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Found 81 results

  1. So I just got a screamin deal on a Sundown Audio SA-10 Rev.3 D4 750w RMS with Sundown SFB-1000 amp, and it just got here today! Im weary for several reasons, outer box says SA-10 V2 1000W RMS, the inner box had paperwork saying it’s 600w RMS and the inner box said SA-10 Rev3 D4 750w RMS. No biggie, they’re just boxes, what really worried me is that the bottom of sub is COMPLETELY BLANK and there’s NO IDENTIFICATION ANYWHERE on sub other than ‘Sundown Audio’! I thought it was supposed to have SUNDOWN AUDIO & Model # engraved on motor? I attached photos of each box and sub as well as spec sheet from inside....
  2. Hello guys, i want to do a series 6th order enclosure for my sundown U18, i just want to know if i start with the specs of the subwoofer, the sundown page says that i need 4.00 cu ft ported and 3.00 sealed, so my question is if i need to do the front chamber 4.00 cu ft and the rear 3.00 cu ft or i use the 4.00 cu ft for the rear chamber and i go bigger on the front, thank you in advance.
  3. Reading is difficult 3. Pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper shown with every item being listed is a MUST!
  4. Holy cow, just wanted to drop in and give y’all an update on where I’ve come with my Honda since the last time I posted here: Everything has been changed out from what I originally started with haha. Current system consists of the following: 2x Sundown Zv5 12s (one installed, waiting to get a box for the second for both) 1x Sundown Salt-6 4x Skar TX65C components 4x Skar TX65C tweeters 1x Skar Skv2-100.4 1x XS power D3400R 1x Limitless Lithium Cyber 12k 1x Mechman 240amp Alt (251 amp on birth tag) 1x Big four with double runs from alt and grounds Double runs of 0 gauge OFC to the trunk 2x SMD Dual XL fuse block 1x SMD Quad XL fuse block Sound deadned the crap out of my trunk and car. That’s basically everything I’ve done to it so far minus a few things like ELD bypass, etc. Nice thing is, even when full tilt, I NEVER, drop below 14.2v! Bare in mind this is Is with only one Zv5 hooked up running at 4ohm. My goal is to get a new box built and installed soon to run the second Zv5 that looks at me everyday in my living room while I work from home during quarantine haha. After that, I’m redoing my component sets to the D4S 65s and a Salt 200.4 when they finally drop. Also going to redo my tweeters to the Sundown SA ones and keep my Skv2-100.4 to run them. Sure have come a long way since running my single Skar EVL-10 and a Rp-1500! Here are a few pictures I have, somethings have changed a bit but, pretty close to how it’s sitting right now. If ya want any more pics or info, I’ll get some. if you have any pointers or question, lmk! I’ll be happy to answer or implement.
  5. Hello. New to car audio, and ofcourse I'm on the learning road. Very soon I am going to purchase two SA-SA8 subwoofers for my Honda Civic Coupe. So, I got two cheap Sony XS 6.5 in the doors, and I am looking at replacing those not now but later down the roads. Believe it or not, those cheap coaxials actually put out okay mids and highs. I just bought those so I'm going to wear them out before I replace them. My burning question is, because I notice Sundown Audio has a pair of 6.5 Coaxial speakers, would those Coaxials be an all in 1 like the 4-way Sony XS I already have? The Sundown Coaxials are just as expensively priced as the SD 6.5 component set. I do like the idea of just wiring coaxials in and not having to mess with it. I am a total newb to this after all. Actually, I am such a newb that because I don't have any audio enthusiast friends to watch over and guide me through the process of a custom install I am going to opt for a Best Buy visit to pay to have everything installed; includes interior wire replacement (stock wires from the head unit to doors are really small. So I bought 16gauge to replace em.) & Subwoofers & Amps & maybe components/Coaxial. I don't want to do it myself and mess stuff up so thats why the Geeks or whatever Best Buy peeps will need to do it. So, components vs Coaxial for my 6.5 doors. Another question related is will my JVC KD-R660 head unit be sufficient or should I replace that too? If UmI replace that it will be with a Kenwood Excelon.
  6. I currently have 4 audiopipe txxbd12 s. With a 3000 watt amp. Would I get a great difference if I switched to 2 15 inch sundown zv5s with a 4000 watt sundown amp in a custom box? Like a $4500 difference? I'm looking for mind blowing window shattering bass.
  7. I need help designing a ported box built to specs for my subs, I have 2 sundown U12's and the max measurements for my trunk is: (Don't really wanna max out on my depth) ●Height 15 inches ●Width 35 inches ● Depth 37 inches Listen to hiphop/rap so prefer tuning 32hrtz
  8. I have a sundown zv5 15 d1. I thought it was a d2. Can I recone it to a d2? Bcus I know some subwoofer motors are configured to only accept the same impedance as originally designed with.
  9. Can anyone tell me how much cu ft I need for 2 sundown x-12s on a sundown 4000d in a 4th order box. The sealed chamber is a single so both subs are in 1 chamber. The motor will be in the ported chamber. It will be a blow through with a 9x9 port that is 10.54” long (4.9” inside box , 4.9” outside box)
  10. Need help designing a ported or IB box for 2 sundown U12 subwoofers...i dont know the next next step for like porting.
  11. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  12. I really need help with a box design for a zv3 15" d1 that I just picked. I have it in a Dodge ram 1500 reg cab. I pulled out the center console and built a box between the seats. The first box I tried was 3ft after disp @34hz using 2-4" ports and running off a sundown sae1200. The sub was facing up and ports coming out the front towards the dash. It sounded OK but would not play Lowe's very well for a 15" sub. So I built another box that is 3.5ft after disp @ 31.5hz using a single 6inch port, same with sub facing up and port forward and it still does not pick up lows like I think it should. Is it the port size? Is it the single cab of my truck? Is it the way the sub and port are arranged???? Any help would be great, thanks!!
  13. Hey guys I am looking to start a new build in my 2008 Tahoe. I am set on 4 SA 15's. I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to get some ideas for an enclosure. I will have the whole trunk to work with. (Behind the rear passenger seat, third row has been removed) Any replies are appreciated !
  14. First time posting in this thread. Looking for a reliable hard pounding card audio system for around $1k. It is for a chevy Tahoe. So far I am considering getting a pair of Sundown Audio 12" 750W Dual 4-Ohm with the sundown audio 1500.1 or going with the skar audio 2000.1 monoblock (200$ cheaper). Will custom build the box accordingly and have a solid aftermarket head unit. Does this sound like a good set up for someone looking to get some extra bass from using a pair of L7s in the past?
  15. Well, hello guys. I'm new to the sundown group, and last week became the owner of my first sundown product, a SAZ-3500 v1. Got it in a trade for my Skar sk1500 plus 160 bucks on my end. So i got it for a steal. Amp looks brand new, and is fully functional. I love it! I have it on 2 PSI Platform 2 18s. So hello everyone! Also, has this amp been on the amp dyno? Really curious to what it actually does. Heres a link to my build thread for anyone that cares:http://www.down4sound.com/forum/showthread.php?24951-93-Exploder-Build-Log
  16. ok im new here but im not new to the sub world ok im looking into putting a sundown sa-12 d4 or d2 but heres my problem i got about 700 bucks for my full system after the the sub and box im going to have 400 still need a head unit wiring and an amp i have full alpine type r componet speakers form my old whip but nothing else can i get some opinions on what amp and should i go with the 2 ohm or the 4 ohm dvc sa-12?
  17. Hey guys this is my friend Jeremys Hummer H2 I dont think he is on here so i thought I would share a vid of the setup my bf did for him. Enjoy
  18. I'm looking at buying two SA8v1's from a guy off Craigslist and he claims they were blown due to 'clipping'. Does Sundown or somebody else make recone kits for these badass little subs? He wants 70 for each or 120 for both. Good deal bad deal?
  19. i have a 97 ford ranger supercab and im looking for a box size that will fit but bring me its max. currently they are in 2 seperate boxes 2 in each looks like a wall and i believe that they are 3.7 cu ft each they are custom made but idk the lows dont sound to good to me maybe more power?
  20. It's time to get some new equipemt in my new car. I was hoping I could get some opinions on which route to go. I am stuck deciding between one or two SA 15's, or one X 15 or 18. Budget is about $550 for subs. Space is not an issue and I don't mind using up the entire trunk. I also plan on selling my amps and just getting one nice amp for the subs and same for my speakers (unless anyone thinks I should just stick with what I have) Below is what I have so far for my build. I am contemplating between a SCV-1500D or a SCV-2000D depending on what I end up going with for sub(s). Car: 2002 Trailblazer LT Alternator: Stock 140 amp (I will upgrade it if I have to) Big three: XS power XP kit for ease of installation Battery: XS Power D3400 under the hood. Head unit: Pioneer deh-80prs Front stage: Morel Maximo 6.5 components (I plan on deadening all 4 doors) Rear fill: Morel Maximo 6.5 coaxials Speaker amp: old school Soundstream Pic 4.480 (had it for 10 years, it will get me by for now) Subwoofer amps: 2 Viper d1200.1's that can be strapped. (more 10 year old amps) I heard an SA 15 briefly and liked the way it sounded, but didn't get a chance to really hear it on a lot of different music. I have not heard the X. I wish I could just go somewhere and listen to them for myself, but that obviously isn't an option. I don't plan on competing, just looking for a nice daily driver setup that gets loud and low, while sounding clean and hopefully getting a little air moving I listen to mostly Rap, EDM, dubstep, and a little rock music here and there. Only thing that scares me away from the X is seeing a lot of people talking about how they aren't very musical, but then I see people saying there are -- too many mixed reviews. I feel like the more I read and research, the more confused I get. I don't care want all out SPL and probably will never get it meetered. Loud to the ear while moving a bunch of air is good enough for me. Well, as least as much air as I am able to given the limited amount of power I will have. I don't plan on upgrading so I want to get this right the first time. I would like to keep electrical upgrades to a minimum,. I am sick of going back and forth on sub/amp decisions for the past couple weeks. I want to just place and order already -- preferably today. Thanks in advance for any input anyone might have.
  21. wats up guys , im wondering wats the pros and cons of running tool maker dual inputs to a crescendo bc3500 or sundown 3500? like will i see a power increase or is even worth it to buy them.
  22. So I noticed the db-r has a 1500d for sale at an awesome price but it is the older second version. My question is. Having vastly different boards (from the pictures I've seen) how much different it is than the newer version. I know output is going to be a small difference but what about cooling ability ( I realize the v3 has a fan) and overall reliability? Thanks!
  23. Hello, im from Belgium so sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand me. im planning on buying 2 Sundown SA 12's and im going to run them on a Massive Audio N3 amp. and i need your help and thoughts, i know a little of how to calculate a box for the subs bud im not not that good in it. 1, i drive a Ford Fiesta mk6.5 and my car runs on 14.3/14.4V 2, Does the 12's going to be too big for my car? i want A LOT OF BASS, i love the very lows like decaf songs etc... 3, i will do the big 3 upgrade to my car bud i would love to keep the stock alt, is that possible? 4, will someone plz design a box for me for the 2 12's? i was thinking about a 30Hz tuning, subs facing up, and the port in the middle of the subs (also facing up). or would it be better to face the port to the back? my trunk dimension i can use are: 45cm height, 97cm wide, 45cm deep. I really hope you will help me out with this, i dont know that much of subs/amps/box making, i ony installed some entry lvl sub/amps an made 1 box for a kicker L7 12" so i dont have that much experiance. and if you agree to help me out with this, will you plz design a box in centimeters / millimeters with 18mm MDF? because here in belgium we only got 18 or 21 millimeter MDF. (not 19mm like 3/4inch and with torres calculator you only can use 19mm MDF) You don't know how much i would appreciate it if you would help me... Plz let me know something... grtz
  24. I basically just want to know if this design will work for my sub, my only concern is the port area, i know 14in of port per cube foot is ok, but it only has 8.5 in of port area, so comment if its good, or bad. Thanks. Sundown SA-8 D4 v.1 Wired at 2 ohms getting about 550 rms 10x23x12 box dimentions 8.5x1x30 port dimentions 34.29 Hz .64 cubes after sub and port displacement 8.50 inch port area 13.28 inches of port area per foot
  25. I ordered and purchased a saz-3500d v2 on May 3 and from soundsolutionsaudio and shipped out may 5th and received on may 7th. Hooked it up to my 2 fi audio dual 1ohm subwoofers that are wired to 1Ohm. barely any bass. I had my 2 saz1500d ran each to their own sub wired at .5ohms before the purchase and changed the wiring to series on both subs and parallel outside the box for 1ohm and had one of my saz1500d hooked up to them. had no problems with the saz1500d at 1ohm. so a friend and I took my subs out to check everything. checked the ohms with my dmm, did the volt battery test to see if subs are both in phase, hooked up to my friends rcas and headunite. so I filled out a RMA with sundown and had to pay to ship it to them for warranty after I emailed ssa. sweet. now im over $1000 for this amp and have to wait longer. so waited for the authorization and ended up sending it fedex on may 15th. well it got there on Saturday and their not open so it was delivered on Tuesday may 20th since they don't deliver on Mondays. great.. even longer wait. didn't hear from them so I emailed on Thursday the 26th if they got the amp even though I knew they did with the tracking number and got a reply that they did and give them some time to look at it. on the 29th I got a call from them saying they had the same problem with the amp I had and will send out a new amp. good because I wasn't going to take a freaking refurbished amp. so I get the amp yesterday the 31st from fedex. I had my daughter this weekend so I didn't bother opening it up since I had no time and I work both days for overtime 3rd shift. I ended up opening it before bed and I give the amp a look over to make sure it was a new one and not the one I sent back to them refurbished. one of the tabs at the end is so horribly bent upward that there is no freaking way someone who works there didn't see or didn't know that the damage happened to the amp. im so freaking pissed at waiting this long for a freaking working amp; by the way haven't hooked it up yet as I got off of work at 7AM and not even sure if I want to keep the damn amp. i need another saz-3500d v2 for my setup for 4 fi audio 12" Qs but now i don't want to purchase the last amp. how did this amp get through visually at all. i have owned 3 sundown amps. i still own 2 of them my saz1500d's and owned a saz3000d that i had hooked up to my fi BTL fully loaded subwoofer. but this just ridiculous. if this is what i get after sending a amp that should be working in the first place like it should without turning the subwoofer level on deck all the way up and over 1/2 gain. and its the tab that i actually use to screw that amp down. i would like to send it back never hooked up and get my refund and ill take the hit on 2 times sending the amps back and purchase a different companys product.
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