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  1. Thanks man, I cant wait either, just have to save up a bit more! Yea man it will be worth it. Are you still going to go with the lvl4's?
  2. Thanks man. Here is pt2 lol well the rest that i forgot.
  3. yea but for some reason i cant find it on my computer.
  4. Heres a video i put together of some awesome cars at slamfest in gainesville fl. I had an awesome time can't wait till next year.
  5. He found out that his head fits in the port and well hes still in there..... LOL
  6. I inverted mine i thought they sounded better. But i didnt gain that much more air space and i think i went from 30hz to 29.something hz using the box calculator. I like the look of mine in the rearview
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