check out Mechman alternators, and Singer Alternators. When it comes to car audio (and cars in general), people kindly remind me, you get what you pay for.
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am referring to all of the dashed indentations around the perimeter of the baffle.
  3. What are those lines around both of the baffles?
  4. I asked him what his stock alt was, to see what his car would normally pull stock. Which is worst case scenario around 80% of stock alt capabilities (so I've heard)
  5. Sounds good, sounds good. Okay, so the quote above is to calculate what amperage your sound system will pull. At full load, no sound system, your car would pull about 80% of what the stock alt is at everything on. So 170 × .8 is 136. Add that to the 224, you get 360 amps. BUT, remember, this is full tilt, everything on at once, such as headlights, high beams, inside lighta, engine going, ac, fans full blast windows and everything operating at once type of deal. All in all, you will be we fine with the 300 h/o alt! Buy a volt meter, and just watch how it goes throughout daily usage. I'mean sure you don't roll around town completely blasting your stereo at full tilt with ac and very thing turned all the way up, and all accessories possible on.
  6. Well, easiest way to tell, would be take the wattage you want, divide by the voltage your alt runs at, to get the full tilt amperage. So 3500/14.4 is about 224 amps. Leaving you with 76 amps for the car. What size Alternators as the stock alt? (Btw, this is very rough and not completely accurate. It is also counting on full tilt.)
  7. I am not a home audio guy, and you probably know more than I do, but have you thought about one 12 inch sub, not built into the cabinet? When I was looking around at SQ subs, the Dayton HO came up frequently, but mainly in a ported enclosure, tuned super low for home audio
  8. Oh, that's awesome! Wish I had three money to do stuff like this. Again, looks awesome. Would love a demo vid
  9. Dark wheels and dark tint, go black or red. Keeping the wheels the same, go white
  10. Had the same issue. Presented the same problems you're describing. I was also low on my headlight fluid. Might as well replace them both.
  11. Oh, I'd didn't know that. So, you have the 2 additional alts going straight back toy our batteries (after your voltage regulator)?
  12. Looks awesome! How's the voltage at full tilt? (Would love to see a vid!)
  13. Thank you
  14. I am wanting to make sub box designs, and play around with Win ISD and the Torres calculator, however, when I look either one of them up on google, many options pop up. Could someone please link me to both?