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  1. You are on the right path that 7500 watts rms is 86 volts squared but the problem is once you hit “read” on the DD1+ you don’t see the voltage readout anymore. It only displays the overlap. I did the same as you but then rechecked the voltage with my DMM and it was way over voltage when I used -7.5. The problem is when using an amp that produces more then the subs can handle you need to first try -5dB or just skip the DD1+ and just use a multimeter. You can still use the DD1+ as a voltmeter as long as you don’t press “read”. I would use a -5dB tone that can be found on the DD1+ disk then just use that until you reach 86 volts. I would still initially use the 0dB tones to check your HU max volume before distortion with the DD1+ then switch to the -5 or -10 track. If you want to use a -7.5 you will have to download that tone from somewhere else since it’s not on the disk.
  2. Please be careful when purchasing XS Power batteries off Amazon. Check the XS Power site, they have a list of unauthorized sellers and Amazon is full of them. https://4xspower.com/dealer-locator/
  3. Has anyone successfully set up this amp with a DD1+? I just finished running my new RCAs & wires for my mids & highs. The amp came in today. Wired it all up. My Kenwood head unit plays up to 34 out of 35 clean. Checked using my DD1+. This is not my first rodeo with the great DD1+, I have used it to set up Sundown & Skar amps before. I first checked my RCAs like I always do, clean up to volume 34, 2.1 volts. Plugged the RCAs into the DS440, gain was already set down to the lowest. Slowly turned the knob & immediate distortion light on the DD1+. OK?? Checked the other side of the amp, same shit. This was using track 2, 1khz, 0dB. I checked all 4 speaker outputs & same result, distortion on every channel with little to no gain. So after a few attempts I said screw it & hit the "read" button. I then changed to track 4. It was around 11dB gain overlap. I tried turning down the knob but I am so close to no gain adjustment, the lowest I can go is 7dB overlap then it's virtually off. I decided that I may have to bust out my O-Scope to see what is up. I did hook up the speakers & they sound amazing with the DD1+ set to 12dB gain overlap. I am lost with the minimal turn of the gain & immediate distortion light. I used this same DD1+ to set up my bass amp a few months ago with no issues except when I sparked it on my amp, you can check my profile & find that story. Any advice here?
  4. Please have a sleeve or heat shrink added to the rca dongles on all SMD amp tuning devices. Full bridge amps do seem to alternate the positive on the negative which can cause a short if the dongle touches the amp if I am understanding this correctly. Not sure how to tag Steve & or D’Amore.
  5. Hey everyone! I have a question for you. I was setting the subsonic on my SIA-3500 & I was using the SMD CC1, it had slipped off my seat & the connector on the top of the CC1 touched the amp & there was a big spark! Absolutely scared me but it was so fast & nothing happened to either device as far as I can tell. I finished setting everything up & all is well. So I guess the rca connection dongle on the CC1 can spark on the amp housing since it is a full bridge amp? Please note my speakers were not connected, this was just a big ass spark when touching the amp & the connector on the CC1. It did not touch the positive, it just touched the housing of the amp. Could there be internal damage to either or am I good? You would think the exposed section on the dongle is ground & no spark would happen but maybe since this amp is full bridge, I think I heard Barevids mention that these full bridge amps alternate the current or something, not sure.
  6. Good day everyone! I am considering building a DIY Headway bank & I have a question about my current setup. I have 2 XS Power AGMs, 1 up front & 1 in the trunk, then I have that going to an XS Power supercap bank. If I purchase & build the Headway, I know I can get rid of at least the rear AGM & possibly just keep the front without an isolator. What do I do with the supercap bank? Can I still use it? Before or after the Headway or remove it from the mix also?
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