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  1. a single 15 crossed my mind but in a sealed box,. i have heard a 15 will hit low but it wont have the tight hard hitting nature that 10s and 12s do for the higher frequencies.. there must be some good 1000rms range 12s that can go sealed and hit low.. heck in the 90s i had 2 jl 12w0s sealed and those things hit low
  2. my local sundown dealer told me sa subs dont like to be played in sealed enclosures.. are u running them sealed? if so how low do they play?
  3. yes i know of those but.. the rms was a little low so i dismissed them.. ill take another look i know they are looked down upon but jl w7 12s work in around a cube sealed and get down to 30hz sealed.. but damn pricetag is insane. and that 3ohm stuff is nonsense
  4. due to lack of space and also some personal preference, i want to run 2 12 or 2 15 or 2 - 3 10s sealed.. i have 2000rms to work with i got about 3 cubes gross to work with i want the f3 to be in the mid or high 20s mmmaybe even low 30s so i want them to be able to get low if needed and also as high up to 60hz+,.. the driver size 10-12 or 15 is something i need help on.. ive always used 12s, but i know there are 15s out there that can work in sealed setups with small space but not sure how they sound or if they hit hard or higher frequencies or are more for very low end bass.. 10s i heard are more punchier but i have never ran them.. but i could run 3 10s vs 2 12s so that is to take into consideration.. the subs must be designed to slam in sealed setups..so i believe the Q (or was it QTC?) has to be above .4 to .7 range i did have my eye on fi q and i believe the fi x but they got discontinued.. another model is the lethal injection. but not sure how they would sound in sealed set up vs other drivers ive ran both sealed and ported set up and for the music i listen to , i prefer the sealed as it played the bass in more songs and genres better and cleaner and louder in some cases than the ported box. The ported box did very well around tuning frequency and also for long bass notes but sounds like 6x9s for faster higher freq bass outside of the tuning range.. i hate having to only be able to enjoy only 35% of my music,, conversely, when i was running a dual 12 sealed set up, it played a wider range of frequencies better but lacked for the lower bass but that was only due to the higher f3 for the subs i was using.. i feel if i get a sub with a low f3 for sealed box and also designed to play in sealed set ups, i will be in a win win situation,.
  5. audiofanaticz.. thank you for writing such a detailed and long reply. i have a question, why did you ground both batteries together instead of grounding each battery to frame of car?
  6. correct, its a WIREZ brand dual terminal.. i really thought it melted due to the fuse being too small and shared between the 4g and 0g wire.. too much current and fuse couldnt handle it and melted.. i have changed it to 150amp fuse now,.. i guess i will monitor is the next few weeks, if it melts too i guess it means there is a bad connection somewhere? and yes i wanted to do the classic large anl fuse method as shown in the picture in that one post.. but the shop didnt have 0g terminals in stock so i couldnt do it and he told me this wirez terminal would work just fine..so i trusted him and used that instead.
  7. ok,, i think its a good idea to explain the entire situation for best response. I have stock alt, maybe 110-120amps, 2 agm batteries one under hood, one in trunk. 0g running in between them. im running bc2000 amp and a 4chan that is currently pulling maybe 200-300rms.. the 0g wire coming from the front of car is connected to the rear + post of battery. I was originally going to get 0g terminals , fuse that wire with a 250amp fuse BUT the shop i went to did not have any 0g terminals left so instead he sold me this dual battery terminal post that has a 4g and 0g input and a 100amp fuse on top. he said this would do the trick. so i installed it. stuck the 4g wire into it and into my 4chan amp.. stuck the 0g wire from front battery into it, and called it a day some time later i took the plastic holder cap thingy off and noticed the 100amp fuse was corroded and melted.. but somehow the damn thing was still working and music was playing. i then concluded , and not sure if im right , but my theory is this 100amp fuse melted because there was just too much current demand/draw from both amps (esp the bc2000) and that dinky 100amp fuse couldnt handle it and started melting. note: that dual terminal and 100amp fuse was a shared fuse for both the 0g / bc2000 amp and the 4g 4chan amp.. i am adding a pic for reference.. i went back to shop today and he gave me a 150amp mini anl fuse and told me to use that instead.. i asked him for a 250 and he said i dont need it.. i still think i need it.. should i go and get a 250amp mini anl fuse and install it? thanks for the help!
  8. im going to make a long story short (i can provide full story if needed) and get down to the question.. when installing dual agm batteries and amps 2000rms and higher running on STOCK alt.. why is it necessary to use fuses that are 250amp in size when the stock alt will prob only put out and dedicate 50amps or so to your car audio system? i was told this by a shop when i asked for a 200-250amp fuse and my response was that the alt may not put out that much amps but the 2 agm batteries , especially when fully charged, may be able to put out high amount of amps at least for a short period of time..thus the requirement for 200-250amp fuses. am i right or is there another reason or , should i just go for a 100amp max fuse as he suggested?
  9. Bass Knob question

    I know your message is directed at him but ill chime in and give u a reason why i swirched from pac to crescendo knob. Not only does the crescendo knob have the clip light for extra peace of mind but it allows u to have a straight path from head unit to amp on the rcas. With pac u go from head unit to pac then pac to amp. 2 sets of rcas with interruption in between. Just in my head i thought a straight rca path would be cleaner and more efficient.
  10. Bass Knob question

    I had the pac inatalled before this one. I bought this one specifically for the clipping light indicator. One thing i hate is how bright the blue led is. I had to cover it up with tape
  11. Bass Knob question

    Its a crescendo bc2000. Its the safe knob. Bass attenuation not gain
  12. Bass Knob question

    hey i have some questions relating to bass knobs. I have read a few places that suggest to set the gain while the bass knob is on HALF instead of full.. why is that? MOST of the places say to set it on FULL before setting the gain but i believe steve meade and DD audio say to set it at HALF.. another thing is about the clipping light on the bass knob.. for those that have clipping indicators on their bass knobs.. is a little flashing ok? is it when it stays SOLID that when its really hard clipping? OR should NO light be coming on at all? thanks
  13. Does anyone own a crescendo bc series ampifier?

    Ups and fedex and dhl are the worst. I will try my best to convince the sender not to ship with tjese companies as it ends up costing the receiver an arm and a leg but these sellers have discounts and accounts and shipping for them is super cheap. Unless i reaaaly want it or its something low priced i will decline buying or what i use to do is send it to my usa link and then he sends it to me usps first class. I end up saving money that way too. However my usa link is a lazy piece of sh*t who would end up not shipping for months and any return exchange policy id have would expire due to his laziness so i had to cut him off.. This will be my first time using the usa border holding pickup method..i believe that ups store onky charges like a dollar a day to hold the item for u as long as its under a certain size
  14. Does anyone own a crescendo bc series ampifier?

    Oh hell yes. Duties shipping brokerage taxes will inflate the total cost up to 30 to 40% Driving there will cost me less than a tank of gas.
  15. Does anyone own a crescendo bc series ampifier?

    Hey i am not a big facebooker i deleted my account years ago however i believe i joined that group using my bros facebook sometime ago. I think at the time i was looking for someone who had an smd i could use. Man sucks to be in canada especially at this moment if u r into car audio. We get raped so badly. Im trying to get my hands on a high output alt and i will have to do the niagra falls usa ups pick up and then get it installed by a usa mechanic all in the same day before i cross the border all in an attempt to save fees and shit.