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Mechman alternator not charging at idle

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So I just got my 370 amp mechman rebuilt.  It's for my 08 chevy tahoe.  I used to have the old style 2 pin, but have upgraded to the 4pin style with the one wire for 12v source.

Initially installed it and had the 12v source hooked up to the cigarette lighter fuse under hood.  I noticed at idle, my rpms would dip to 500rpms, and my battery would be sitting around 13.2-13.5.  Once I accelerate, or rpms go over 600, then my voltage would jump back up to 14.5-14.7.

I changed my belt to correct size.

I talked to Tony from Mechman and have since ran the 12v source to another fuse, ECU fuse. I also forgot to ground my alternator to battery, so I did that also.

Seems to be working good after one drive. I notice my idle rpms is now not dipping to 500, and it stays around 600-700 at idle.


So question is, was my alternator not running at idle so it wasn't charging batteries?  Can the alternator not being running at idle cause the rpms to dip low around 500? Not sure what was going on.

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