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  1. I have a little question about what the owners manual says about the tuning levels. It says that -5 dB track is for sq and the -15 dB track is for SPL. I don't think that's really the case since using the -15 or -10 dB track would cause 5-10 dB of clipping while listening to decaf. Im asking this because I just tuned a system last night that somebody had previously tuned with a dd1 and I used the -5 dB track at first because he mostly listens to decaf stuff but then it got quieter so then I used the -15 because thats what he said the last guy used. Am I thinking of this correctly? If I am shouldn't the owners manual be changed to make it more understandable? Like thug motivation 101 is at -7 or 8 dB so it would still clip with the -10 track
  2. Matt Sixberry 6berry Satellite Beach/Jupiter, Fl DD-1 charge: gas money and demo. or free if you come to me
  3. .5 Sealed-154.3 Kick-156.3 Headrest-155.4 .25 Sealed-155.8 Kick-157.7 Headrest-156.5
  4. thats awesome! now to talk my mom into buying me one for christmas!
  5. holes in the knees of my pant annoy the shit out of me. i say throw them away
  6. i hate how you second skin guys are always trying to sell your product to us and all you have to back it up is some fake test results and some amazing products!!! way to suck!
  7. thats awesome! i hope i can get money to buy a dd1before the 1000 sale mark!
  8. Why does nobody try bass boosts thats bumpin 99% of the time bass boosted songs are clipped to shit
  9. 2 level 3 10's in a 4th order made for 4 10's on a Kicker ZX1000.1
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