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Common Port Walls, Why it matters to your box :)

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I felt like sharing some pictures I made for an upcoming project of mine, so here ya go.


The difference when designing a slot port (rectangular port) comes down to your box dimensions. If your port takes up the entire height of your box, chances are you have a slot port with 3 common walls. Have a port that is entirely unjoined to the outerwalls of your box, probably a 0 common wall slot port :). Just follow the pictures below. To count common walls just look at the green sides, while the red sides are the inside of the port that would need to be factored into any internal volume displacements.


Note - for all pictures I used the same interior dimensions for the port. 13" x 3.25". The white wall would represent the exterior of an enclosure, but is by no means the only way to design these ports. You can rotate these designs, move em, etc. JUST keep the same amount of common port walls desired.


0 Common Wall Slot Port 



1 Common Wall Slot Port



2 Common Wall Slot Port



3 Common Wall Slot Port (Height of port is essentially the internal height of box)


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