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  1. I have x18v1 subs which are not rated to high on rms, can I use a x18v2 recone kit on it and increase the rms it can take? Would this be a good idea?
  2. Took a trip down memory lane looking at my old build, decided to start a new thread since I am apparently dipping my toe back into car audio. My Mazda 3 now retired I had to cut the Mazda loose. 240,000 miles of good service and it was showing its age. My family also outgrew it, and with us taking more camping trips I really needed a truck. I’ve always liked Toyota’s....
  3. How bad are the sundown x series v1? When I say bad I mean compared to zv5 A guy just sold me what he said were 2 zv5 18s but now that I got them I see they are x18 v1 T_T I have 6k rms to put on these and I don’t think these are gonna handle that at all. Im debating trying to sell these to make some of my money back and buying zv6s from D4S. What do you guys think? I’m bummed sorry if this is the wrong section I saw subwoofers and figured posting here would be ok
  4. I’m building a wall/big box from my backseat possibly into my trunk for 2 18” zv5s but the fuel pump is smack dab in the way. My question is will the fuel pump hold up if I put the wall on top of it with all that weight? The subs say they call for something like 7cu each so aiming for 14 or close to it. Would it be better to start the wall behind the fuel pump in case it ever needs replacement and can I get that kind of space? My car is a 2015 Nissan Altima
  5. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  6. I plan to purchase some Sundown Audio equipment within the next 2 or 3 days, and I would like some suggestions on where to purchase it. No "brick and mortar" dealers near me, woofers etc. is not an option, 800 woofers is not an option, SSA is looking like my only option, so how is their shipping, customer service? I don't want to order from somewhere that has a ton of old stock, but don't want to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a build either. I have read mixed reviews on SSA's shipping times, but only from one side of course. Any other options other that the ones mentioned? Also would LOVE a coupon code, or forum member discount maybe?! Input appreciated!
  7. i was going to buy 2 sa-12s, but i just got a offer for 2 soundstream t6-15s. should i take that instead?
  8. So I got an saz-1200 and would really like to match subs and amps. What you you guys personally recommend? I have plenty of air space. I like hard hitting lows. Most of what I play is below 45hz so I'm not really picky about being loud up higher above that. I really like the lower 30s and upper 20s. So what are some sundown recommendations on that kind of power? And it can either be 1 12, 2 12s, or 1 15. So what dother you think? Single sa 15? X 15? Sa 12s? X 12? Very open to suggestions. I hope this doesn't count as a vs thread. Thanks! Greg
  9. I know that in the description of the sundown x series that they are low frequency drivers and do not expect to have them excel at high frequency bass notes. what is considered high frequency for this sub because everyone has a different definition of what a high frequency bass note is. my crossover is set to 85 hz give or take a few hz. Thanks Greg
  10. Components that count for this question are as follows: Amp: JBL GTO-751ez Sub/Box: Sundown SA-8v2 dual 4 ohm in 1.4 cubic feet net @ 33hz I know the enclosure's too big, especially for the power. That's why I've been GENTLE with it. I've got a lot of amp gain to go UP before it's 'tuned' (a long, long way)-- I tuned it up using the JBL setup cd and then proceeded to crank it way the hell down (to about 1/3rd of where the setup CD put it) because I didn't need any more to get full excursion. Max (tuned) volume at the Head unit is 30 (out of 50). I only rarely break 20...never played full tilt (can't stand the highs anymore past 25, rockfords are loud as hell!) Anyway, the sub cut out today on the way home. Dual 4 ohm sub is now reading 2.3 ohms and 3.5 ohms on the respective coils. I pulled the sub out of the box, and the coils look fine, as do the tinsels and spider so I'm hesitant to think I did any mechanical damage from the big box, but there's no burnt coil smell either. Actually smells like MDF sawdust and new woofer still. Only a few months old. Checked my connections (first thing I did, actually) and everything's good there. Anyone have any input? EDIT: Just measured the coils again. Dead-on 4.7 ohms per coil now. Perfect match. Either my DMM sucks (probably) or I'm a retard.
  11. Well if you like low end monsters get these, the box is built for 18s but i am just waiting on recones for the new 18s, there are 10s and they get DOWN.
  12. So I noticed the db-r has a 1500d for sale at an awesome price but it is the older second version. My question is. Having vastly different boards (from the pictures I've seen) how much different it is than the newer version. I know output is going to be a small difference but what about cooling ability ( I realize the v3 has a fan) and overall reliability? Thanks!
  13. So i have what i think is a pretty simple question. If i have a regular flooded battery as a starter battery can i use an XS power battery as a supplement to my car audio system. for now it would be a saz 1500d at 2 ohms, so only about 800 or so watts, which i know is not much for that battery but when i get some different subs and wire to 1 ohm ill be around 1500 watts. my main question is would i HAVE to run a relay as to separate the batteries when the car is off? would their be a constant push/pull from the two batteries that could potentially cause the batteries to drop below 12.6 while im not using the car. the longest i go without using my car is about 4 to 6 days. its rare that i ever go a full week without at least cranking it and letting the regular battery charge a bit while i listen to some music. Thanks in advance to everyone who answers!
  14. Gotta question for sundown and figured I'd post here since someone else probably wants to know too. Ive got an X8 - D2 ordered and would like to model and build a box. I want to double baffle flush mount it so I need to know a few things. T/S specs, cutout diameter, and outer diameter for sexy mounting. Mounting depth wouldnt hurt to know either. Ive searched everywhere and cant find anything. Can you hook a brother up?
  15. I'm trying to determine enclosure specifications for a pair of 12" ZV3's for my car. Planned power is a pair of SCV-3000's strapped at 1-ohm. I've never had the opportunity to play around with any Sundown drivers bigger than the SA Series. I did just finish a box for my girlfriend's X-12 which called for a considerably larger enclosure than what I am used to for your average 12" driver but wasn't sure if the rest of their mid-to-upper lines all preferred larger enclosures. Their website recommends 2.0ft^3 per, but i'm also putting more than 1500 watts to them. Note: I have already searched the forum to no avail. Any help is appreciated!
  16. I ordered and purchased a saz-3500d v2 on May 3 and from soundsolutionsaudio and shipped out may 5th and received on may 7th. Hooked it up to my 2 fi audio dual 1ohm subwoofers that are wired to 1Ohm. barely any bass. I had my 2 saz1500d ran each to their own sub wired at .5ohms before the purchase and changed the wiring to series on both subs and parallel outside the box for 1ohm and had one of my saz1500d hooked up to them. had no problems with the saz1500d at 1ohm. so a friend and I took my subs out to check everything. checked the ohms with my dmm, did the volt battery test to see if subs are both in phase, hooked up to my friends rcas and headunite. so I filled out a RMA with sundown and had to pay to ship it to them for warranty after I emailed ssa. sweet. now im over $1000 for this amp and have to wait longer. so waited for the authorization and ended up sending it fedex on may 15th. well it got there on Saturday and their not open so it was delivered on Tuesday may 20th since they don't deliver on Mondays. great.. even longer wait. didn't hear from them so I emailed on Thursday the 26th if they got the amp even though I knew they did with the tracking number and got a reply that they did and give them some time to look at it. on the 29th I got a call from them saying they had the same problem with the amp I had and will send out a new amp. good because I wasn't going to take a freaking refurbished amp. so I get the amp yesterday the 31st from fedex. I had my daughter this weekend so I didn't bother opening it up since I had no time and I work both days for overtime 3rd shift. I ended up opening it before bed and I give the amp a look over to make sure it was a new one and not the one I sent back to them refurbished. one of the tabs at the end is so horribly bent upward that there is no freaking way someone who works there didn't see or didn't know that the damage happened to the amp. im so freaking pissed at waiting this long for a freaking working amp; by the way haven't hooked it up yet as I got off of work at 7AM and not even sure if I want to keep the damn amp. i need another saz-3500d v2 for my setup for 4 fi audio 12" Qs but now i don't want to purchase the last amp. how did this amp get through visually at all. i have owned 3 sundown amps. i still own 2 of them my saz1500d's and owned a saz3000d that i had hooked up to my fi BTL fully loaded subwoofer. but this just ridiculous. if this is what i get after sending a amp that should be working in the first place like it should without turning the subwoofer level on deck all the way up and over 1/2 gain. and its the tab that i actually use to screw that amp down. i would like to send it back never hooked up and get my refund and ill take the hit on 2 times sending the amps back and purchase a different companys product.
  17. Hello, im from Belgium so sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand me. im planning on buying 2 Sundown SA 12's and im going to run them on a Massive Audio N3 amp. and i need your help and thoughts, i know a little of how to calculate a box for the subs bud im not not that good in it. 1, i drive a Ford Fiesta mk6.5 and my car runs on 14.3/14.4V 2, Does the 12's going to be too big for my car? i want A LOT OF BASS, i love the very lows like decaf songs etc... 3, i will do the big 3 upgrade to my car bud i would love to keep the stock alt, is that possible? 4, will someone plz design a box for me for the 2 12's? i was thinking about a 30Hz tuning, subs facing up, and the port in the middle of the subs (also facing up). or would it be better to face the port to the back? my trunk dimension i can use are: 45cm height, 97cm wide, 45cm deep. I really hope you will help me out with this, i dont know that much of subs/amps/box making, i ony installed some entry lvl sub/amps an made 1 box for a kicker L7 12" so i dont have that much experiance. and if you agree to help me out with this, will you plz design a box in centimeters / millimeters with 18mm MDF? because here in belgium we only got 18 or 21 millimeter MDF. (not 19mm like 3/4inch and with torres calculator you only can use 19mm MDF) You don't know how much i would appreciate it if you would help me... Plz let me know something... grtz
  18. Well, hello guys. I'm new to the sundown group, and last week became the owner of my first sundown product, a SAZ-3500 v1. Got it in a trade for my Skar sk1500 plus 160 bucks on my end. So i got it for a steal. Amp looks brand new, and is fully functional. I love it! I have it on 2 PSI Platform 2 18s. So hello everyone! Also, has this amp been on the amp dyno? Really curious to what it actually does. Heres a link to my build thread for anyone that cares:http://www.down4sound.com/forum/showthread.php?24951-93-Exploder-Build-Log
  19. I just went from a Hifonics BRX 2400 to a SAZ 3500D V2 Sundown amp. Problem is, it sounds identical to the hifonics amp. I don't hear any difference from what I can tell. Its rather dissapointing since the hifonics was around $350 and the Sundown was almost $1,000. I'm running my subs at 2ohms because they are both Dual 4 ohms. Though the box I have isn't big or spacious for these subs at, I would have thought there would have been some difference in the quality at that. On another note, I'm getting a constant "humming noise" through my subs even with the volume all the way down. I think its my rca cables and not the amp because I switched between amps and it was doing it on the hifonics as well. Just seemed to crap out between the switch which is odd, since i was bumping an 1hr before the switch. Maybe there is some mixed wiring somewhere, I'm not sure tbh. Thanks
  20. Would a ct sounds 1400.1d be too much for a pair of sa8v2's to handle? The box is 2.2 cu ft with a 4in aero port tuned to 35hz and of course the gains will be set with a dd-1
  21. Im selling my L7's and my zx1000.1 for 750you (funniest shit ever) and i wanna make the jump to sundown cuz from what i read are amazing. I heard they can be overpowered nicely. I was thinking 1000rms each on D2 Sa-12's. And im gonna get a box made for them ir maybe build my own. Can i get some amp recommendations?
  22. hey sundown, i was in the process of trying to design a box for my X15 and i ran into a couple of road blocks. btw thanks a ton for posting the T/S parameters for the X series subs on your site recently it's really nice to have all those in one place now. not trying to be a dick but i think there's a couple missing though (at least i think, i could be blind) that are making it really hard to finish my design could you post the, Woofer Displacement Xmax Sd if those were there i'd be awesome. thanks, RevoRacing
  23. I have a sundown saz 1500d v2 I just bought off the org owner ...he had a wreck and needed money for a new car he lost the remote and I need one... so the question is where can I get one, and does the warranty carry form owner to owner if its within the time frame and would it cover the remote??? edit: are ther other remotes that are compatible with my amp?
  24. Hey guys i just acquired a sa 8 and after reading many post about it i wanted to try a rear horn design . Can anyone direct me to past post with this design or assist me in the specs for this build . Thank you in advance Rory.
  25. Hello guys, i'm going to wall a jeep cherokee with 4 zv.4 15" d1's. Is it possible to drive them on a banda 10k? What would you guys recommand me? Regards from germany, Jacob
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