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 Whats up everyone! My name is Matt and I'm having some issues with my current build in my Nissan Maxima.... I've built a few systems before but nothing like this one which includes multiple amps, multiple batteries, high output alternator, big 3 upgrade, etc.... 


 This will be a long post but please bear with me as I try to give as much info as possible so some of y'all more seasoned car audio guys can straighten me out lol.... 


 Roughly 3500 watts RMS total, 320A high output alternator,  big 3 upgrade, 2/0 gauge power and ground cables front to back(1 run each), (roughly 17 feet), battery under hood is XS Power D3400, first fuse is approximately 12" from battery(MANL style waterproof fuse holder with 2 MANL fuses equaling 350A)....


 One Power and ground cable from fuse block and battery for ground to trunk where power cable goes to another fuse block with a 350A ANL style fuse holder, then to a XS power XP2000, then a short run to a small XS Power XP950.... Three amps(DC Audio 2.0k monoblock, D4S JP234, Focal 4 channel A/B amp(80x4), all hooked to XP2000, along with power wire for Audiocontrol Matrix plus, DD Audio DSI-3 DSP, two cooling fans and one small light in trunk.... 


 My issue is today the fuse holder nearest to the XS Power D3400 damn near caught fire, melting completely in half!!! What am I doing wrong folks?? Please help!! I've heard not to use anything but ANL lug style fuse holder under hood...? Is this the issue?? 

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