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  1. Yeah, I get you. I was just thinking maybe leave the rear doors stock, and buy 3-way speakers for the rear deck. this way it sounds fuller behind me. Stock 6x9s are currently only mid bass, So I removed them
  2. Yeah, I have heard that the LC7i is great. Sadly, I do not have the option to put a new stock head unit in easily, due to my controls being in the touch screen navi. I would love a DSP, but oh boy is that a lil out of budget. As for connecting the LC7i, the PAC AOEM-HON20 harness goes in pre-stock amp/post head unit, and direct to the LC7i once I cut off the PAC OEM LOC to use only the wires. The rear 6.5s are full range signals, and also 2 way speakers. I can either upgrade those and boost with a 4 channel amp, or I can leave those on the stock amp, and use the 4 channel to the new 6x9s.
  3. Hey, guys! I currently have a 2004 Acura TSX w/ navi. I have a mono block amp attached to the rear 6x9s via speaker level input, feeding 2 12s, but potentially a better single 12 in the future. The amp is dying, so I have a used JL Audio 500/1 on the way. It will power the 2 12 inch subs in a prefab (Yes, I know, bad idea with pre-fab, but also the subs aren't that great either. But I mean, this was a "first set-up 2.0" to just hold me off for bigger and better things, after my old set-up got ripped out of my previous car. I got it all for $150, so I am not complaining). I now need to find a way to attach the JL to the stock unit. I was thinking either getting a LC7i or LC2i. I don't know if I will even be doing a 4 channel, but the odds have been bouncing back and forth as I see it becoming more feasible. A)If I did the LC7i, this would allow me to get a nice 4 channel amp in the future, and also connect it to the JL 500/1. B)I can also connect the LC2i via 6x9 outputs on the rear deck, and then get something like the JL RD400/4 for the speakers, since it has speaker level inputs. Both the LC7i, or the 4 channel amp with speaker level inputs will be attached via 9 speed wire to the harness from a PAC AOEM-HON20 to allow my stock amp to still be there for maybe my tweetes, unless I find a good area for my crossovers, and the rear door speakers, if I decide to keep them in there, and add 3-way rear 6x9s instead. As it stands, is option A or B better? As for the 3-way rear 6x9 idea. The Stock 6x9s are low frequencies only. However, I was thinking that I could use the output from a 4 channel amp, fed by the door speaker connections via the hacked PAC harness, and purchase 3 way 6x9s. However, this would mean the rear door 6.5s would have no connection on the new 4 channel amp, meaning they would stay on the stock amp. (I currently have JBL GX600C components in the front running off of the stock amp). Is there any way to make it so I can attach the 6 speakers to the 4 channel amp? If not, would it be a better idea to upgrade the 6.5s in the rear door, and leave out my 6x9s? or upgrade to 3-way 6x9s, and leave the door speakers attached to the stock amp? Thanks for reading this long post!
  4. Glad you figured it out! Definitely let everyone know if replacing those helped (once you do replace them). And if you aren't happy, I guess you can do what others said, and do more runs
  5. I am looking for a new amp, and people have talked about the Zapco ST-1350mx II and the Alphard Sounds Machete (1500d or 2000d). However, I am trying to find info on these amps, and can't find too much past the spec sheets. Not really any videos on them, not many reviews, but people seem to recommend them. Does anyone have experience with these amps?
  6. The JL one, would it hold all 3 stock wires on the one eyelet adapter? I am leaning towards putting rings on the ends of all 3 stock ones.
  7. Hey guys, I am finally able to start my slow upgrade of my audio system. First and foremost is the Big 3 to get the most out of my crappy stock alternator. I drive a 2004 Acura TSX and will need to replace the battery terminals. The positive appears to have a 3 different wires coming from it all crimped into the stock terminal. If I cut the terminal off, what new terminal should I go with?
  8. ALDJ253

    Soundstream T1.6000DL

    Hey, guys! I am looking for an amp that is going to push about 800 watts RMS (4ohms for efficiency, and that's what my current subs are wired to), for now. This is mainly because of my stock electrical. I was looking around and found the TA1.3000D amp, but then stumbled upon the T1.6000DL. Anyone have any personal experience with the 6000DL? Any other amps out there? I was originally looked at 750 watts to 1k at 1 ohm, then was pointed to the TA1.3000D for the benefit of 4ohms being more efficient.
  9. Hey, any updates? I am looking at this amp or their TA1.3000D that has good reviews. I am looking at running it at the 4 ohms for 800 watts rms, for efficiency due to my stock alt.
  10. ALDJ253

    Electric advice for new sound system

    Check out Mechman alternators, and Singer Alternators. When it comes to car audio (and cars in general), people kindly remind me, you get what you pay for.
  11. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am referring to all of the dashed indentations around the perimeter of the baffle.
  12. I asked him what his stock alt was, to see what his car would normally pull stock. Which is worst case scenario around 80% of stock alt capabilities (so I've heard)
  13. Sounds good, sounds good. Okay, so the quote above is to calculate what amperage your sound system will pull. At full load, no sound system, your car would pull about 80% of what the stock alt is at everything on. So 170 × .8 is 136. Add that to the 224, you get 360 amps. BUT, remember, this is full tilt, everything on at once, such as headlights, high beams, inside lighta, engine going, ac, fans full blast windows and everything operating at once type of deal. All in all, you will be we fine with the 300 h/o alt! Buy a volt meter, and just watch how it goes throughout daily usage. I'mean sure you don't roll around town completely blasting your stereo at full tilt with ac and very thing turned all the way up, and all accessories possible on.