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buying components for 4 sundown xv2s help wanted!

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so I am building  system in my 18' escalade. i bought 4 15" sundown xv2s also a copperstate 370A alternator im currently (as in todayish) buying battery and amp. right now im leaning towards a cyber 12k by limitless audio and a taramp 15k bass amp. I need all the help here. Im lookin for around 100 ft of 1/0 or 2/0 for wiring and the hard ware. if i am going wrong somewhere please let me know. this is the biggest system i have ever attemped. so i know i will be making mistakes. my current system (in another car)is 2 jl w7ae13.5s with a 4k brutus amp and an xs3400 battery. so this is a big step up for me. i have the room now i want to use it. also curious about wiring, since the lithium is in the back is it ok to do 1 run of 2/0 ofc from the alternator to the back and be done with the wiring under the hood?

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