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  1. I have no idea what it was made in. Did you like it?
  2. I found this CD in the back of my cd case that a friend left in it from like 2years ago. It's from a demo disc of these guys we went to school with a graduating class of like 35ish. They live in a town that doesn't have a red light, stop sign, not even a speed limit decrease. Real country. Anyways, I put the cd in, and The very first track goes off. Everyone I have showed it to thinks it's awesome, and I just wanted to get some opinions on here. J-Street Presents - Off the Chain. http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=22447 "I'm cuttin loose from gin and grey goose in my juice" BTW, you have to do this (pictured) to get the full effect of teh song.
  3. Notepad ftw.What did MS do to you guys when you were aught with a hacked copy?
  4. PhotoImact 11 download the trial from ulead.com, then find a crack on teh intranet. I just got the images to the same height, and the widths are a lil different. added borders, and then combined the 2 images. I'm going to make a better one soon.
  5. I don't know if the bags would be cool or not. The hoe has a perfect stance as is. but cleanly shave is cool though.
  6. hmmm. somehow my video drivers uninstalled themselves today. :/ Had to reinstall those.
  7. i dl/ed 3dmark05, but it wouldn't let me change any settings w/o purchasing. oh well. BTW it looked on screen, i don't think i would have had a very good score. idk why either.
  8. New case with only 1 120mm fan in up front, and 2 80mm fans out back. That only leaves one left. It will either go in the carputer, or wifes computer. but for now, i'm calling this thing done after the sata cdrom. then i am working on the carputer/electrical/deadening in the vic. So then i can buy some speakers. And i use the term speakers lightly.
  9. Nice. Great specs as well. Now clean up those wires, and you've got it going on.
  10. Thanks man. That means alot. Anyways, I am downloading 3dmark05 now. It may be tomorrow before i get scores though. Thanks. I have a few upgrades up my sleave. Not bad at all with the 120 up front, the 80 on the side, and the 2 60's blowing on the vid card all turned down. When I start gaming, i kick all those fans up to high, and it's decently loud. My next endeavor is going to be a water cooled case, so it should have very little fans.
  11. This is why i never have any cool car build threads, b/c all my money goes into my computer. I just finished up my new one. Specs... 3.06Ghz @ 3.22Ghz Intel P4 533FSB 1MB 2.5Gb PC4200 Ultra DDR2 Ram GeForce 6800 GT OC 256MB Pci-E 16 Abit Fatal1ty Motherboard 250Gb Master Western Digital Sata 7200rpm 16mb Cache Hard Drive ATA 100 CD-RW DVD-ROM 7.1 Surround Sound Card 550w Ultra X-Connect PSU (UV Ractive Cables) Windows XP Professional SP2 17" Acer AL1751 LCD Here is my build. I finished it last wednesday. The 27th. I ordered my battery for my car. Kinetik 1400 for under the hood. then i am going to begin my carputer build, and then my electrical/sound deadening on my car. (The Vic) Here we are waiting on me to finish modding the case. Kindof in limbo here. Last bit of stuff I was waiting on before i completed it. 5 Quad Blue LED fans, 5 Fan Grills (Nothing fancy, jusst looking for airflow here. Dual UV CC kit, Dual Blue CC kit, PSU Cable, 2x 10mm UV Reactive sata cables, 1 18" UV Reactive sata cable. All out on the desk How do I get all of this... Into here? What I was modifing on the case was the back eshaust fans had factory cutouts that were bad restrictive. Just replacing this dropped my sytem/vid card temps by 4 degrees. Power supply's fan ports were a little restrictive aswell. I also added Quad blue LED fans into my PSU. All finished here. Time to move on to the build. Modded, Cut, Empty, & Clean. Fans in. All fans in this computer ar Quad blue LED. BTW. Close up of exhaust fans, and freshly cut holes. Back view. Could've been cleaner i know. All I had was a nibbler. Motherboard/Ram/CPU in. PSU, Sound card in. Front piece to case cleaned and attached. CD-Rom, Hard Drive, & Vid Card in. Close Up Now I didn't get any pics of the cables being ran/ hidden b/c this was such a tedious job. Also since they were hidden, there wouldn't be much to take a pic of right? Anyways, here are the finished pics. At this point, the computer is 98% done, with the only thing remaining being a sata cd-rw/dvd-rom. I am undecided on one as of yet. Front Corner (Flash) Front Corner (No Flash) Inside (Flash) Inside (Flash) Inside (Flash) Inside (No Flash) Inside (No Flash) Inside (No Flash) Back View (Flash)
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