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  1. I am not a home audio guy, and you probably know more than I do, but have you thought about one 12 inch sub, not built into the cabinet? When I was looking around at SQ subs, the Dayton HO came up frequently, but mainly in a ported enclosure, tuned super low for home audio
  2. Oh, that's awesome! Wish I had three money to do stuff like this. Again, looks awesome. Would love a demo vid
  3. Dark wheels and dark tint, go black or red. Keeping the wheels the same, go white
  4. Had the same issue. Presented the same problems you're describing. I was also low on my headlight fluid. Might as well replace them both.
  5. Oh, I'd didn't know that. So, you have the 2 additional alts going straight back toy our batteries (after your voltage regulator)?
  6. Looks awesome! How's the voltage at full tilt? (Would love to see a vid!)
  7. Thank you
  8. I am wanting to make sub box designs, and play around with Win ISD and the Torres calculator, however, when I look either one of them up on google, many options pop up. Could someone please link me to both?
  9. ^Yeah, max dimensions with the equipment would be awesome for the designers. Also, talk to them about down firing to protect them. In a Tahoe, downfiring or upwards facing would be fine*. I say down firing though, so you can potentially put light-ish bags on top of the box I'd need be for your family. *If I'm wrong, please correct me.
  10. Ahh, AMD over intel, gross xD But with that budget, definitely wait for the Ryzen. Also, go crazy with the RAM! With that budget, I would say go for a rather large SSD, get the Ryzen, and a nice motherboard, with DDR4 32GB+ ram Also, with that load you plan to run, your CPU will love to get hot. Believe the site that has really great results for CPU coolers is called Frosty Tech, great site if you have the chance to look at it before you purchase things.
  11. ^ Good advice If you do want an i7, I say wait a bit until you can afford it instead of going i5 then stepping up, that would significantly increase your expenditure. Also, the 16GB will be enough for a lot of the things you could potentially be doing, UNLESS you love to have many things open at a time, and will definitely go past 16GB, then go for 32. Personally, I think 16GB will do well for modded games. Many forums, like Toms hardware, has had the topic of how much RAM is enough for different usages if you don't know how much you actually will need, I suggest taking a look at it. The SSHD, I say drop completely and invest in a SSD and a 1tb HDD for stuff that doesn't need to be on the SSD such as music, side apps like ventrilo, skype, and many other folders (music, documents, pictures). Trust us, SSD speeds will make you and your heavily modded games happier, nothing beats amazing load times. For the GPU, I like it. I say to make sure you pair it with a nice monitor to get the full benefits of having that beast of a graphics card in your tower. Just let us know what your budget is, and I am sure either one of us could help throw together suggestions even easier.
  12. For the box designers on this forum, I will ask the typical question they might ask. How much power are you giving them? What amp? What car? Where is it going to be located in the car? What are your maximum dimensions?
  13. ^ Yeah, meant either 2 to 4, or just 2, or just 4 (I am assuming)
  14. What are your goals/usage? Budget?