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  1. This show is this weekend for anybody around Conroe Tx. Show has reached max vehicles but come on out as spectators. Its the biggest Truck show in Texas, Lots of bagged and lifted trucks. Last year the sound area was in the parking lot (lame I think), Its not a very sound oriented show.
  2. I'm on a horrible computer and was hoping it they would work. Will have to try from my home comp.
  3. Ron36 , I also got a buddy running 2 nightshades in a 1st gen single cab s10.
  4. The 2 batteries Since this pic the plastic has been painted and is held down by self tappers Pics of the truck
  5. Military spec OFC Tined battery cable, it was bigger then the 1/0 knuknoceptz wire. So I used that to do all the wiring for the batteries to the power shunt. I then used the CCA KNU wire to do amps. The Knu wires are like 1-2 ft long. Power shunt in to cab, the red power wire is for my air ride. Since these battery pics I have redone the cable ends. Need to get new pics Fan shroud/wire protector. Wires are p-clamped to the bottom side. 270 alt
  6. the way it feels its more of just a sound deadener/acoustics. It was like 50 for the roll so figured I would try it out.
  7. so much easier to cut like this and lay
  8. 270 amp J's ultimate alt I know I know, some of yall don't like this stuff.
  9. The trucks is a 03 reg cab Sonoma, The front end is bagged and rear is static dropped. Equipment is 4 ct-sounds stratos 8s, ct 1500rms mono amp, 2 sets of ct sounds meso 5.25 components ran on my old hypnotic 4 channel. Knuknoceptz rcas
  10. all ct-sounds, strato's 8s dual 1 ohm, wired to 1 ohm on a t1500.d1, not looking for the loudest thing, just something that is useable. building a ported box right now to just get them in, don't like how its coming out because of lack of port square in. So looking in to doing a 4th to get the subs moved back into bed a little so I can have more space for the port.
  11. It's a blow through with max opening of 39.5x11. It's 4 8s. 8.6 outer diameter x 4 is 34.4". which leaves 5"x11",55^2 of port. It's not enough port. So will do I 4th order. I have a camper shell, so enough room. Possibly move to 8 8s
  12. Is using factory sealed and ported specs a good place to start when building a 4th order. Well use these specs in winisd