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Okay so i was driving down the road and all the sudden my subs just shut off, I was thinking okay maybe my amp is just to hot because its pretty hot out today and my car is always outside, and i just checked to make sure that there is powergetting to it and there is im getting about 12.60v at an idle but no power through my speaker wires i mean i put the meeter to them and no reading but i wasnt sure if i'd get one does anyone have an idea ? oh and i have a Kicker zx400.1 amp

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you metered your speaker wire or your power? im sure that amp has a light that should be on when the amp is on, check that. meter your power wire, check you fuse at the battery and if the amp has its own fuses chekc them too. check your ground



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he means what impedance ..... what are the voice coil configurations on your subs and how did you have them wired up...


93 Saturn SC2My system4 SA-15's Walled

2 Cerwin-Vega S2000's

3 Kinetik Hc2000's

Dual 200amp alts.

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