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  1. You should have never posted in the first place loser. You just wasted your time for nothing. I guess u have no life. Well done. You didnt contribute shit except whine moan and make false assumptions. Now on the other hand, look at dibo. Thats a proper contribution. One post straight to the point. Simple. Straight forward. You could really learn a thing or two from him.
  2. Damn 11.8v and thats st 1ohm prob around 2500rms? Ya id prob dip down to low 12s in that case as i have a decent stock alt 110amp and 2 agms..i wish i could get a ho alt but very hard to find one for my car as no one has fabricated a new housing for it as the demand is not great enough to warrant it..thats the reason i have been told by all the top alt makers..
  3. Dude stfu u r so annoying all u r doing is coming here to complain and moan..jusy stop posting. Thats all you been doing since the beginning. I rather u just not post anything if its not contributing to answering my question. As for the video i did not watch the entire thjng i usually just watch the end where he has the paper with all results written down. I am busy so i dony have time to watch enture videos all the time. In this case i just watched the end part.
  4. Perfect. Thanks for the info dibo. Since i am running stock alt and 2 agms would u say the first xtr model that dynos a little lower would be a better choice since its a lower amp draw that my electrical can handle better than the dz line? Unless..they managed to make the dz line pull less current but do slightly bigger numbers...in other words, unless the dz 2500 is more efficient than the 2500d
  5. I called orion yesterday and tech guy not available.then i came here. I got a chance at getting the older model at a good price but need to buy asap if i want that price. So before i do i want to make sure its worth it or not or if i should hold up and get the new dz modelv nstead.
  6. I do say so..u r either confusing me with soneone else ir u r purposely trying to make me look bad. Im not that guy. I made a first time mistake posting in wrong section and tried to delete post but couldnt so i reposted in correct section. First time doing this. So not sure what u keep getting tired from as if ive done this over and over. Next time, instead of wasting time , if u dont know the answer just dont contribute. Even till now u have done nothing to answer my question. Youve only accomplished making some dumbass assumptions..
  7. Huh? This is the first time i ACCIDENTLY POSTED IN THE WRONG SECTION thus making me repost in correct section so i have no idea what u keep getting tired from? Literally my 1st time doing this.
  8. Ive seen both. And none explain what the difference is between the 2 models in depth. Im not looking for dyno videos im looking for an explanation of what the diffetence is beteeen the old and new dz model. For example the new dz has less draw more efficient better components made in usa, etc etc And btw the dyno vid by orion is their response to other peoples dyno vids as they were not happy with the testing methods by others possibly bigdwiz..they were saying how others are manipulating things to get bigger numbers
  9. I posted in the wrong section i believe so i reposted in the proper section. I did a google search and found no info regarding my question. So i came here as im sure someone here will know the difference. But so far got a smartass who has contributed nothing
  10. Hey there are 2 xtr 2500 models. One is a new 2018 model with a dz at the end of its name. What is the difference between the older xtr 2500 and the new xtr 2500 dz?
  11. Hey im looking to grab an orion xtr 2500 amp but notice there are 2 models. One is a xtr 2500.1d and a new 2018 xtr 2500.1dz model has come out. So my question is what is the difference between the two? Has anyone dynoed the new dz 2500 model? Thanks
  12. I think i found the problem. Opened trunk to find 6 out of 8 screws came out and sub was sticking half way out of the box basically running free air..not sure how this would cause voltage drop so severe but im sure this is the issue..also bass non existant which is not a surprise as well
  13. No idea if woofer is damaged or not..the only thing that has changed is voktage is dropping mad low. Like into the 12s now for some reason..but yes its been hot the past week as well amd amp is super hot not from overuse but from outside temp..i will pull sub out and test vc and see whats up..
  14. Hey just wondering if you are running a sub and lets say one of the voicecoils is damaged or something else is messed up and you continue to play it..can or will this cause your voltage to drop more than normal? Thx
  15. akuma4u

    can someone model these subs for me?

    Thanks for that..joe are u aware of any good 1000rms range 12 inch drivers That will work well or better than cs6 in a sealed box? I have been told the dc audio lvl 3 works great sealed. Can u compare that to cs6 in graph pls? And according to graph the cs6 sa12 should both be able to play 20hz to 100hz and have a flat response ?