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  1. Hey I got an avh 4800bs pioneer head unit I use usb sticks all the time but i was wondering would a non powered usb 1tb or higher external hard drive work instead of a usb stick? Anyone ever try? Would the deck reject or accept it? Thanks
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. And thanks for the help. I will let u know how this turns out. I was under the impression that torres uses the physical port length as the actual length of the wood pieces you cut so when you had physical port length written there as 31.5 but the 2 pieces didnt add up to it, i got confused.
  3. hey thanks for that. i appreciate the help. just a question and then 1 problem: question: the physical port length is 31.5 but in the first pic you have the port wall side 1 as 13.75 and side 2 as 14 which adds up to 27.75 which is like 3 inches shorter than the 31.5 then in the 2nd diagram the picture shows port wall 1 as 13.75 and port wall 2 as 14.75.. so little confused there.. what should i be cutting the port wall pieces as 13.75 and 14 or 13.75 and 14.75 and how come they dont add up to 31.5? problem: remember my max dimensions are 13.5 tall x 32 x 17 to get to 2.3net i pushed the max dimensions a bit more to 13.5 x 32.25 x 17.5..this will be a test and it MAY get stuck or will be very hard to get in and out i will have to router all outer edges to make sure it gets in..however... your diagram is 13.5 x 32.75 x 17.5 this will prob not work as the width you made .75 more instead of .25.. box will get stuck. i can manage .25 more but .75 is pushing it esp since im going .5 more on the depth. i know it sounds ridiculous but i am really really pushing it with the extra .25 and .5 oh and what is the final tuning and net airspace and outer dimensions of this box?
  4. as i said im willing to build the bigger box, just waiting for the cut sheet/blueprints those screenshots i thought it was worth showing you as that one dude said he used a 2.25 net enclosure on his zv3 12 on LOW power and was able to hit the backplate easily.. which means he reached mechanical limits on low power easily.. i thought it was worth noting. regarding port noise, audiofanatics said that steve meade is using like 6 15s and like only 8-10 sq inches per cube and its very small port area for those subs and you would expect port noise but there is none at all and its violent.. i thought this was also worth noting as its proof that a over doing it on port area isnt always necessary and using little will not always cause port noise. I think this is worth noting as it is a great example. This is also why i showed the screenshot of the owner of sundown recommending only 12 sq in per cube... that is the same thing EMF audios owner told me to do.. anyways. in the end im going to be building 2 boxes.. the 2.3net enclosure will be first and hopefully it will turn out so good i wont need to build the 2nd one.
  5. i didnt even realize you made this big ass reply until now. If you were a noob, how would you be able to tell between fact and fiction? thats right. you wouldnt. because you are a noob and dont know what is fact from fiction. which is kind of the situation I am in. I have a general understanding of enclosures and am still learning by way of building different boxes and playing around with port area and size etc.. its expensive to do this but i have no choice really. gathering information is what ive been doing and do often on this site and other sites , it saves me from starting multiple new threads. Regarding the box size and increasing it, yes this works from what i understand when people are on low power.. BUT lets say you have ample power or are overpowering,. lets forget about rise for a minute,. and you put this extra power to a sub in a larger than recommended box... is that potentially dangerous? I ask this because i found a user who used low power on a zv3 12 that was in a 2.3net box, which is prob quite similar to what i designed and check out his response (the screen shot will follow underneath) what do you make of that? i think in the end i will be building 2 boxes,. the one i designed which you are going to be sending a cutsheet/blueprints of the 2.3net box.. btw, how are the calculations coming along? and i will be building a 2nd box 2 cubes 32hz with 24 sq inches of port.. i wont be building this 2nd box until i build the 1st one as the 1st one may satisfy my needs to the point i dont need to do a 2nd box..
  6. Sounds good. From my analysis..the main thing that will be changing is the tuning will slightly decreased 2hz maybe and the net airspace will be increasing roughly half a cube. As long as this will make a noticeable audible difference than the box i have now then its all good. if you need to tweak anything, as long as it stays within my max dimensions, then go ahead. im willing to raise tuning a lil if a bigger port is necessary and if you think that would sound better..
  7. Wait wait b4 u do that i have to tell u. The design was made by a builder who used winisd. He told me the final specs. 3 x 12 width and 37 long for port roughly 33hz and 13.5 x 31 x 17 depth. I took these specs and input them into torres to get an idea of what im dealing with and to show you as well
  8. thanks.. i had to increase my max dimensions a tad bit so i hope it will fit. i may have to use some crisco and lube the hell out of it to slide it in LOL damn trunk is too tight. all i need is the cut sheet/blueprint so i can send it off to my builder and then i can let u know in a week or so how it turned out. btw, my current box which does sound pretty good is like this:
  9. if you can make an aeroport design work , then pls go ahead. from what ive read a 6 inch port is needed.. i dont know if it can be done with my max dimensions though..remember that custom zv3 i got has a 10.5 inch depth. also another thing to keep in mind.. in my car the sub and port back sound best.. if you were to do an aero, the aero would have to be to the side and i dunno how that would sound. if it cant be done.. then slot port is fine.. im leaning towards SLOT port simply because it will be easier to build and i can have the slot and sub facing BACK and that sounds best in my car.
  10. thats a good question. im kinda torn between the two. however im leaning towards LOUD. I love the feeling of my face and body being impacted by the bass.. the physical sensations.
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