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  2. I was talking about myself. Just because both of our names are Dylan does not mean i was talking about you lol.
  3. Damn that box looks good oh and that sub floor great idea Dylan.
  4. Just got new windshield in and after a day of beating on it the rearview broke off. Check out this video
  5. We put them on a DC3.5k today and they did not like that but sounds good. I kinda made a short video of some flexing.
  6. Got pulled over for blacked out headlights and taillight 2 tickets for $114 each FUCK THATTTTTT!!!!
  7. He better take that deal. Because lunch sounds damn good. Lol
  8. I just did it on my jeep it was easy. My mom has an eclipse ill see if i can go look at it tomorrow, and see if i can walk you thru it. But yea listen to them and don't go to a shop..
  9. My fucking jeep all it does is suck all my fucking money outta my pocket. And all this fucking rain.
  10. Alright thanks ill look into buying from a dealer and not from amazon.
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