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Christmas suprise

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The install I'm doing in my Volvo wagon has got me interested in woodworking. I built a wall for my ag360 amp and am hiding my dsp and all the wiring in the wall. I also built an enclosure for my Punch 15's that, for the first time in my life, sounds good to me.

I'm starting to learn to do inlay and I wanted to start simple with copper wire that is flattened. I got a shitload of free hardwood from a local design firm that was giving away all their wood samples, so I'm making stuff out of it. The problem with getting the copper wire is that I'm broke and don't have a job and nearly out of gas so I have been trying to trade stuff on Craigslist but no luck. Then an ad popped up for some free copper scrap wire. It was far from my apartment and I'm out of gas so I contemplated driving out there all morning, then finally did it. I pulled up to where the ad said to go and the box was still there. I grabbed it and drove home. When I started going through it, I found a ton of small diameter solid wire to do the inlay with, so it was worth my while. Once I got the birds nest off the top of the box, I was surprised to see that the majority of the wire was 4 ga audio cable and a ton of 4 ga welding cable. There is also a significant run of 8 ga stinger brand cable, which is exactly what I needed to finish installing my amps. I wanted to thank whoever gave me this stuff but the ad said they didn't want to be bothered. The sun shines on a dogs ass some days I guess.


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