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  1. So anyways, I found a meter. Still on 300 watts. 140 at 31hz at the dash.
  2. Loves it. Wish I knew more music with extreme lows. Supposed to play down to 10 hz
  3. It's gonna be on 1250 give or take. That was just temporary with the amp I already have in my car. I'm still waiting on my singer 275A.
  4. I've taken it back apart. That was just a test to see if everything fit before I finished it. I'm still waiting on my singer alt. I have to build an amp rack, repull all my wire. It's gonna be on a ctsounds 2500.
  5. I set my gains to negative 15 and blew 3 door speakers at the same time. I think I'm just going to concentrate on getting a louder setup instead of trying to depend on my amp to make it louder.
  6. I was helping a buddy set his gains with a dd1. He said his preamp voltage is 2.2V. We had everything set flat and he doesn't have enough gain left to set it up for SPL. Could that be what the bass boost switch is for? His head unit showed no distortion.
  7. From what I understand, when your voltage drops your amplifier distorts at lower volumes. So would it be better to set up your amp using the dd-1 with the car off using battery power?
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