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  1. Ya, went through the help part a bit, and read the hornresp for dummys thread on another forum.
  2. Looking for a good place to learn this software. Going to be trying to design a series 6th order bandpass box. Appreciate the help in advance.
  3. Just an older amp i got.
  4. Fennygolf, the 02 trailblazer and envoys had motor issues. So it was prolly going to happen even if it didnt sit.
  5. No update to the noma, but here is a viper power wheel update. Radio playing off the lithum battery, power wheel ia the agm.
  6. Just a few pics of the subs. Checked out the ohms when wired, true 1 ohm.
  7. Its set up to point directly to the dr and passenger. Its a temp set up till I get the power doors/windows installed. They use a different panel.
  8. Got the pass side components installed, and connected/tested. They play loud and clear. Need to tune amp, but waiting for new alt. Pass crossovers are installed nice, drives side are zip tied under the dash.
  9. Got a 03 sonoma (s10) that im rebuilding the system. It had 4 ct sounds stratos 8s on a ct sounds t1500. Hit 146s. Had 5.25 meso componets in the door and dash on a hypnoic 4 channel amp. (lost all pics due to photobucket bs. Going to do two audio dynamics 3100 series 15s on 3k rms. 2 setz of ad 3000 series 6.5 components in the doors on the hypnotic amp and the ct sounds 5.25 components in the dash off the deck for now. Not sure if it will be a 4th order bandpass box or a 6h order. Will take a few months to build. Using 2/0 temco welding wire, dual engine bay batteries and 2 alternators a 145 amp ad244 and a 270 js alternator. Will uodate once i got more.
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