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Need help deciding on a subwoofer custom build

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hey there so the SPL surround on my custom built zv3 12 tore up and i had it reconed.

I am limited with space.. i can at max run 2.2ish net cubes. I was told that the zv3 motor with the SPL surround needs to be in a 1.75 to 2.2 net box.

The sub i originally had used a brown spider, spl surround and a d2 zv4 coil

the box i had it in was 2.2 cubes net tuned to 33hz. the surround got ripped somehow.. i dont know how or why.. i guess i was pushing it too hard or maybe the spl surround couldnt handle the low tuning of the box i dunno??


anyways, i had it reconed and it was suppose to be the exact same build except this time i wanted a black spider to raise the fs a bit as i found the fs was too low with the brown spider.

so shop builds it but messes up and uses the mega roll surround instead of the spl

i was told by sundown that the megaroll needs 2.5net to work for a 12. this is space i do not have. UNLESS i tune high like 37 38hz and above,


so my question is this:


do i keep this black spider mega roll surround sub and run it in a 2.5 net box tuned to 37hz


do i get it rebuilt using a black spider and spl cone which i can then properly fit it in a 2ish net box and tune it to whatever i want?

my goal is to get as loud as possible with the widest bandwidth and sound great on music. i dont listen to decaf or rap so super super low bass is not essential for me.


also.. the combo of black spider and spl cone,.. will this be musical? will it get loud? will it still play low? what would be a proper tuning for this sub? i was told  spl surrounds need 40hz and above tuning then someone else told me i could tune below fs to 32 to 35 hz and it would be fine. I know using the black spider with the spl cone will raise the fs pretty high.


i am not super familiar with sundown parts so if someone can pls guide me in the right direction that would be appreciated.


thank you

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