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  1. I think i found the problem. Opened trunk to find 6 out of 8 screws came out and sub was sticking half way out of the box basically running free air..not sure how this would cause voltage drop so severe but im sure this is the issue..also bass non existant which is not a surprise as well
  2. No idea if woofer is damaged or not..the only thing that has changed is voktage is dropping mad low. Like into the 12s now for some reason..but yes its been hot the past week as well amd amp is super hot not from overuse but from outside temp..i will pull sub out and test vc and see whats up..
  3. Hey just wondering if you are running a sub and lets say one of the voicecoils is damaged or something else is messed up and you continue to play it..can or will this cause your voltage to drop more than normal? Thx
  4. akuma4u

    can someone model these subs for me?

    Thanks for that..joe are u aware of any good 1000rms range 12 inch drivers That will work well or better than cs6 in a sealed box? I have been told the dc audio lvl 3 works great sealed. Can u compare that to cs6 in graph pls? And according to graph the cs6 sa12 should both be able to play 20hz to 100hz and have a flat response ?
  5. hey i want to build a dual 12 sealed set up and am trying to find a good pair of 12 inch subs that will work well in a sealed box in about 2 cubes net for the pair.. i got about 2000rms to work with these subs look nice but no idea how low they will play sealed, so can someone model these and let me know? also if anyone knows any 12 inch subs in the 750-1000rms range that will play well and get low and flat across the bandwidth and play all types of music well with great SQL (sq with spl) please let me know .. thank you https://crystalaudiosolutions.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F12-cs6
  6. why dont you first hear an sa vs U and then come back and say whether its an upgrade or not. Ive ran both and for sure the U is an upgrade. Its enough of an upgrade or improvement that i will never run the SA again unless an emergency situation calls for it
  7. The SA 12s are STILL prob the best sub you could get at its price point however when compared to the U series.. yes there is a difference, they hit harder and take more power. As i stated before, its like an SA on steroids. With the release of these U series subs, it is my opinion and feeling that it officially and firmly places the SA series into the ENTRY level category (I know they were kinda already there but now its like official). For those looking to do a common dual 12 set up with the popular sa12s,. i would spend the extra money and upgrade to 2 12 Us instead,.. they will work in the same space/enclosure as the SAs but will require more power. End result will be totally worth it. After getting this U sub I am now debating whether to keep my sa12 as a back up emergency sub or just sell it off..
  8. My sub was built in north carolina as they didnt receive any 12 d2s prebuilt from china.
  9. ouch.. i hope they got a decent amount of prebuilt stock on hand or else they are going to lose a lot of orders/money OR they could play it dirty and take peoples orders/money and tell them there is a 2 week build time but in reality it will turn out to be like 2 months or who knows how long while they search for a new builder. i will try and search for brian and ask him whats up with the havocs. thanks
  10. Well..what just happened with ssa? And who is brian owens and how do i contact him? Thx
  11. akuma4u

    Hifonics subsonic filter

    I gotta learn that technique. But even still i was/am unable to do that atm due to my dmm breaking on me. Waiting for new one in mail..
  12. Im aware of that site but you can not place an order for those havoc...i guess they either got discontinued or something i dunno. I wanna do a sq sealed set up and heard that these are killer sealed. Like 140db on 1 12 some people pulled...
  13. I read ages ago they are revamping their website and nothing. Ive been waiting so patiently. I dont know whats going on. Where are you guys finding the aa products to buy? Which sites are you using? If anyone has the chance or proper channels can you please find out or ask the aa people when how and where i can buy the havoc series sub? Thanks
  14. akuma4u

    Hifonics subsonic filter

    So i got a hifonics brx2400 mono amp which is a great budget amp that will push 2000rms with good voltage..its been proven and tested so pls dont crap on it or my amp choice. I actually originally bought it as a back up amp. Anyways. The question i got is regarding its subsonic filter. The dial goes from 15 to 35. I usually set it around 28 to 30hz so i estimated this to be around 2 to 3oclock position. Well...when set there. It doesnt sound right. So i called hifonics and asked them and i was surprised when he told me 25hz is at 9 oclock..thats only a quarter turn up from the starting point of 15hz..which confuses me because it jumps 10hz in a quarter turn which leaves a 75% of the dial for the remaining 10hz??? I will say the lows and bass do sound way better when its set around 9oclock..but its just so weird that it has to be set so low which means my original estimate was totally off.. So anyone with this amp or hifonics amps i suggest you at least try and turn it down lower esp if you feel you are missing out on lows because chances are if you didnt use a cc1 like me and just estimated it that you are way off..i have already seen numerous users make this mistake in other threads and cant figure out why it doesnt sound right.