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Check out my car stereo boombox

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  • Sony XAV-601bt (17 watts x4 cea 2016 certified)
  • Boss Audio Phantom 6x9's
  • 10 amp, 12 volt PSU
  • Car audio FM/AM Antenna
  • 1 inch solid pine

Originally I was looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker for my laptop and phone use but they all pretty much suck or are very pricey. Since I had some old car audio gear in my garage and the HU had bluetooth and DVD player, I decided to build my own boombox. It ended up being a bit larger than I initially wanted but figured the larger air space would help the speakers anyway and this is only for garage and laptop in the house use. On the back I have power input and RCA out for subwoofer if I ever want and the antenna was long so had to mount it sideways.

The speakers have LED's in the eyes and they are supposed to light up but they don't work cause Boss is junk. They put the leads to the LED's on the speaker inputs but maybe it needs more power than the HU can provide? I wanted to mount my old RF Punch 60ix on this puppy but no way that 10 amp PSU would support it.

Overall the Boss actually sounds pretty good, clean highs surprisingly, could stand more bass but certainly sounds better than any other boombox I've ever had. What sucks is that everytime I disconnect the power, the HU's settings go back to default. I considered a small 12v lithium battery but figured it wouldn't last anyway and probably not worth spending money on a good one but I probably should put one in anyway to make it more portable from garage to house.







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