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  1. for 5.7 vortec chevy's, pickup or suv, you can get a dual or triple bracket that fits on passenger side, or a bracket that fits on the driver side next to compressor that holds up to 3. you dont need to get rid of the AC to fit even 6+ alts on these trucks. http://www.blueghost.org/
  2. i think the main difference is in the corneal flap. prk i think they burn it away completely, leaving it to regenerate on its own, whereas lasik they slice it and fold it over, then fold it back when done. im not a doctor tho lol
  3. funny you mention. im actually getting mine done this friday.
  4. see the video description for what type of cap to buy.
  5. both doors open. holding 14.8 with 190ah of cmax batts and 2 of 3 alts on
  6. yeah i know him well. the van is a show stopper lol yeah man they're good people for sure! thanks bud i appreciate it. come find me ill be there with all my guys.
  7. little update. new headliner, team plaque, and dustcaps for mids. a pillars are painted too but no pics of that vid: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q--_Ry25_aOjG14zWQfFr3OcINkgoJ4w
  8. steve, i have the same issue with my MyFordTouch system. its such crap LOL. i just got a 360.3 installed (tied in after the stock amp, and RTA'd. its ok). ray west said to just tie the 360 in before the amp so you dont have to deal with the shit signal after the amp, and that there is a company coming out shortly with a SWC module for our systems. before this SWC module comes out though, you will have to rely on the 360.3 remote in order to change the volume, since the signal coming INTO the factory sony amp is unattenuated. there is a separate canbus wire that goes into the amp that controls the volume coming out.
  9. im gonna be using an X on a 2500bdcp. why? because im going to beat the shit out of it then upgrade to a new sunburn woofer
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