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  1. I have decided there is no reason to remain around here anymore, Steve does not like me as I know it, and I just do not see a reason to stick around any longer. So have fun all you Car Audio guys!
  2. AlpineNut

    Which subs would you go with?

    I used to own a Alpine TypeR 12in and I was quite impressed with it, so if you wanna go with BOOOOOOOM go the Alpine TypeX, tbh I have never been a fan of JL Audio but to each there own.
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  4. Swearing in Myrtle Beach could land you in jail https://finance.yahoo.com/video/swearing-myrtle-beach-could-land-171139341.html
  5. AlpineNut

    Amp suggestions for new blow thru setup

    Well here is a video of a Banda 7k pushing 2 15's.
  6. AlpineNut

    Fuse size

    People try and help you and you go off like this wow. all you had to do was type in the amp in a search engine like I just did and got all this nifty info! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 12000.1D 1Ω Power @ 12.6V @ 1Ω: 1 x 12000 W RMS Power @ 12.6V @ 2Ω: 1 x 6600 W RMS Power @ 12.6V @ 4Ω: 1 x 3630 W RMS Power @ 14.4V @ 1Ω: 1 x 15672 W RMS Power @ 14.4V @ 2Ω: 1 x 8620 W RMS Power @ 14.4V @ 4Ω: 1 x 4741 W RMS Operating Voltage: 9V - 16V Current Draw (Music): 627A Current Draw (Max): 1253A THD + N - (10% Rated Power): 0.09% Damping Factor: >1000 SNR: 74dB Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 20 kHz Crossover HPF: 5 Hz – 80 Hz Crossover LPF: 80 Hz – 20 kHz Bass Boost: 0 – 12dB Bass Boost Range 35Hz – 55Hz Recommend Fuse: 3 x 225A (Music) / 3 x 500A (SPL)
  7. AlpineNut

    Psi problems

    Could be what happened to me when I had 2 Kicker 15in Competition subs back in 1999, the glue was not set on the voice coils which caused them to go quit quickly, i would get maybe 2 days play outta them and I was only running them both off a PPI PC300 bridged an the subs were 8ohms down to a 4ohm load. Come to find out when I called Kicker about it since the place I had bought them refused to warrant a 3rd pair, the glue was changed to a different kind and they were having mass issues with it not drying and the voice coils was not sticking like it was supposed to.
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  9. AlpineNut

    This is why my car won't boom...

    Oh hell Ive seen a RF that was so burned it burned a hole through the PCB
  10. AlpineNut

    Kicker l7 12 box design

    Here is the box designs from Kicker. https://www.kicker.com/12-l7-subwoofer
  11. I say NO to this! lol