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Hello Everyone,


I am looking for considerations to keep in mind while designing a PCB for my worn 3D Printer (Only double-sided available) with high-speed signals (up to 100MHz).

But I have some Questions:

4) Would using smds be a better option than through hole components and why?

5) If I use smds, I would have to use vias to provide ground is using vias for ground and also other connections a good option?

6)What other techniques can be used to minimize the stray capacitances and inductances at high frequency.

7)What is with the transmission line termination and control impedance?

8)Microstrip:what is it ? In case of double sided pcb with one ground layer and the other etched part is this microstrip?

9)What should I do with the power should it be provided on the etched side?


Please correct me where wrong :) Please try to answer all it would really help me.

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

Reference:A Completed Tutorial of High-Speed PCB Design


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