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  1. i have an update and further questioning.. I went ahead and purchased the reconing parts due to the issue i had with my sub with the crease/inside tear type issue going all the way around the sub... after i paid i did some research on the parts i bought,.. one of the parts is an SPL surround.. i found a pic of this surround next to the mega roll surround. When i saw the pic i got worried because you can see the exact same crease issue that i originally was complaining about with my zv3. I have added a pic and you can see the outline/indentation of the crease. This is a pic of a brand new foam roll. So now im confused as I am thinking maybe this crease is normal and its suppose to be this way? I certainly hope not because that means i do not require the recone.
  2. thats why i gave up because i wasnt sure if the pictures many sites were using were rev 2 or rev 3. I wish they had a stamp on them to tell which rev they are.. it would be helpful during times of bargaining.
  3. Yes it has a chrome magnet top and bottom plate.. the top plate was rusted however i guess due to moisture from the cold winters etc.. it wiped off easily but concerning still. I guess the rev 2s has a black top and bottom plate? i will be using this sa 12 as a back up sub while my zv3 gets reconed with spl cone and zv4 , zv5 and x series parts. will the sa 12 work in my zv3 box which is 1.85 cf tuned to 35 hz with 26sq in of port? thanks audiofanaticz, you have lately answered many of my posts and questions.
  4. I picked up an sa 12 d4 and neither the seller nor I can tell if its a rev 2 or rev 3. Id like to know what are the markings or signs that its a rev 3 or a rev 2 so i can know which revision i just bought. Ive tried seeing if i can find this info myself by looking at pics online but have not been able to precisely figure out the differences
  5. im very gentle with the screwdriver so not sure how this happened..but good to hear its just the dial and nothing bigger..
  6. I got a bc2000, there is a video that im attaching but i will also describe the situation. First noticed the issue with my bass knob. when it was all the way off and i would move it a few mm up, the bass would suddenly come on full blast then as i moved it would turn back low.. i thought it was a faulty bass knob or bass knob wire so i got a replacement wire but that did not fix the issue. I then started troubleshooting more and found out the actual gain dial on the amp had an issue. As i turned it up the bass would cut out completely and not come back on until i tapped or wiggled the dial.. almost as if there is a short or something. You can see what i mean in the video.. what im afraid of is that its an issue with voltage regulator or something bigger and more costlier. On a side note the amp also doesnt sound like 2000rms it sounds more like 1000rms. I did take this bc2000 out and swapped it with a hifonics brx2400 and wow it was a night and day difference and it sounds so so much better now. So something def is up with that bc2000.. even when i get the bass to come back on, it still doesnt sound as good or clean as the 250 dollar hifonics.. anyways,. what do u guys think? heres the vid
  7. Ya im gonna do that with upgraded parts and i gotta do the recone for another reason as well..my foam roll is creased and almost torn all the way around prob from over excursion. Its about to tear fully any day now..surprised it hasnt already tbh.
  8. Warranty period is over unfortunately. I think its been around 18 mnths. I believe , thru sundown, warranty is only for the first year on subs? I will just grab uograded spl and zv4 parts and get it reconed..
  9. Well..coincidentally just as i said it turned out both prongs touching is 0.3 resistance. So final ohm load on a sundown zv3 12 d2 is coil 1: 1.6 coil 2: 2.2 Coil 2 seems damaged You did mention you can tell which brand it is from the ohm reading..so for sundown d2s..what do their coils read? Thanks
  10. Thank you very much for that..i will do that once i pull the sub out again. Never thought of doing that before. However i did retest each coil like 5 to 10x each the latter being on the suspected damaged side and the numbers were always the same 1.9 on one coil and 2.5 on bad one.. 99% sure this sub def needs reconing What confuses me is this. If i do the method you are recommending and lets say its .3 when the leads touch. That means now coil 1 will read 1.6 and coil 2 will be 2.2.. Now i know when coils ohms go higher its a bad sign but in this case coil 1 went lower so does that also indicate damage? And now this would make coil 2 the good one?
  11. As i did not check the vc when i bought it i have no idea if they were always reading this way or if tthat ine vc got damaged and started reading a lil higher later on due to misuse or clipping etc...obvioualy this is important when it comes to warranty coverage..i guess i gotta pay for it myself..oh wells.. But jist to confirm..one coil reading 1.9 and the other 2.5 on a d2 sub is def not normal and will cause issues? Or is 2.5 close enough and i shoildnt be worried?
  12. I got a d2 sub. One coil is reading a steady 1.9. The other is reading 2.5..is this normal? When wired up to 1 ohm they read 1.8... Im pretty sure the one vc is going or slightly damaged and thus reading higher and causing the final ohm when wired to read 1.8 instead of 1.. Also when playing music the bass will be strong and full for a second then the next half second will be weak then strong again..the bass is not steady and strong but inconsistent...
  13. Thanks. Thats what i thought as well but many others told me it was fine and not that big of an issue. The guys at sundown are recommending that i upgrade to zv4 parts. They are as follows: zv4 coil. X version 2 spider spl cone. 12 inch frame gasket and terminal. I did not get a chance to ask them if this inclides the thick fat foam surround from the zv4. Also..would this upgrade still keep my zv3 a zv3 or am i basically changing it to a zv4? Will the sound change? Will box specs and other parameters change amd if so how? Will i get louder and have more xmax?
  14. here is a video showing the issue in greater detail
  15. exactly.. its a crease that actually feels like its sliced from the inside and it goes all the way around the entire circumference of the sub. Best way i can describe it is as if someone took a blade from the inside of the foam and made a cut all the way around and just left a mm or 2 of foam intact so that it doesnt appear cut from the outside. There was no flash used while taking the pic.