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  1. Its the actual spl surround cone which dropped around 1.5 to 2 yrs ago it is 100% def not the megaroll. I wish that spl cone was the only thing i upgraded and kept everything else stock when i did my recone. I will add pics of box and sub soon. Honestly, this is prob gonna be the last frankenwoofer i will build unless its small upgrades that wont change ts params too much or i am told before hand exactly what or how it will change the stock ts params so there is no guess work or surprises/problems with performance afterwards
  2. K so i called sundown to get their opinion on this. The technician told me that i should go smaller in space 1.75net and tune a little higher like 35 to 36hz and use less port like 24 to 28 sq inches total. When i brought up the x series spider having low fs he said while that is true using the spl cone surround will balance it out. I will do more testing with current box but i think once spring hits i will build a new box with less port area. I totally agree that i have a huge peak or exaggerated low end response like 30 to 40hz and then it just drops from there. All my low end bassline tracks (less than 40hz) sound excellent but i have only a handful of those. The majority 40 to 65hz sound "meh" with 55hz and up sounding like "yo is my amp even on?"
  3. thanks for the response. when i had the stock zv3 12 i was told to do 1.5 to 2 cubes and tune it around 35hz.. apparently that sub likes a small box and it did sound pretty good and did hit wide band. as for this current box, i used triticums port calculator and it told me since im using 2000rms (wolfram c2400 amp) and overpowering it, according to his calculator, i need much more port area than what sundown recommends or else my port velocity would be way too high and i would lose output. anyways.. i had no idea the spider was the culprit. I was wondering which soft parts contribute to the sub being a low end or all around sound type sub. regarding t/s params,.. its impossible to know what those are since its a custom sub. Its all guess work really. i have adjusted the LPF so much and ive never ever been able to get it to play above 50 55 hz or so... crossover on deck has always been set appropriately.. i have never observed the sub itself when its playing higher frequencies.. i guess i should do that. So if its moving but not omitting any sound, what does that mean? and if its not moving at all and no sound what does that mean? chances are, and ive been told by another guy who i explained this situation, he is pushing me to use 24 sq inches on a 2 cube box and says i will be much happier and it will hit a wide band and have better low end as well. I honestly wish i had kept this a stock zv3 and just got the regular parts and only upgraded to the new spl cone they came out with. i was happy with the sound of that sub when it was stock, now im stuck in a guessing game as to whats the problem with this one. also, I did pick up a U SERIES 12, i was actually one of the first ones,. and comparing the u and stock zv3 12s, they are very similar sounding BUT i will still give the win to zv3 for output. i mean it outweighs the u12 by a good 20lbs or so all motor and magnet and just had a little more slam to it. the U to me is a great sub i think of it as the JR. zv3
  4. K , so i had a zv3 12 d2 reconed and i was opted , based on advice from sundown technician over the phone, to upgrade parts to make the sub sound better. So i did. So i what i upgraded were the following: zv4 drop in with brown spider and spl cone spider 234mm brown x 12 v2, dual zv4 coil, triple joint ring 3 inch large zv5 now then, i had a nice box built using plenty of port area and feeding it a clean 2000-2200 rms. box is 2 cubes net tuned to 32hz and has about 40 sq inches of port. now the sub excels in lower frequencies but anything above id say 50-55 hz and its DEAD. I mean there is NOTHING. it makes some songs sound weird as hell cuz its missing the bassline completely. So what i need to know is this.. is this custom sub designed to only play the lower frequencies OR is this a box related issue? sometimes i think i may have used too much port area and that may have killed my upper frequency response? maybe less port area will widen my response? i dunno.. i do know the x series and zv4 and zv5 are more geared towards low end bass .. so since im using parts from those subs, maybe thats why im getting a narrow bandwidth? any insight would be beneficial. I dont want to build a new box if this is a sub issue and will encounter the same problem again no matter what kind of box i build.
  5. Im sorry to revive this old thread but i must ask: ive been using your calculator and built several enclosures with it. I dont have tools or expertise to build the actual boxes myself, so i source out builders and they often question me why im using such a big port. I tell em to do it anyways. Now then, i did notice a couple times my bandwidth seemed small. So my question is: How does using these bigger than manu recommended ports/port area figures alter or affect the bandwidth? It seems to me the larger ports cause a narrower bandwidth in exchange of .5dbs output gain over a narrower bandwidth. Is this whats going on?
  6. Tried using that program once and failed. It was quite confusing for me to use. Do you know how to use it?
  7. Can anyone help me plot these 2 d2s in a sealed box plsss?
  8. Yes thats why im looking for someone to model it for me 2 12 d2s off 2krms in a 1.8net sealed enclosure Btw i wasnt being sarcastic when i said thanks for the help. You said they are great subs so that helps.
  9. Hmm..i was told by seller they are designed after the sa model and obsidian audio WAS created by sundown audio.. hard to get info on out of business subs.
  10. Hey i got a buddy selling obsidian audio oa 12s d4s for cheap. He says they are basically sundown sa12s. The com0any went out of biz years ago so hard to find info on them. they are d4 subs. They are rated for 600rms but can take considerably more. I was able to find ts params on d2s. I want to run 2 in a sealed box off 2000rms. What i need to know is what would the f3 (how low the box will play before losing 3db) be in a sealed box. If its too high i wont bother. The box will be about 2.8 net here are the ts params for the d2s..can someone pls help me out and find of the f3 in a sealed box for dual d2s? Thanks! Product: 1 Obsidian Audio OA-12 Dual 2ohm 2. Specs: Obsidian 12" D2: Re: 4.0 Ohm Fs: 33 Hz Qms: 5.21 Qes: 0.56 Qts: 0.51 Vas: 34.4 Le: 2.21 mH BL: 19.1 SPL: 85.4 dB Sd: 490 cm^2 Mms: 243.1 g Xmax: 20mm Peak-to-peak: 62mm (2.45") Power Handling: 600 watts RMS Recommended enclosure info: Sealed ~ 1.0 to 1.5 ft^3 Ported ~ 1.75 to 2 ft^3 @ 30 to 35 Hz
  11. Have u been able to notice or verify supreme efficiency levels at 1 ohm?
  12. According to blankenship, he was also surprised by the 91% efficiency and retested multiple times. He even replaced batteries in his clamps. But always came to the same result. On another forum, some users said there could be something going on with the caps not emptying fully or something but the feeling i got from that thread was that the 91 isnt absolutely accurate. Other than ryan blankenship, i do not know of anyone else who has tested that amp. Ive tried contacting brutal sounds many times with no response.
  13. Hey. I need to buy a 2kish range amp. I got my choices down to brutal sounds bs 2.1 and the wolfram c2400 Both do about same numbers. Bs2.1 is korean while wolf isnt. Bs2.1 apparently does over 90% efficiency based on budget gem or bust dyno on youtube. Purpose of this thread is to find out if that efficiency is legit or is something else going on? I did research and found out the brutal sounds company incorrectly advertised their bs5.1 amps current draw and had to remove their dyno on fb and refund a couple guys for false advertising so i hope the same thing isnt going on with the 2.1. Wolfram is much cheaper as well than the bs 2.1. But if that 90% efficiency at 1ohm is true on the bs, then its worth the extra cash in my opinion. I appreciate all advice on which way i should go. Thanks
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