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  1. AlpineNut

    help identify my subwoofer! lol

    Digital Designs I looked up the dust cap and that was the only one that had the same kind.
  2. AlpineNut

    Help me identify this subwoofer please! pics in post.

    Could possible be a Digital Designs sub. That is what I had to base it off of and it looks alot alike.
  3. AlpineNut

    RCA 1 Line working - audiopipe apmi 2000

    If you are going to bridge the amp the Left one is usually the one you want to have plugged in. Or if the amp is already Mono then the left one.
  4. AlpineNut

    Cerwin Vega?

    He was selling the pair for $75.
  5. Required for SMAW welding class, guess they are not wanting us to use the schools anymore or using our own will save time.
  6. AlpineNut

    Cerwin Vega?

    That is quite true, CV aint what it used to be, which seemingly is happening to alot of the good old companies anymore.
  7. AlpineNut

    Cerwin Vega?

    OK these showed up on the Facebook market place and I have seen alot of Cerwin Vega subs in my Car Audio days but I cannot for the life of me think these are even Cerwin Vega subs even with the CV on the dust cap. So what could they be?
  8. AlpineNut

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    18oz glass of reverse osmosis water! Then a 18oz glass of RC Cola!
  9. On Iceland’s dung-smoked whale testicle beer https://draftmag.com/icelands-dung-smoked-whale-testicle-beer/
  10. Get rid of the cap all together and just get a 2ndary battery that will be alot more effective then a crappy boss cap any day, but don't skimp on the 2ndary battery a 2nd yellow top, since it is recommended to go with the same kind you already have if you have a Optima battery already.
  11. This is one of those times ass to mouth is uncalled for! lol