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What order should these bats and caps.

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Im installing my new redesigned system, I went big this time. But im just want  not sure how my juice box’s should be placed in what order?

I kmow every cap should be closest to the amps as possible, Correct me that accordingly. Here is the items to be used.


1. 12x Maxwell super caps

2. 80aH LTO build battery

3. 96 aH Headway build battery

4. 8x caps in an Ioxus super-cap

Thats how i had things figured in that order acually.


Bonus: If need be i have a 100aH Prismatic cells battery, But im doubting im gonna need it.

So with those 4 item’s what you think you would do?

Oh, another question on this subject


Ive never done this part before so i don't know if its bad or not.

Below is a link too what i plan on running my grounds into, Its rated too 1k amps.


What im not sure about is i have a large 10 spot distribution block is it bad to tie all my positive connections  into this  distribution block?


This is just a pic of basically what mine does.

If so id think it would make the order of caps and batteries non-issue.

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Just an update and want to see if my thinking is correct. 

This is the order of my bats and caps.

1. Is the 80aH LTO build then too

2. I put the 12x Maxwell 3kF cap bank then;

3. Goes to my 96aH headway build atteched after this:

4. Ioxus supercap bank with 8x  3kF bringing up the end of the line.


I have this coming tommorow: Conductor Amp guage.


Should i put it on the posative or negative line?

I think if its on the ground line less dangerous things could happen.

But if i tie all my posatives into it it would link all the bats and caps all together. To me this exposes all the lines.

Either line will give the amperage use no matter which line i put it on.

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