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  1. I just picked up a rockford power t3002 that I sold a while bacl and now it has a burnt power input terminal. It made a small fire in the area but I cleaned all that up. I was going to bypass the power supply and solder a power wire directly but whenever I hook it up to 12v it sparks and the wire heats up. Seems like it's shorted out somewhere but I see no evidence of burnt components. Anyone here repair amps or could tell me the issue? I can pay you to repair it or just tell me how If you want any pics I can text or email them to you
  2. I got a 4th order for 4 10's in my trunk
  3. I have a little question about what the owners manual says about the tuning levels. It says that -5 dB track is for sq and the -15 dB track is for SPL. I don't think that's really the case since using the -15 or -10 dB track would cause 5-10 dB of clipping while listening to decaf. Im asking this because I just tuned a system last night that somebody had previously tuned with a dd1 and I used the -5 dB track at first because he mostly listens to decaf stuff but then it got quieter so then I used the -15 because thats what he said the last guy used. Am I thinking of this correctly? If I am shouldn't the owners manual be changed to make it more understandable? Like thug motivation 101 is at -7 or 8 dB so it would still clip with the -10 track
  4. I am playing with designing a series tuned 6th order but I'm not really sure how to go about doing it. I'm playing with a BTL N2 15 in BBP6 and heres what my lines are all generally looking like. I've never designed a 6th order before so I'm not really sure what they should look like in BBP6 but this looks kinda weird to me. The specs for this one are 3.5 cubes tuned to 25 ported into 2.5 cubes tuned to 65. If anybody could post up a screen shot of what a 6th order should plot like in BBP6 that would help or if you could recommend me some specs to try play with. Thanks in advance
  5. damn that sucks. i made a design with your same height and width but its 20" long so i guess its not gonna fit. do you think itll work with less height and more depth?
  6. awesome thanks. and when you say you wouldnt go bigger than that are you talking depth or any dimension?
  7. the blue was with dc level 3 15's in a 4th order. the orange is the skars in the same 4th order. the yellow is a 3 cube ported box edit: i dont know why but the orange looks weird to me but if you think it looks good then ill trust you
  8. the blue is with dc level 3 15's in a 4th order, the orange is the skars in a 4th order. the yellow is one skar in a 3 cube ported box tuned to 32
  9. like any normal looking graph. if i do a box that works with another sub then change the sub to a skar it does some crazy shaped lines
  10. I tried plotting the skar vvx15's in a 4th order in bbp6 and i cant get a good looking line and when i press the suggest button it says 46 cubes sealed, 14 ported. i also tried the 10's and couldnt get a good line on those either. does anyone know what the problem is or how i should fix it?
  11. oh and the box is going to be forward facing and sealed off so i mainly just need the height and width of right behind the rear seat and then a close measurement of the trunk
  12. I'm looking for someone who owns an 04-08 Grand prix. i am building a box for a friend of mine but i wont be able to measure his trunk and i dont think he is capable of doing it himself. would anyone be able to measure their trunk to see how big of a box would be able to fit into the trunk? its only for 2 12's so i wont really need to use the full dimensions but just something to go by would help
  13. Matt Sixberry 6berry Satellite Beach/Jupiter, Fl DD-1 charge: gas money and demo. or free if you come to me
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