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Custom 18” Ported Enclosure 49783


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this is my first build, i have been waiting 4-5 years to have this done

95 chevy 2 door tahoe 5.7

Xs power d3400

Singer 275amp alternator

Big 3 - all Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks 0ga/ knu Fuses an holders

Sundown SAE-1500d

Mbquart onyx OA800.4

Stinger 4400 series RCAs and stinger volt meter

Fi Q NEO 18, 7.5 cubes tuned 32hz

Pioneer MVH-X690BS H/U

Kicker CSS 6.5 comp sets in front doors

Kicker KSC 4x10 coaxials in rear

GTMAT and FAT MAT deadner

Xenon 10k Blue HIDs




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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