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2x 10inch Rockford Fosgate P1s

2x 5 1/4 Goldwoods orion tweets in the door

2x dayton audio 8" midbass drivers in rear

P300-1 Sub stage

P400-4 Mid/High




Wood all cut up


Mock up of the box 1.2 Cu/ft per chamber at 36 HZ

Video of the box playing with a 800watt max lanzar amp off of computer power supply so only getting 12v to amp and a self made earphone to RCA adapter so sound quality is poor but good first test of the box for any air leaks and what not.

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some more pictures of the car subs in car new seat belts bolted up





that gap will soon be closed up when front baffle is on to give subs flush look

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a little more done .... i made the bolt cover to clean things up ... will be having 4 bolts go through the front to connect the power wires ... will make it look cleaner alnog with small holes for the RCA and speaker wire



Everything will be getting painted just unsure of the color probably black

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some more pics of the progress ... kind of winging it dont really have a 100% full plan



Getting the sides all cleaned up so i have a nice spot to put the amps and what not


The corners and sides all turned out very good very surprised with everything ... all only mocked up nothing is attached yet.

will know more with what im doing once i get the front wall done.

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thanks im still trying to decide the color scheme of the build ... i will know alot more with what im doing once i get the front baffle made and put on the box ... ran out of mdf because i cut a strip the wrong way so i didnt have long enough piece >.< will be getting another piece today to finish it up i hope.

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it'scomein along good whaat ya gina cover the box with ?

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im thinking vinyl mostly black with some red accents getting amp back from rockford costomer service was great then going to buy a p300-1 and the 2 p1s the website says to use 1.4CU chamber for the p1s but other guys like AA and DC and FI say for 10inch use 1.2CU so i made the box 1.2 so when i get more money to have dynamat and better electronics i will get some lvl 3s or FI SSD's or the DC equifilent of those once i take my MECP and et a good job ill be able to afford better stuff

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Also what would be a good way to attach the front baffle to the box ? want to cover it before i attach box because it will be REALLY hard to put box in with front baffle on would have to take off some very hard paneling. as you can see its a very small car consider that box takes up almost all the back and its onlt 1.2CU per chamber for 10inch ... i could also put 2x 12inch sealed but i think 2x 10 ported would yeild more bass

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Some more pictures of the front baffle still need to take out and cut the wholes and what not






still have alot to do ran into a small road bock and trying to figure out what im going to do more pics tomorrow

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