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  1. Why the reference cooler? They tend to throttle.
  2. There is a sale on this right now for only $99. Sounds really good, i'm impressed. Has 2 speakers for highs and 1 sub along with 2 passive radiators. It has a bass boost mode, you can record voice or even phone calls with it and has many ports to play music from various sources and 2 ways to charge. I havn't tested actual batter life based on volume or anything but says it's 8 hours.
  3. Just to update. I ended up calling my CC bank and did a transaction dispute. I think the bank just ignored it, never got a refund, never heard anything about the dispute. Never got a product either and I made that order in early April. I'm literally out $248.99.
  4. from reddit...all I can say is daamn! Notice that amp that has merged to become one with the back of the seat.
  5. Got a new micro amp. 5 channels this time, trying to keep wiring simple with this build. Gonna use it with my 360.3 DSP. First thing I did was open it up to see dem guts. Not sure about this brand, guess they are somewhat new? I've read some good comments about their quality and price but so long as it sounds good is al li care about for $200. Plan to run 2 ohm load up front and 1 ohm load on the subs with my Sundowns. Specifications: Channels: 2 MAX Power: 2,000W RMS Power: 4 OHMS: 4 x 80W + 1 x 200W 2 OHMS: 4 x 120W + 1 x 320W 1 OHMS: 1 x 420W 4 OHMS BRIDGED: 2 x 240W + 1 x 200W Fuse Rating: 2 x 40A THD: 0.01% Input Sensitivity: 0.2V~+6V Crossover & Switching: High Pass: 40Hz~250Hz Low Pass: 50Hz~150Hz Bass Boost: 0dB~+12dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB Boost Frequency: N/A Frequency Response: 20Hz~150Hz Speaker Impedance: 1 – 4 OHMS Dimensions: 280 x 127 x 47.5 mm or 11" long, 5 inches wide, 1.8" thick Now for the most important part. The gut pics. It's almost like a little city in there isn't it? This one is a bit blurry
  6. I hate learning things the hard way. There needs to be a sticky of places to avoid. But my order was decent $248 for an RE amp but found a DS18 amp that had a bit more power to the fronts and $48 cheaper.
  7. Just tried a couple different extensions, same result. I'm starting to think that they probably don't even have a support staff to answer phones. Oh well, hopefully it won't cost much money to send it back if it ever finishes processing.
  8. But can you cancel an order if it's still processing?
  9. So I have an order made on 4/05 and it is still in processing according to my status. So I decide to cancel it. Of course there is no possible way on their site nor through support so I call. I can't get through. I call later....can't get through. Just now I call again, I'm on old for 24 minutes and 50 seconds before I gave up. All they do is play some loud ass crap music. I'm trying to avoid having to pay the shipping to send it back...if it ever arrives. I tried create a support ticket but there's really no way to create one without an order IA/ID number to which my order number apparently doesn't work to allow me to send it. So I faked it by putting a 0 after it and it worked and wrote an explanation but I seriously doubt it'll get taken seriously. I dunno what else to do but they suck. Not likely to order from there again.
  10. omnibus

    Battle of the 8s

    I have the SDv2 8's and they work in enclosures of .25ft3 with a lot of output for what it is. I also modeled my 8's in Bassbox pro against the SA8 for small vented enclosure and the SD, for whatever reason, had a better response curve but I'm talking small vented like .4 ft3 after all the bracing, etc was subtracted. Tuned to 30hz it had better response against the E series 8 and the SA but not sure why. Potent little sub in sealed though, just though I'd toss that out.
  11. ^Yes, that's the design I was going for. I'm just not real sure how to measure that, figured if I cut down the radius it would be akin to a 4" port.
  12. Ok thanks. Regarding the port idea, When I said split in half, I was meaning down the radius and just using the top section..where it would look similar to what Bazooka did. Not that I'm emulating their look but rather the physical space . With how the port works, imagine a tube with a T in the middle. Bazooka did a dual sub version like that, I just wasn't for sure how well that actually works in regards to tuning. Also with port area, I was thinking that since a radius of 8" is 4" and the area of 4 is 50.3 ..then I multiply the area by the height right?
  13. I toyed around with quite a few designs in BB Pro but seems a concrete form tube would yield the best use of space and volume. I've seen a lot of people on YT that use these for sub enclosures (sonosub). My plan is to use 2 Sundown 8's on each end using a 10" concrete form. Then take a second concrete form and cut a section down the middle so I can fold it just enough to insert inside the other form along with some wood glue...that way I double the wall density. So what is your opinion on using forms for enclosures? Are there resonance issues? My next plan is to take an 8 inch concrete form and split it directly down the center of each side so it's in 2 pieces. I could then lay that piece on top of the 10 inch tube to provide my port so it's external. Will that equal the volume of a 4" port? Also if I cut my port hole in the direct center of the 10" tube so that the air exits in the center of my half piece of port where it will exit on each end....Bazooka does this on their dual sub tubes. Would this mean that I have to double my overall port length and wouldn't this basically act as a dual port?...I'm picturing that my hole on top of the 10" tube would have to be 8 inches diameter which is too big so how should I do this?..if not a good idea to have port hole in center of tube then would it work ok to just cut 4" hole at the end near one sub and seal that end of the port? My alternative idea was to use an 8" sonotube and make an adapter with MDF but the sub won't have any protection and I'll lose some internal volume. Or just use 2 seperate sonotube's and stack them, held together with straps or whatever and use an internal port at the ends but that might be ugly.
  14. Yup, you at least get the satisfaction to watch them load your stuff into their truck. Personally I advertise my camera's and make sure they can be seen because it's only a deterrent for the less hard core thieves and little more.
  15. I also enjoyed their questions and answers video's. I enjoyed hearing their opinions on different gear n such and advice but they quickly stopped giving opinions it seemed. Probably because of haters online perhaps. I can't even find those question and answer vids anymore but the show is kind of boring now, it feels the same as when Car Audio & Electronics stopped producing magazines leaving a void in entertainment for car audio related things now. Reduced to either watching shaky phone camera vids of some guys Kicker subs or a sponsored guy giving demo's to young girls for hair tricks. There's also a void in professional reviews complete with measurements n such leaving behind guys like Gary Springgay who just give positive reviews on every single thing he reviews as if he's being paid. At least there's amp dyno's, those are somewhat entertaining.