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DD1+ usage clarification

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Hello to all the wonderful people here,  This is my first post here and I have to clarify my understanding on using of DD1+ for a specific case, assuming

below are the equipments


1. Amp- DC Audio 10K

2. Sub- 3 Sundown zv6 2500RMS


Assuming that the sub will be wired to 1ohm, the equivalent Vrms for the sub wired at 1ohm 7500watts will be 86Volts. 

So, since the DC10K does way more than 7500 is it correct if I Press READ on the DD1+ and set the gain overlap to say.... +7db

when the voltage shows 86volt (not waiting till the distortion light comes ON) on the display.






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You are on the right path that 7500 watts rms is 86 volts squared but the problem is once you hit “read” on the DD1+ you don’t see the voltage readout anymore. It only displays the overlap. I did the same as you but then rechecked the voltage with my DMM and it was way over voltage when I used -7.5. The problem is when using an amp that produces more then the subs can handle you need to first try -5dB or just skip the DD1+ and just use a multimeter. You can still use the DD1+ as a voltmeter as long as you don’t press “read”. I would use a -5dB tone that can be found on the DD1+ disk then just use that until you reach 86 volts. I would still initially use the 0dB tones to check your HU max volume before distortion with the DD1+ then switch to the -5 or -10 track. If you want to use a -7.5 you will have to download that tone from somewhere else since it’s not on the disk.

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