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Taramps smart 3 Upgrades?

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On 6/9/2020 at 7:33 PM, Basshead619 said:

what if i got a singer alt thats 200 amps and 150 at idle, would i still need a second battery?

fyi I think our toyotas are limited on voltage, singer also makes a voltage mod.


I just got a taramps smart 3k, w two XS's, haven't hooked it up yet but hoping it can keep up. People seem to swear behind capacitor banks.

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I have an ex-cop car 2007 Crown Victoria so it came with a 200amp alternator and I did Big 3 but with the stock lead acid battery and my Taramps Smart 3 wired to 1 ohm it would go into protect mode and shut off for several seconds a few times in the 30 minute round trip to work. If your voltage drops too much the Taramps will go into protect. I've read other places that this amp is particular about the voltage it receives so for sure you'd need a good AGM to at least get it to not go into protect mode all of the time. Then I got an AGM under the hood XS6500 which stopped the protect mode incidents and helped some with dimming headlights. Someone gave me a Yellow Top that was dead so I revived that through it in the trunk and that helped some more. BTW I have 2 Skar VXF 15" subs. My voltage now stays between 14.2 and drop to around 13.5 on heavy bass songs. I can drop it to 12.7 volts on a 40 hz test tone. I think that's probably acceptable for most people but I'm waiting on 370amp Js Alternator. Maybe I'm overdoing it but I do have another VXF 15 and amp to match it collecting dust in my garage at the moment.

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