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  1. ^ Yeah, meant either 2 to 4, or just 2, or just 4 (I am assuming)
  2. There is a section that you can post in and not have inteterruptiong through comments. You could post pics in chronological order explaining what's going on in each pic. Both of you guys, sick build. Someone did this in the same car as mine (1st Gen tsx). They put the iPad in, and made it removable so people won't attempt to steal it. Awesome to see it in other vehicles! Build logs for both would definitely be amazing
  3. Okay, thank you guys! I was originally on the XFLs, but I have to save up each week, so I have plenty of time to be looking around. Currently getting the big 3, then the amp kit (to use on my current amp), then a LC7i or LC2i, then the next amp, then the sub. It is going to be some time. Thanks again
  4. Okay, that makes sense. Out of your subwoofer line, which one is better with SQ at about 1000 watts rms?
  5. Thank you. I am sorry, I am new to audio. What is a DR coil and DR level lead wire?
  6. They have soooo many hamsters here. Shaved hamsters, short hamsters, different colored hamsters, tall hamsters, long hamsters, skinny hamsters, and fat hamsters. They also have services that let you watch live! I highly recommend this site for anyone looking for cute hamster pics
  7. I am looking for a good 12 inch sub, around 1k rms ( to be easy on my stock alt, big 3, and yellow top). I was leaning towards the XFL, but decided to keep looking around. Many options have come up, such as the Fi SSD, AB XR, Sxxv2, DD 700 series, and as the title suggests, the LI. My main question is about the Lethal Injection. What are those weird upgrading options on ssa store? Are they worth it?
  8. Which amp did you end up getting? I am also stuck on the HIfonics H35, but the 3000 watt model ( the on above the 2400), the Kenwood 9106D, and a used Alpine MRX-M110.
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