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New HU options for 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe?

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Got a new Santa Fe a couple weeks ago. I like the vehicle and initially thought the factory radio was pretty cool...color touch screen, ok size, bluetooth...but overall the stereo system like most stock systems is pretty lacking. Once I decided I wanted to replace the HU...I realized that I'm not such a fan of it afterall because of the PITA it will probably be to find a replacement. I have a couple amps laying around and I'd like to install them  if I can find a new HU. It's a double DIN screen but single DIN chassis. And then there's the whole surround of the stock screen with a couple dial and buttons...for anyone that isn't familiar...I'll post a couple pics. It's not just a simple in the dash install...it sticks up and out of the dash. And I really don't think I want a retractable screen HU but it that ends up being my only decent option...I guess I'd consider it. 

2018 hyundai santa fe dashboard.jpg


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