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  1. Box rise or impedance rise, I call it the same thing. Once you put power to the subs and it plays it rises. Everyone calls it something different, it's still the same. I'm happy you got it running, and once broke in it should get louder.
  2. 2 sets (4 speakers 4 tweets 4 crossovers). Sorry was answering at work.
  3. Wired to 4 ohm each channel, running 4 sets of the audio dynamic 3000 series components. I emailed Crescendo also.
  4. I have a crescendo s4 that after 15 mins or plat the speakers sound muffled. Amp is tuned with a dd1, -5db @ 45 on the deck. Clean signal to 49, I don't play over 40. Amp is overheating,which is odd since it's a class d. The old class ab ( hypnotic) in the same spot could play for hours, when you touched it you could hear your fingers sizzle. Kinda disappointed in the crescendo. Any suggestions? I sent a email to crescendo, if no resolve I will send back.
  5. If you feel comfortable doing it (and have the electrical) wire down to .5 to test. With rise you should get closer to the 3k rms.
  6. In a perfect world you might get 1500 rmw to each sub, but with box rise you are getting 1k Max to each sub, and this is if you are wired to .5 ohm (assuming you stay at 14 volts). Any lower and you are loosing rms. Box rise is a bitch. Dont go clipping, that will kill your subs, tune the amp, but realize as soon as voltage drops you will start to clip sooner.
  7. So I had to replace the mid/highs amp. It's starting to go. You could listen to music loud/low and on occasion you would get no sound for a few seconds. Tried different RCAs/deck same thing. I also did a complete front batteries delete/added headway cells. Cells were charged then connected. Since they are used from batteryhookup.com instead of being 8ah per cell they are prolly 5ah at a min, so we can say 100ah minimum. Can I play all day and voltage not drop yes. Also fuck Google photos. New phone saves everything to it. And I don't like it.
  8. Try running a new wire. The wire might have grounded out when it got disconnected
  9. 80ah of headways with a mechman 300+ alt would drop to about 12/12.5 on 2 saz3500s strapped and wired to 1.6. It was a test to see what it would do. I have 64AH on a Korean 3k and about 500 rms to mids and highs, running a 270alt and 145 alt. Voltage stays up. With the stock alt I would do 80ah. Is it needed prolly not, but It wouldn't hurt. Do you know what his stock charging voltage sits around?
  10. Decided to do front batteries delete. Use a Jim's Machineworx fuse block. Voltage is 14.5/8 at idle. Full till it drops a volt. Got 40 more headway lifepo4. Going to add and have a total 144Ah. All that wire. 2 runs of 2/0 welding wire from 270alt, 1 run 1/0 from 145alt to fuse block. 2 runs 2/0 to battery, one run 1/0 to the air compressors and mid/high amp.
  11. Did you retune the amp or leave all settings the same? Rca voltage might be different and your now clipping causing amp to heat up. Did you figure out deck clean signal Max volume?
  12. People gonna need more info. What amp you running, what's the box net footage. Or what's the size of the box. How are your subs wired. How was the gain set?
  13. 3 10s actually have more cone area then 4 8s. It's by about 30 square inch.
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