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JL Audio - Monster Cable - Knukonceptz

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JL Audio

8w3v3-8ohm subwoofer - $100 plus shipping

Very nice shape, mint from what I can tell. Missing the ring around the mounting points. $10 from JL for a new ring, so it's not too bad.


300/2 slash v1 amplifier - sold

Monster Cable

23-25' 1/0 Power flex Cable - $75 shipped or $4 a foot

Magnetic flux core center: improves performance and power ability, lowers distortion.



AGU Fuse block - $8 shipped

4ga in - 4 ga out or 2 8ga out. One of the 4 ga is screw set and the other is compression fitting. Suppose to only have the 2 8ga out but I broke off the seperator piece on the cover to allow 4 ga out.


Add paypal fee

Contact me at [email protected]

Pm me offers or your zip code for shipping quote


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how much u want for that wire picked up?

can u do $60 cash? i dont have it on me right now due to no check in mail due to holiday but i need some better wire

and is that monster cable flexible?

ied like to have it but im on hella budget atm, n u got any ring terminals for it too?

here's a link to my system 99 toyota tacoma , 2 mtx 8000 1504's in a sealed downfire , 1000w memphis amp

here's a link to my other system my 90 geo prizm test car

heres a thread i got of new songs u can dl that are legal = Some Good Bangage/you Can Dl These Free And Legit


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