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  1. Right but I was just curious about this specific arrangement. Besides the TRTP has a Passive Radiator and an isobaric is a completely different type of thing.
  2. I was thinking about buying another kicker TRTP 12 and having them face each other. I can't face the one I have downward because the floor panel vibrates too bad so I have it facing up and am considering having another rest on top of that facing down. Will this create any cancellation issues or anything like that?
  3. It's not amp whine. It's a White noise which I attribute it to being the noise floor itself and increases the higher the gain is..even with shielded RCA. It's high pitched and usually heard in tweets when no audio is playing...I'm sensitive to high pitch noises so maybe it bothers me more than most. Back in the day, we used pre amps, I used to have a Pheonix Gold pre amp that was adjustable up to 10 volts. So it would take the 2 volt input form HU and amp it up so that the longer run of the RCA's to your amp didn't introduce the noise floor.
  4. What noise is it? Sounds super clean to me. Having the gains higher, I can hear the hiss white noise. I've always heard it going back into the 90's and from what I've understood that as being the "noise floor" which is why we used to use Pre amps to take the low voltage signal to 8 or 10 volts which effectively allowed for a lower gain on the amp...so what am I missing here?
  5. I'm asking because I've never once heard of any advice to use speaker output into the high input of the amp even though most HU's are typically 2-4 volts. Up until recently, I've used pre-outs. My Pioneer HU uses 4 volt Pre's which according to my scope typically puts me around the half mark on my gains. One thing I notice is that without any audio playing, I could always hear a slight white noise from my tweeters which was louder or softer depending on the gain but to achieve proper gain, it was quite audible if the car was quiet. I'd get that from all amps, JL Audio Slash, MTX Elite or even my old Punch 60ix which was actually worse BTW. As I've owned a lot of amps over the years and still have them. Since many amps accept up to 10 volts of input and my HU's speaker outs are about 10 volts, I tried it out and was able to keep my gain at 0 on the amp. It sounds really clean and I don't hear any white noise through my tweeters when the car is quiet and the amp is on. So if the goal is to keep the noise floor low as possible, this made me want to know what the reasons are for using pre-outs instead if they are lower voltage?
  6. Going to Walmart. Trying to make a street smarts list for survival purposes. So far I got:

    step 1: Dress like trailer trash so I blend in without being noticed.

    step 2: Walk with a hobble and suck in my cheeks so no one stares at me. 

    Step 3: Keep my cart in the middle of the isles at all times while ignoring everyone else.

    Step 4: Pretend to look at some Boss amps with interest while verbally envying those Kicker comps and hope no one notices me holding back the laughter.

    I feel like I'm missing some steps....

    1. twalker182
    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Have a credit and cash in case you end up in the self check out aisle with the small hand written note that says CARD only

  7. from reddit...all I can say is daamn! Notice that amp that has merged to become one with the back of the seat.
  8. Wow that's a hell of a nose that guy has. No wonder he can't say assume correctly, any words that manage to get beyond those massive teeth are immediately blocked by that elephant trunk.
  9. I find it more odd that he cares about what some guy on the internet thinks let alone how he types to the point he felt the need or had the desire to make a YT video of it. He clearly understood what the poster was trying to convey which is the entire point of communication. Ignoring trolls is pretty easy to do and takes no time. I think the bigger issue here is that he only did all this to make himself feel better by humiliating in response. I don't see how that made him any better of a person but whatever gets his rocks off.
  10. Bump, bump, bump. That's the sound of my 15's while they hit'n in my trunk. Bump, bump, bump. We're the Kotton Mouth Kings and we don't give a....

    1. SnowDrifter


      Might want to check for bottom out or box flex if they go bump

    2. omnibus


      I'm just going to assume that you're not that much of an idiot nor being serious.

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      mine go, pew pew. pew, pew, pew. The shits dope

  11. Hardware: Sony XAV-601bt (17 watts x4 cea 2016 certified) Boss Audio Phantom 6x9's 10 amp, 12 volt PSU Car audio FM/AM Antenna 1 inch solid pine Originally I was looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker for my laptop and phone use but they all pretty much suck or are very pricey. Since I had some old car audio gear in my garage and the HU had bluetooth and DVD player, I decided to build my own boombox. It ended up being a bit larger than I initially wanted but figured the larger air space would help the speakers anyway and this is only for garage and laptop in the house use. On the back I have power input and RCA out for subwoofer if I ever want and the antenna was long so had to mount it sideways. The speakers have LED's in the eyes and they are supposed to light up but they don't work cause Boss is junk. They put the leads to the LED's on the speaker inputs but maybe it needs more power than the HU can provide? I wanted to mount my old RF Punch 60ix on this puppy but no way that 10 amp PSU would support it. Overall the Boss actually sounds pretty good, clean highs surprisingly, could stand more bass but certainly sounds better than any other boombox I've ever had. What sucks is that everytime I disconnect the power, the HU's settings go back to default. I considered a small 12v lithium battery but figured it wouldn't last anyway and probably not worth spending money on a good one but I probably should put one in anyway to make it more portable from garage to house.
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