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Pioneer DMH-A340DAB Steering Wheel Control (SWC)

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Hallo to everyone,
I am an electrician from Greece (not professional) and I'm facing a problem with the steering wheel control of my car.
The new radio i bought, Pioneer DMH-A340DAB, has an input of Steering Wheel Control but since i connected the cables which coming from the steering wheel control the only response from the radio is ''mute''.
The previous radio was a ''no name'' android radio and the steering wheel control was working fine since i followed the programming guide in order to active the steering wheel control which is located on the column of the steering wheel.
The resistance from the 3,5mm jack connector are the following:
Vol up: 150 kOhm.
Vol down: 60 kOhm.
Seekup: 360 kOhm.
Seek down: 560 kOhm
Change input: 1 kOhm
Do you know which is the range of resistance Pioneer needs as input in order to make the steering wheel control working? Or any way to make may SWC to communicate with the radio?
Notice that the steering wheel control works with earth (-).
Please help.
Thank you in advance
PS: Below I attached some photo and a video trying to display the in radio menu, the steering wheel control option, but it seems the European menu is different than Australian (older moders?) and there is no option to calibrate my SWC.



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