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  1. Got the other fender in. Now to mount stock fuse block, and run new wiring.
  2. Been working on getting front fender wheel wells done, so i can add more wiring and fuses. Got pass side in/welded/bolted, bagged problems. Have to make mounts for the fuses, and computer. I also got a battery lug crimper. Thing works nice.
  3. Amp i got running my mids/highs. Class a/b amplifier. Boy does it get hot at 2 ohms of clean power.
  4. Been pulling old stuff out the truck, so opening it up.
  5. Been playing with hornresp and 6ths. Does this look right? Justvwondering because it doesnt look like the graphs i normally see that are flat. Have tried different subs, large and small port square inch different chamber sizes. They all come out similar. I use my phone to post, so took pics of the computer screen. One pic is specs of rear chamber, other is specs of front chamber.
  6. Ya, went through the help part a bit, and read the hornresp for dummys thread on another forum.
  7. Looking for a good place to learn this software. Going to be trying to design a series 6th order bandpass box. Appreciate the help in advance.
  8. Just an older amp i got.
  9. Fennygolf, the 02 trailblazer and envoys had motor issues. So it was prolly going to happen even if it didnt sit.
  10. No update to the noma, but here is a viper power wheel update. Radio playing off the lithum battery, power wheel ia the agm.
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