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Found 77 results

  1. I need help designing a ported box built to specs for my subs, I have 2 sundown U12's and the max measurements for my trunk is: (Don't really wanna max out on my depth) ●Height 15 inches ●Width 35 inches ● Depth 37 inches Listen to hiphop/rap so prefer tuning 32hrtz
  2. Need help designing a ported or IB box for 2 sundown U12 subwoofers...i dont know the next next step for like porting.
  3. Hey guys need help here on deciding what to get. So far i have three 13w7 two in my car and the 3rd still in the box, thinking of buying the 4th one . Or should in just sell my subs and go for 2 sundown nsv4 or 2 deaf bounce DB-SA415D2 and later upgrade to 4 of them i live in Canada so never heard or seen these brands in person and never heard anything louder than my system lol . so i dont know what to expect i get the 13w7 . for about . 850 usd new not sure if its worth switching out my whole system for it , im right down in the middle between spl and sq any feed back would be great thanks
  4. Hey y’all, Looking for some advice on these 3 woofers. Which do you think will sound the best and worth what they are priced. I need a 10inch sub that is taking at least 1000watts rms. These are the 3 options I have come up with: Dc level 3, sundown x10, and an alpine x series 10. Also I heard the new Memphis mojo 10s are pretty good. Which do you guys think sound the best and are worth my money haha.
  5. Kinda asked one but wanna make sure it's 100% before start cutting stuff and buying wood since can officially start my build now. This box is gonna be for 3 Crescendo Audio Controlto 15s. Gonna be subs up, double baffle, and probably just do port back since what I'm comfortable with (don't wanna try to do a bottom slot port) Using a couple different apps to get a design and cut sheet so just wondering if I can use this to start building...
  6. I was wondering if there was anyone located in the GTA in Ontario who would be willing to help design and build a box for me? I have no access to power tools and even if I did, I would have no idea how to use them. As of right now I have a single Sundown Sa-12 in a crappy prefab box and it makes me sad... I could get the trunk dimensions tomorrow for whoever, if anyone, would be willing to help out a highschool student just getting into car audio. Thanks a lot
  7. I am trying to build a box for 4 Sundown Sa6.5s on winisd but i cant seem to get a configuration that doesn't have a ridiculous rear airport velocity. I am building this box to go under the rear seat of my '15 Sierra Double Cab. The shape of the floor makes it hard to do a rectangular port so i am trying to use an aero port. Please help me come up with a config that will work for my application
  8. Went to a local show in my town on Saturday, and got a demo from Surfdog753 in his Isuzu Rodeo, thing was pushing alot of air, enough to do a small dread trick at the end
  9. ok so I have a single 12" sundown x 12 d4 soon to be getting another in the mean time im looking to upgrade form an alpine mrx-m100 (1000 @ ohms [email protected] 1) its a weird amp wanting 2500-3000 rms at 1 ohm or a 2 chl that does 1250-1500 @ 2 ohm ect open to all offers on amps but I do not have 700 bucks to buy one lol you can pm me or reply on this thread ill get back asap thank you for any and all inquiries in advanced. p.s. new to buying on this forum so I will be noobin it up when it comes to buying someone with experience on how its done would be very much appreciated also
  10. Would a Deka 9a31 + xs d1200 + 1 under the hood battery with a stock alt be enough to power a True 1800rms amp???
  11. i have the materials for the big three and that should be done sometime this week but was looking into second batteries and don't want to go too overkill on power and spend too much. will the big three and the hc600 battery keep my voltage safe and the amp from clipping or should i get the hc800? i have this all in an 01 monte ls with the 3.4 lt v6 with stock alt. the amp is pushing a nightshade v1 15 with psi recone
  12. I have a question. I have a sundown 1200 and a sundown 100.4 So I have the remote wire from the deck to the 1200 daisy chained the remote wire from the 1200 to the 100.4. My question is if i turn down my wired remote gain knob on the 1200 does that affect the 100.4? Does it turn down the 100.4 even though it all the way up on the gain knob of the 100.4 or is ok and wont effect it? Do you guys understand what im saying?
  13. Hey im thinking of getting 2 Sundown Audio e series 12s but i was wondering what a good amp to power them would be. Right now im deciding between the aq1200 and the ss taranchula 1300. Is there any other good options or something you guys could recommend? Im looking for a semi high-end amp that is class d and is pretty efficient. Ohh and if ur thinking or recommending boss, lanzar, etc...dont even bother lol
  14. It's time to get some new equipemt in my new car. I was hoping I could get some opinions on which route to go. I am stuck deciding between one or two SA 15's, or one X 15 or 18. Budget is about $550 for subs. Space is not an issue and I don't mind using up the entire trunk. I also plan on selling my amps and just getting one nice amp for the subs and same for my speakers (unless anyone thinks I should just stick with what I have) Below is what I have so far for my build. I am contemplating between a SCV-1500D or a SCV-2000D depending on what I end up going with for sub(s). Car: 2002 Trailblazer LT Alternator: Stock 140 amp (I will upgrade it if I have to) Big three: XS power XP kit for ease of installation Battery: XS Power D3400 under the hood. Head unit: Pioneer deh-80prs Front stage: Morel Maximo 6.5 components (I plan on deadening all 4 doors) Rear fill: Morel Maximo 6.5 coaxials Speaker amp: old school Soundstream Pic 4.480 (had it for 10 years, it will get me by for now) Subwoofer amps: 2 Viper d1200.1's that can be strapped. (more 10 year old amps) I heard an SA 15 briefly and liked the way it sounded, but didn't get a chance to really hear it on a lot of different music. I have not heard the X. I wish I could just go somewhere and listen to them for myself, but that obviously isn't an option. I don't plan on competing, just looking for a nice daily driver setup that gets loud and low, while sounding clean and hopefully getting a little air moving I listen to mostly Rap, EDM, dubstep, and a little rock music here and there. Only thing that scares me away from the X is seeing a lot of people talking about how they aren't very musical, but then I see people saying there are -- too many mixed reviews. I feel like the more I read and research, the more confused I get. I don't care want all out SPL and probably will never get it meetered. Loud to the ear while moving a bunch of air is good enough for me. Well, as least as much air as I am able to given the limited amount of power I will have. I don't plan on upgrading so I want to get this right the first time. I would like to keep electrical upgrades to a minimum,. I am sick of going back and forth on sub/amp decisions for the past couple weeks. I want to just place and order already -- preferably today. Thanks in advance for any input anyone might have.
  15. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  16. I have been looking at a bunch of different kinds of subs lately trying to decide the sub i should finally choose. My mind has jumped around so many times. first i wanted x12s then x8s then skar zvx8s now im kinda thinking about sa15s since everybody tries to get the most out of their money and the sa15s seems to be the best for the money. So i have found a couple box designs and i just wanna know yalls opinions on this sub and how it sounds with all types of music. I have always been against the 15s and 18s cause all i listen to is metal and there has always been that opinion oh if you have a smaller sub its more punchy so it sounds better but if i build the right box i think the sa15s should sound good and also hit harder then the zvx8s which are still in the back of my mind. So i pretty much just wanna know how 2 15s sound for a "SQ" build. thanks in advance for any help
  17. I really need help with a box design for a zv3 15" d1 that I just picked. I have it in a Dodge ram 1500 reg cab. I pulled out the center console and built a box between the seats. The first box I tried was 3ft after disp @34hz using 2-4" ports and running off a sundown sae1200. The sub was facing up and ports coming out the front towards the dash. It sounded OK but would not play Lowe's very well for a 15" sub. So I built another box that is 3.5ft after disp @ 31.5hz using a single 6inch port, same with sub facing up and port forward and it still does not pick up lows like I think it should. Is it the port size? Is it the single cab of my truck? Is it the way the sub and port are arranged???? Any help would be great, thanks!!
  18. alright guys so after many opinions and responses about my sorry as# wall build , what do you think about going with one big box, lets say around 9-10 cubic feet and a tune of 33hz and one big port and let these subs share the air space? and could someone tell me the correct way to construct a slotted port?
  19. So I put something in my trunk and it hit my SA12 while it was playing and fucked up the surround, its not broken, still plays, but ik after a little while it will eventually break and sound like shit. Do I need a whole new recone kit now or can I just put some speaker glue on it?
  20. I need help on the port tuning the box will be going through the arm rest so port can be too big. Read pic The box so far
  21. $300 + shipping OBO Used in 1ohm during summer, 2/4-3/4 gain, no bass boost, no over heating or shutting off. 7/10 aesthetically, 10/10 mechanically. 1/0 inputs, linkable with same amp for double the power. 4 fuses
  22. Anyone remember this topic? Well I got tired of that stupid probox, plus I had an opportunity to get 2 subs. I recently got my eagle scout, and as a gift i got two sundown SA-12's. I took your guys' advice and built a box for them. Its a separated chamber box with 2.06 cubes for each sub @ 600watts each. 4 three inch aero ports that are a little more than 8 inches long gives it a tuning of 36hz. I know thats kind of high but I like it. took me a week to design and three days to build. It sounds awesome, especially when everything in my system agrees with each other. I can feel it in my throat on those notes above 40hz. It's funny how the subs really don't move that much but have no trouble being loud. The kids at my school pull in with their prefabs blaring their 2 12's thinking they're the shit and then they hear my box (on pretty much equal power). Just the other day I gave my friend a demo and as I was pulling out to leave and this kid looked at my car with a smile on his face and said "Damn!" It was the best thing ever. Anyway here is a video I made of the box.
  23. Hello guys I am in need of some good advice, I am currently saving up for a new system, and it will consist of two PSI 10 inch subwoofers both at a dual 2 ohm load, and they both will be hooked up to separate amps. The amps I am pairing them with will be sundown saz2500d wired down to one ohm. So I will be hoping to push about 5k watts daily. I am going to get a yellow top optima for under the hood, not for sure which model i would need. I drive a 2012 Chevy Cruze 1LT with the pioneer upgraded sound system. The batteries I am going to put in the trunk will be xs power d3400's, I am putting two in there, not for sure if it is correct. So I was wondering if I should get an ho alt. and get the a yellow top optima and would I be fine with the two d3400's in the rear? Please help me out it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could. Thank you for reading this.
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