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2000 Sonoma doesn’t build brake pressure

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I have a 2000 gmc Sonoma 4.3 4wd and it won’t build up brake pressure. I have bled the brakes and all the air has been bled from the brake lines. I replaced all the lines and all the calipers and even the rubber brake hoses. After that didn’t work I went and bought a brand new master cylinder and bled that, put it on re bled the lines and they still won’t build up pressure. Anyone have any ideas of what else it could be or things I could try?

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Got a few s10s here. The abs modules are a bitch. To bleed the brakes it is post to be hooked up to a scanner that can activate the abs. Or you can bleed the brakes, take down a dirt road slam on the brakes to activate the abs and blead the brakes again. Do this multiple times to you get a firm peddle. 

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