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  1. Its because its an a/b amp wired to 2 ohm. When it was wired to 4 ohm it doesnt get that hot. 3 sets of components wired to a 4 channel amp causes 2 channels to be wired to 2 ohm and 2 to 2 ohm. You can tell which side of the amp is 2 ohm and which side is 4 ohm just by feel.
  2. Just tested system with out the lithium and it wasnt dropping below 13. The 2 alts stock 145 and js alts 270 and 2 batteries are holding up. Now i still need to let it play for awhile, however the high/mid amp gets hot (cook food on it) class a/b wired to 2 ohm. Will test for longevity once new amp comes in. Will put new amp in and swap the sundown sbf 200x4 in the burb with the current hypnotic amp. Dafaseles i read in another thread you got daughters, i got 2 myself. I get some weird looks when im bumping bassed disney music with the eldest.
  3. So thee 2 15s are almost drowning the mids and highs. Waiting on the new Crescendo symphony amp to redo mids/highs. Also venturing in to lithium, built a 64ah lifepo4 headway battery for under $300.
  4. Got box in and playing. Need to install my lifepo4 battery. Voltage dips to low 12s. Have a new 4 channel coming to replace current.
  5. My 6th was designed by audio dynamics for 2 15s on 3k rms. and is roughly 9 cubs after displacement. It is a 1.2 to 1. And similar to Dafaseles the inner port is 27hz and rear is 62 or 63hz, have to recheck. So you got the room, just depends what you want to do. I have also been told the closer the ratio is on a 6th the more cone control. Not too sure if thats correct, but came from a few peeps i know that have been in car audio since the 90s.
  6. Has anyone else tried them yet? I installed them in a 1999 suburban with a sbf 200.4. The doors are treated with fatmat maga which is the butyl stuff. Going to add mlv between the door and the door panel to see if it helps. Amps tuned with a dd1. Used the 0db track (its the track i always use) got max volume of deck prior to amp install. Running 2/0 welding wire to a distribution block, from the block to amp is 4 awg welding wire. Im not loosing any voltage. Passive crossover set to 0db. The mid bass leaves you wanting more, seems like they fall off around 90hrz. Not sure if the passive crossover is set that way. The tweets sound good and clear. Volume is lacking, the sound with amp is almost the same as off the deck. Amp pushes around 50rms per channel more then deck. To me it seems as if the B2 Audio Rage 6.1 is over rated and should the rms should be rated @ 50rms or less. Not the 75 rms it is rated at. If anyone has any thought on this let me know.
  7. Not too many updates, trying to save bandwidth. The box going together
  8. Got a few s10s here. The abs modules are a bitch. To bleed the brakes it is post to be hooked up to a scanner that can activate the abs. Or you can bleed the brakes, take down a dirt road slam on the brakes to activate the abs and blead the brakes again. Do this multiple times to you get a firm peddle.
  9. Got the other fender in. Now to mount stock fuse block, and run new wiring.
  10. Been working on getting front fender wheel wells done, so i can add more wiring and fuses. Got pass side in/welded/bolted, bagged problems. Have to make mounts for the fuses, and computer. I also got a battery lug crimper. Thing works nice.
  11. Deleted for room.
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