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When wiring two d4s to 1ohm, it’s often a pain in the a** to twist all the wires together and get them to fit into the sub terminal. Any knowledge on soldering the speaker wire before input into the sub spring terminals? Make a less efficient connection in terms of flow? Just curious before my next install. Thanks!

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When I could i hard wire jumpers from tops of the push terminals where the leads connect with a length of 10g wire soldered or tightly crimped to a small eyelet ring terminal. Usually the yellow 12-10 crimp rings.


When I can't get to the bolt on top of push terminals due to spider pack design or whatever, I just run a single lead from every coil to bolts on box and make connections externally.


With series it's easy, you can just jump using spring push terminals.


But I don't connect subs to each other in box, I like to feed them with most wire possible.


When you connect everything in box one sub to another and use a pair of wires those wires have to supply both subs, I like to give each sub bits own pair. Overkill, yes. But piece of mind for my OCD ass

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