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  1. Ups and fedex and dhl are the worst. I will try my best to convince the sender not to ship with tjese companies as it ends up costing the receiver an arm and a leg but these sellers have discounts and accounts and shipping for them is super cheap. Unless i reaaaly want it or its something low priced i will decline buying or what i use to do is send it to my usa link and then he sends it to me usps first class. I end up saving money that way too. However my usa link is a lazy piece of sh*t who would end up not shipping for months and any return exchange policy id have would expire due to his laziness so i had to cut him off.. This will be my first time using the usa border holding pickup method..i believe that ups store onky charges like a dollar a day to hold the item for u as long as its under a certain size
  2. Oh hell yes. Duties shipping brokerage taxes will inflate the total cost up to 30 to 40% Driving there will cost me less than a tank of gas.
  3. Hey i am not a big facebooker i deleted my account years ago however i believe i joined that group using my bros facebook sometime ago. I think at the time i was looking for someone who had an smd i could use. Man sucks to be in canada especially at this moment if u r into car audio. We get raped so badly. Im trying to get my hands on a high output alt and i will have to do the niagra falls usa ups pick up and then get it installed by a usa mechanic all in the same day before i cross the border all in an attempt to save fees and shit.
  4. That makes sense. Overpowering would make all frequencies more pronounced so it would be safer to compensate by going a few hz higher on the ssf. Regarding the ssf, i got some bad advice from creacendo tech support. I told them i was tuned around 40hz and they told me to set the ssf just a tad above 3 oclock. That position woukdbbe around. 22Hz. I asked them isnt that too low and yhey said my sub can handle it since it has a strong motor. But trust me..it didnt. I found that oit the shocking and hard way. Good thing i didnt cause any damage to the sub. Just now i set the ssf as someone mentioned a lil higher than what i suspect to be 30hz and it does in fact sound cleaner and i get more nose and lip vibration now i guess cuz of less distortion and a cleaner output? I also came across an article by mtx stating the higher and closer to tuning u set your ssf the higher dbs you will do and higher point u can set your gain at as well.
  5. I was using the formula that i found in a ssf filter setting thread. Tuning ÷ 2 then that number ÷ 2 then - answer from tuning. 40 - 20 = 20 ÷2 = 10. 40 - 10 = 30hz Now then i have played around with the ssf and had it in different spots and it sounds cleaner when its half way and above which i suspect is 30hz and on. But when its half way or below i get more lower bass vibration and extension but it doesnt sound as clean. Sounds a bit muffled or dirty. Ive only had sub bottom out on one part of a track and it damn near gave mr a heart attack. Happened while listening at high volume driving on highway. Sounded like box was about to explode. Only happened on that one note part of one track. Guess it hit down around 25 hz or so..
  6. My current box is tuned around 40hz. Thats why. Looking to build another box which is tuned lower.
  7. so i do this after setting my gains? or before? also , at what volume level on the h/u do i do this at?
  8. hey im looking for anyone with a crescendo bc series mono amp if you got one,. please tell me, for the sub sonic filter,. was 30hz right around 12 oclock? thank you
  9. with these h/o alts that do 220-300amps.. at what RPM do they do that at? and what do they do at idle? on a side note.. i BELIEVE my voltage issue is causing some clipping which is either making the amp smell or the sub.. but heres what happens.. there will be a faint smell when playing something loud then as soon as i turn the music down or after the song is done which could be over a min to a few mins.. once the volume is low, the smell gets MUCH stronger.. why is that and is it coming from my amp or sub?
  10. my car a 2010 genesis coupe 2.0 unfortunately does not have many H/O alt options. so i am forced to do ghetto little upgrades like small pulley etc in hopes i can get more out of it. when i made the calls to almost all the h/o makers. i found only 2 guys to make them. one was Quality power and the other was ohio generator. I have heard bad things about both companies , esp quality power.. but i was actually going to start a thread asking for recent reviews and opinion on ohio gen alternators because i may go that route if i hear enough good things about them..
  11. question: will changing the stock pulley on my stock alternator to a smaller one increase the amperage at lower RPM and idle? is it worth doing? will there be a benefit? will the benefit be noticeable and justify the price it will cost me to do the work and install? are there any downsides like belt issues , etc.? Im trying to get my alternator to pump out as many amps possible without me having to drive at highway speeds... thanks
  12. Hey im trying to figure out an enclosure design for a single HCCA 12 d2 sub. on the orion site , they recommend 38-40hz tuning... which is pretty high.. does anyone have experience with this sub? is tuning 32-34 going to result in a flatter or more better sounding box? or is their recommendation of 38-40hz better? also.. port area and cubic feet net.. where should that be at?
  13. CLD tiles will do the job? what about this stuff http://www.ebay.com/itm/11102-DYNALINER-1-4-THICK-X-32-X-54-INSULATION-KIT-FOR-CAR-DOORS-FLOOR-ROOF-/120805835487?hash=item1c2096c2df:m:mRdBlZum4jRVc4ZGbvzXzRg
  14. hey im looking for some good products to sound deaden my roof. i have dynamatted my entire car with dynamat extreme and nvx deadener ,. i have yet to do the roof and the roof is causing a LOT of vibrations and noise.. when i put my hands up and push the roof cover, the bass sounds so much better and cleaner.. i must eliminate the vibrations from the roof liner/roof im sure there are really good products out there specifically for this,. please guide me to those products.. im sure they have to be thicker than the normal deadener.. i also know stuff from home depot like peel n seal is popular,. would that work or no? thanks