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  1. I use my Noco-Genius charger. It has a lithium setting. Been using it for about 2 yrs on Headway cells with no problems.
  2. Try using bigger wire. Might have been too much current for the wire and burned it internally.
  3. Are you running 2 runs of 1/0 power to every amp, and 1 run of ground? Looks like you need more grounds. You have 4 amps running to 2 grounds. Amps are pulling more power now then previous, and are probably looking for more ground. Wonder if amps are going in to protect. I would add grounds and recheck.
  4. Have you tried with just one of the alts hooked up. How are the alts wired? External regulator or internal? Any belt slipping?
  5. Bolt Down Style- Lug Type Battery Terminals – Jim's Machineworx (jimsmachineworx.com) possible these will work
  6. You could use the DMX706S (2 camera input) or DMX907S (4 camera) which are the excelon multimedia receives. Pretty much any multimedia receiver will be shallow enough. If you are running an amp for mids/highs (doors) the internal amp doesn't matter.
  7. I have drilled lugs bigger for bolts, and used a smaller bolt with nut.
  8. Don't blame you on that. The other thing is you can try to build a different box that has less impedance rise, so the subs see more power.
  9. Could always wire down to .25 seems with impedance rise you would see closer to 1 ohm.
  10. Sup y'all, anyone going to Texas heat in Austin Texas this weekend? I will be there tomorrow and Sunday, parked in the audio side
  11. The port width not the box width. You could have a 40" wide box and a port that's the whole width. But if the port is 8" tall it needs to be at least 8" from the back of the wall. Same as if you have a 25" tall box and port is the whole height and 10 " wide. Port has to be 10" of the back wall. If it's not you are for a lack of better terms suffocating your port/changing tuning.
  12. What are you wired to? What's the voltage your running, 12, 14, 16, 18, What's your battery situation, lithium, agm, acid? What's the vehicle? Need way more info, post all specs. Could be a box issue. With out any info it's a shot in the dark.
  13. I can only speak from my experiences, I have ordered 2 from them, the first one was a 240 it lasted about 3 months. Sent it back and it got lost somewhere between saying it was delivered there and me calling asking about it. The second was another 250 6 phase hairpin bought April 9, 2020 it lasted untill 7/16/2022 then stayed on constantly, killed the batteries. Sent it back they looked at it and sent back same one stating that it is fine. As soon as I hooked it up the alternator turned on. Sent back and they fixed and upgraded to a 270. Has worked for about 2yrs now. Me personally I will not be buying another Alt from them. Others may have had better luck, but 2 alts bought and 2 went bad.
  14. Box rise or impedance rise, I call it the same thing. Once you put power to the subs and it plays it rises. Everyone calls it something different, it's still the same. I'm happy you got it running, and once broke in it should get louder.
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