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Enclosure for 2 Skar Audio EVL 12's

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Im just wondering if someone can help me to figure out the cut list I would need to build a Ported or even Bandpass Enclosure for 2 Skar Audio Evl 12's? I currently have them in a Rockford Fosgate P2d4 Double Enclosure. 1" MDF. Started them out in a Dual QBOMB 12" Enclosure, but just wasn't cutting it. They weren't happy. RP2000.1 pushing them. Trunk of a 92 Subaru Legacy. 

                         Thank You For Your Time. 

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From Skar's website https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/evl-series/products/evl-12?variant=28434144333

Enclosure Specifications

  • Sealed Volume : 1.75 ft^3
  • Ported Volume : 2.00 ft^3
  • Port Area : 24 sq.in.
  • Port Length : 21"
  • Tuning Frequency : 32 Hz
  • Displacement : 0.15 ft^3
  • Mounting Depth : 7.75"
  • Cut-Out Diameter : 11.25"
  • Magnet Diameter : 7.35"



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