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  1. I believe the key in facing it towards rear is that now a loading wall is created and soundwaves strengthen when they hit it and bounce back.. I do see so many guys facing subs and port forward but they also seal off everything as well..maybe that makes a big difference. I didnt seal off nothing when i did my test. Im assuming you also didnt.
  2. I agree with you on facing the sub towards rear vs towards cabin. With a plain slot ported box i tested both ways and the rear facing sub and port was better in every way and louder. The only benefit i found from facing it forward was that it sounded cleaner and i could feel the air dispersment better on my arms and neck. But it failed on extension and spl. I was hoping that by having the port aimed into cabin up thru rear deck i would get all the bass into cabin and could bypass the trunk completely. But..if what you say is true then it doesnt really make a difference as the tuning would remain the same vs port in trunk vs external port firing up and aiming into cabin and the sub will always remain in trunk as well..
  3. Hey just wanna know how much sound volume is produced by the slot port versus the face of the sub itself? Is it like 90% port or more like 50/50? Reason im asking is i am attempting to build a enclosure in trunk with port aiming into cabin. I was excited because now i could have my backseat up all the time however the builder told me i would still need the back seats to be down or else i will not get any volume from the sub itself and it wouldnt sound right. Is this true?
  4. unfortunately everyone in my area charges 170 to 300 for a regular ported box.. i did have a source who did it for 80 bucks but when i showed him the 45 angled pieces in the corners of the port pieces,. he told me he doesnt have a router so he can not make that design. Cheapest so far is 150 without any fabric or wrap to the box. If it fails, then i can still keep it and maybe i will recone the sub back to its stock version then i can reuse the same box as it will be within the net area for a stock zv3 and the port area will be good as well. Im actually debating whether to scrap this entire experimental box with the frankensub and just call them tmrw and request stock recone pieces and get this thing back to stock so i can get a proper box built. i really learned my lesson with this experience. i will never recone with upgraded parts again. too much of a headache and you never will know the t/s parameters for sure once you use different parts from all different models. I hate to say this but.. a part of me thinks i got taken advantage of and sold things i didnt need... you guys in the US have it so much easier and cheaper than us in canada.. i paid an arm and a leg for everything and im still receiving invoices from fedex in the mail for the shipping aspect.. this is AFTER paying duties and shipping to sundown already!
  5. the problem with my trunk is 2 things. 1) the trunk opening or the mouth is so small its hard to get a large piece of wood.. this is the reason only small boxes can fit inside with a max height of 13-13.5 inches 2) its a bass trap style trunk where there is a very little port from trunk to cabin so a lot of bass gets stuck inside the trunk and doesnt freely flow into the cabin. i did find a guy that was willing to do a trunk build but then when he inspected my trunk he backed out LOL i may end up selling this sub and take a HUGE loss.. i dont even know if its worthwhile to build the enclosure for this sub do to my limitations.. i will see if sundown can send me regular zv3 recone parts for a considerable discount then i will just recone it again back to stock and THEN i can run a proper box. Or i may just wait for the new U series OR i may just go 2 12s sealed.. i know boxes for those will work with the exception of the U 12 cuz the specs hasnt been released for those yet but im sure it will work.
  6. Thanks for helping me out again - regarding the advice i received.. im a little upset for a couple of reasons with the techs i spoke to at sundown. 1st) when i called for recone parts (i had a damaged foam roll and needed it fixed) the tech i spoke to who is their main tech i wont mention his name tho , he built up a list of upgraded parts that consisted of a zv4, x series and i think even zv5.. he said it would give a warmer sound and sound better but instead of the mage roll he would give me the spl surround cone/roll.. so i asked him if i would need a new box,. he said no i can use the same box i had. THIS is very important because my trunk is small and i can only fit less than 2 cube net boxes in there... and zv3 12 stock version works in those small types of boxes. Anyways he said it would work and i paid and it was a lot of money for shipping close to 200 alone! for such a small lightweight package.. so i get the parts recone it and then i find out the depth has increased almost by 3 inches which now im forced to build a new box.. so then i make this thread and get the design and i didnt know about the depth so then that build went to garbage and i got u to redesign then just before i am about to build it the recone guy tells me that 1.75net is too small i basically have a zv4 now.. so this makes me call sundown again and i get connected to a different tech and he asks me why would i change all the parts and who told me to do that, and i told him the head tech did and he said thats not what he would have done and the sound will change too much and i dont have a zv3 anymore.. so i told him i just followed what he told me. Then he also said the box needs to be bigger. then i tried fooling around to get a bigger box.. which i am trying to do now.. but not sure if it can be done.. i called sundown again and asked to speak to the first main tech who made the order and told him the issues and he now says yes i need a bigger box, i told him he said differently before and he said he was mistaken.. i told him im too far into this and spent too much money already and im possibly screwed now.. he didnt offer anything and told me that i can do 2 net and 30 sq in of port. i told him then about port area not being enough and all that and he told me eveyrone will say something different and he has tried many boxes and if i do 36 or more sq inch of port it will be 1 note box etc... then he hit me with the 12-16 per cube thing and i told him that is too general.. anyways call ended with him telling me to do the 2 cube 30 sq in box.. so that was my experience.. not happy really.. i wish i knew from the start i would require a bigger box and my sub would basically become a zv4.. if i knew that then i would have demanded straight zv3 parts to keep it a zv3 as i wouldnt run into any box size issues plus i like the sound of this sub stock.. now.. as the box design is concerned now.. i am surprised decreasing the port .25 inches would only increase .05net in airspace.. thasts like nothing.. so i guess i should just stick to the original design u made of 1.75net and 39 sq in of port ? i do have to add yes the zv4 requires 40 sq in of port but thats with a stock zv4 with the mega roll surround.. with mine im using a spl surround and it doesnt require as much port area.. this is exactly what the head tech told me when i asked him and brought up the 40 sq in of port area on a zv4.. what design would you do if u were in my position? if its the same design u made up top a few posts ago, i will just go ahead with that one. note: funny thing is.. i have a single sa 12 that is in a box that the head tech told me to build, which i had built for the zv3 i bought months ago (he told me to make a 1.85 27sqin box for the zv3 12 when i made the order from them).. it sounded MEH on the zv3.. but once i replaced it with the sa12 (box now becomes around 1.95-2net 27 sq in of port) WOW. sa 12 in that box sounds so much better.. even better than the zv3 did and thats on HALF the rms as well. I guess because the sa12 is better suited in this box than the zv3 was. i guess this goes to show how important a proper box is. thanks again for spending the time helping me.
  7. hey .. if i reduce the port from 3.25 to 3 inches .. what would the tuning become and the net airspace? aiming to keep the tuning around 35 hz -36hz .. pretty sure the physical port length would change. i learned that the reconed zv3 with zv4 parts needs as close to 2 to 2.5net as possible as the sub is basically a zv4 and not a zv3 as i thought it was before..so only way to achieve this is the make the port smaller so i can increase net airspace. so i am hoping that by keeping the same labrynth design u made and just decreasing the port width to 3 inches may be able to achieve that.. i just dont know what the tuning and net airspace will become. sub displacement is .24 aiming for 2 net 36 sq in of port area, and 35-37hz tuning sorry for the hassles.. this is first time i re-coned using upgraded parts, i didnt know it would change everything so much .. i learned my lesson for next time.
  8. i only have 2000rms.. secondly.. what i was told is that the megaroll surround requires different amounts of airspace and port area (or only port area im not sure) vs the SPL surround. I have the SPL surround. I know the SPL surround makes the bandwidth larger and not so focused on the low end.. which is what i want. the best i can do is around 2 cubes with 36sq in of port off 2000 rms.. i can decrease port area and increase my net volume a little but im sure that woofer needs plenty of port area.. the only other option i have is to do an aero port or external port.. are you using a megaroll surround on yours or a spl surround? if jacob fuller uses this site in the sundown section, then maybe i should create a thread over there for this just for more input/advice.. i wish i just got the standard zv3 recone parts..
  9. awesome.. 2 things i need help with 1) singer and excessive amperage are offering me both 220amp alts but they are not 6 hairpin style,. they are slot wound. is this bad? 2) My zv3/4 consists of the following parts: zv4 12d2 drop in with brown spider and spl cone 3 inch coil, 234mm brown x 12 v2 spider, d2 v4 coil, triple joint ring 3 inch large zv5, 12 inch frame so.. my question is this.. how many cubes net and port area is recommended with this sub? i dont have much space.. i had enough space for the zv3 stock version but i dont know about now. so if u could tell me the min and max net airspace required and port area etc that will help me greatly.
  10. i have a voltmeter set up under my head unit which is next to the bass knob with the clipping indicator.. so i can see both. Singer told me he can hook me up with a 220amp alt for my car,. im going to get it. yes the damn zv3/zv4 is super stiff.. it does require a lot of power.. and i dont think my electrical can give it what it wants.. hence the clipping.. the 220amp alt should fix that issue tho.
  11. doesnt hurt to try, might as well .. ok ill try it out on my next box
  12. this thought crossed my mind.. but id be seriously underpowering my sub if i do that ,. like sundown subs are already underrated .. so its rated for 1500,. at 4ohms id be giving it like 750 or 800 watts.. id be way better off just running my sa 12 off 1000.. im very happy with the sa12 in this current box i got..1.95 cubes 27 sq in of port tuned to 35
  13. actually.. i did sealed all my life until recently.. my next build will either be 2 12s sealed or a single 12 sundown U series in a ported box. i was going to get 2 12 aa havocs, i read people do in the mid 140s with just 1 12 sealed.. but those have been out of stock for a while and no idea when they are coming back. I find sealed worked better for the music i listened to and excelled in sound quality and got plenty loud. I read to the ear sealed will sound louder but on the meter ported will do bigger numbers..
  14. Ya true that on not wanting to spend money. So im going to do this..im goomg to get a proper box made. That was my plan regardless and then see if that fixes the issue or at least helps it. The part that throws me off is since its a zv3 motor and magnet but zv4 soft parts do i build the box as if its a zv3 or a zv4??? There is a huge difference in airspace between the two woofers. I didnt realize this at first and had a design built by triticum but that was considering it was a zv3..but others have told me i basically have a zv4 now without a megaroll surround. My trunk is too tight..no way to invert. Right now im thinking of doing an aero port box to get more net airspace or an external port. Or worst case scenerio take the labryinth style box triticum made for me amd decrease the port to 3 inches instead of 3.25 so i can get more net airspace. If i knew how confusing the ts parameters woild become i wouldve never used all diffetent parts. A user who apparently blocked me after an emotional episode called kyblack76 is coming up in searches on google who has said some very negative things about gp audios alternators...but didnt explain why. Now thats he has blocked me..ill never know why he is so against them.
  15. before i make a decision on GP , i need real reasons why to avoid them.. i did some light research and found several people show great dislike and some even hatred towards GP and a guy named dom i think IIRC.. but i need to know what it is about GP.. is the product crap? does it break down early? bad customer service? not as advertised? if its ONLY a matter of opinion without any real reason then that confuses me.. if the product does what it says it does and the customer service is decent and the product lasts then its a good company in my book. I need someone to chime in and tell me exactly why GP is bad or should be avoided... you can PM me if u dont want to talk shit in a public forum about their company, im ok with that. I am using a pioneer double din avh4800bt 4 volt hu i constantly monitor voltage,. voltage while driving will stay in the range of 13.6 to 14v .. if idling it can drop to 13 but i try not to blast beats when idling anyways.. i have heard some clip indicators are not accurate or go off prematurely but then ive heard and seen a youtube test where a clip indicator on a bass knob started going off the exact same time the red dot started flashing on the DD1.. interesting note: when running 2 ohm,. my voltage can go into the mid 13s as well , just as it does with 1 ohm but at 2 ohms the clipping light doesnt go off at all while at 1 ohm it does.. finally.. the box.. the box is small and way too little port area and the magnet of the sub is basically blocking 80-90% of the port entrance from the inside of the box. and its a super stiff sub waiting still to be broken in.. btw this is just a temp box as im waiting for a new one to get made. I am confused tho how a box could cause clipping? so if u can, please explain that to me. note: when i am running 2 ohms im using an sa 12 in a near perfect box for that sub.. when i am running 1 ohm im using a zv3/zv4 crossbreed sub in the same sa12 box but its not the proper box for that sub..