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  1. None that I could see. Cones moved insink. Only thing I didn't really like is the back subs fired directly in to port. New box will change that.
  2. So, the wood glue I had went bad. It worked as week, then with braces the entire back wall broke free. It's getto rigged to work for now. I'ma rebuild box to different specs. Net, gross, and port.
  3. Anyone heading to turkey drag this weekend? The camping show at Wind Point Park in Lone Oak Texas
  4. That was a heavy bitch. Box looks small in there.
  5. 22x9.5 boss 338s with tires roughly 220lbs on the box
  6. When you run out of clamps. And port 45'd. Trying to cheat a lil on length. Tuning will be 35/35.5. Rounded inside lip and put the 45 on outside . With no flair/round tuning is 36.
  7. Thought this was an interesting picture. Was test fitting width. Port has been round over rounded the port sides, now time to glue the rest of the box together.
  8. Its what i did to add a second alt in place of my ac compressor.
  9. Have you thought about trying stock alt with lithium, or what i would do is get a one wire or self excite alt and build a bracket to run in place of stock. Might have to do some pully swapping to get to work.
  10. Sundown amp stoped working showing yellow on clip

  11. Sundown amp stoped working showing yellow on clip

  12. You might want to try to get electrical up a lil. Subs wired to 1.3 ohms the amp is prolly pushing around 3500/4000 rms at 14 volts. When electrical drops in the the low 13s you might see a little over 3000 rms and even less when it gets to the 12s. This is all assuming no box rise, and we all know thats not true. As the saying goes gotta have power to make power.
  13. 11.25 with out displacement could become 7 with port, bracing, and subs accounted for. My box is a hair under 10 before and 7.5 after tuned to 36. The lower the hrz the longer the port, and the more space gets eaten.
  14. You go to amplifiers click on the sia-3500. Scroll down to product manual. When you download it, it will say sbf, but the sia-3500 is in the same manual.
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