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  1. You put them into speaker terminals. Red to positive, black to negative ON SPEAKER TERMINALS!
  2. You grounded a probe of dd1 to amp 12v ground?
  3. Make sure crossover isn't in bi amp mode and your using correct input
  4. They are not a sub that likes overpowering that much. You had better give em 1500 watts no morem Got 4 2 d4s at 1 ohm on each t1500-1bdcp So yeah 3 k but between 4
  5. I believe diamond audio made a differential drive sub similar to the gti. Also there the crossfire super gausse (not quite the same, but sports a dual wound coil and dual motor) Of course the AA SMD line, similar to the crossfire, and the fi super gausse neo. Also the tf t19, although not differential, it should be on par with the sq of the gti.
  6. I'd just add another u10 and second saz 1500. The tripple 8 box from Skar is filled with thier entry level subs.
  7. Yes, once you find clean volume on head unit, with that volume set your pac to 5 volts.
  8. You should find your distortion level of your deck but you do it through the amplifier. the reason why you can plug the deck directly into the dd1 is if you aren't using an amplified system and you want to find your clean volume on it but the correct way to do it with amplifiers is to see what that signal looks like coming out of the amplifier, and to accomplish that you hook the dd1 to the amplifier, turn your gain all the way down, then you crank your volume up until you see distortion. Then back off volume one notch down, then set gains. I recommend a 7.5-10db overlap
  9. You hook the dd1 to the amp. Gain down. Then turn volume on head unit till distOrion is detected, number below that is clean.
  10. Sounds like a bit of bottoming out. Sounds like noise from the former due to spiders undone and hitting pole piece, or bottoming out.
  11. New concepts is above wire standard (2mm under 2/0 welding) and Tinned at 3.50 a foot.
  12. Yes you can, but it's still strain. It's fighting against drag. The drag is there, regardless if the rpm's are overcoming it
  13. The thing is gigs, Brand X isn't new Jonathan was the brains behind the operation at CES. He was the man building the alternators for them.
  14. Maybe if your nice to me I'll tell jon to prioritize your build. Lol jk Be won't do that, first come first serve even for a buddy.
  15. Damn you friggin knocked that out the park You look 20 years old without your hat on.
  16. Of all places, mechman, CES, Js, singer, brand x, auto tech, and that company Randall is sponsored by , iraggi is really shit these days
  17. I'm for between 32 and 36. You'll fall somewhere in the middle. Very hard to get exact unless you hand tune.
  18. Those are two completely different setups, no way can one compare the two in a "versus " format Your talking a 5000 RMS 100lb sub on 5k versus 2 800 RMS 12" subs on 3k. Yes the DC you should easily get 150. But really you should be able to squeeze 150 out of the rf setup as well. The t1500 amps ain't no joke, at 1 ohm they are easily doing certified at around 2100 watts and can do around 3300 Watts each dynamic at 1 ohm I'd personally run the DC lvl 6 18 on both of those t1500s gain matched. I'd pick the d 0.7 ohm option for the DC and give each amp a coil. I got 2 t1500s getting .7 ohm each from 4 meso 8s. They love .7 ohm
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