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Help with 3-way "SQ" setup with pa drivers and watts.

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I have a Volvo s80 mki with 160A alternator.
2x 100Ah AGM batteries and a 500F Maxwell capacitor in the trunk.
Focus Fx3000d @ 1Ohm and 59V. (3000-3500W @ 1ohm, stable in some setups @ 0,33Ohm)
Soundqubed HDX 315d2 in a 104l tuned to 29Hz, plays flat to 24Hz.
SPL Dynamics ice150.4 class-AB amp for mids and highs. (150Wx4 @4Ohm, 190Wx4 @ 2Ohm)
SPL Dynamics MD200.4 class-D amp for midbass and rear deck. (200Wx4 @ 4Ohm, 300Wx4 @ 2Ohm)
2xBass Face PAW10.1.4 as midbass in glass fiber pods in front doors. (May be ported in the future if possible)
(I heard someone i know tested them with 400W continuous clamped and they took it well, xmax is 7-8mm)
4xBass Face PAW8.1.4 extra, planning on putting on the rear deck for now in parallell. (would need some tweeters but these are extra as of now)
Helix P-DSP. (bought for 120€, has all the features and sound quality i want, except polarity swapping for rear channels)
Umik-1 for measurement.

Now I have this setup. I am planning on using both of the 2 profiles on my Helix DSP.
1 as an SQ profile, set up flat or as the Harman curve to sound pleasureable.
2 as an SPL profile to play balls to the wall with clean sound and relatively good quality.

I have followed Pssound on YT so there you know about what I know about installation and dsp configuration.
I now want to get advice on what to use as midrange and tweeter.
The 10s were 50€ a piece and the 8s were 22€ a piece on black friday.
The promising specs that hold true in WinISD and low price were the key factors for me to buy them.
I would like some more quality for my mids and hight though.

A budget of 200€ total would be optimal.
I would like to buy everything from Europe, as paying for stuff from the US is hard and pricey. China is an option.

I have been thinking about horns and compression drivers for my tweeters.
I want really clean sound with good enough quality, not to compete, but to get a good sound stage, imaging, flat response in SQ mode etc.
The best place for tweeters in my car is the sail panel, but I don't know if CDs would fit?
The dash is an option but I woul´d like to play door open as well.
I ave been looking at the B&C de10 and me10. How would that combo sound like in my car?
Or this one?: H25TG05-04 - Tymphany

As for midrange, I would like to glass fiber pods under the sail panels for midranges, but might end up putting them on the dash. 
I have settled for having to use 6" mids.
Maybe closed back eminence 6" mids might work well, because I would not have to worry about air space.
The 8" bass face would probably work as midrange, but to place them well to get SPL and a good sound stage is almost impossible.


I haven't closed up the rear of the 10s that are in glass fiber pods in the front doors but I'm just waiting for warmer times to start cutting the metal in my doors to get at least of 15l of air space.
I have a pair of alpine type R tweeters from my last build as a place holder just to have some sound, It sums up well, they just can't keep up with the mids.


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