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  1. Thats what i have on my truck and its badfucking ass bro. Dont get used to it while you have the hoopty or you'll be redoing the hoe and the F.
  2. The fuse blowing sounds like you got bad wire. This fuse thats blowing, is it giving power to the entire switchbox? Then once it pops, no switches work? If so, your rear up power lines to your valves must be grounding out causing that fuse to pop when you send power through them.
  3. Do they pop when you hit the up switch? I'm guessing no since they arent airing the truck up. Also, im assuming you have some air in the tank. Granted those things are true, the problems is either stuck valves, a bad switch, or bad wiring to the valves. Heres how i would trouble shoot it... Get a multimeter or test light and hook it into the power on the up valves then hit the up switch. If you get a reading, or the testlight lights up, you got bad valves. If it doesnt, that means you arent getting power to those valves and the problem is further up, most likely at the switch box. Follow the power lines back up to the switchbox to make sure there are no breaks in the lines all the way back up the the switchbox. If there are breaks, fix them and youll be good. If no breaks, report back and we will go from there.
  4. haha, yea. I don't drive it very much, so i keep them down there just in case. haha
  5. Ive been thinking about doing this for a while. Ive had a can of VHT Nightshades in my garage for a few years, so i decided to smoke the tails on the truck. This is the only customization im gonna do to the lights. I'm gonna keep them stock up front. Heres some pics... Drying Installed now A little closer look Brake lights in the brightest part of the texas day.
  6. Yea, for the front. The frame isnt even laying at the back of the cab before it turns upward. its 2" from the ground there also. BTW, i finally moved my valves the other day. This 1st picture shows how terrible the bed is beat up on the inside. Thats a work truck for ya. :/ I need to get to work on cleaning that up some.
  7. Yea i need to get the front even, then spindles, smaller tires/wheel combo and raise y pipe to get it on the ground. I'm still 2" from the ground.
  8. I haven't posted any new pics of the truck in a while. Ive put about 300 miles on it now. I only drive it about 2x a week, like to work, or to DQ or something. Most of those miles were put on in the weeks after i finished it. Anyways, everything is holding up great, still need some wheels. I'm actually riding on my spare bc i had a flat, and i dont want to spend $ on stock tires. All those funds are being held for my wheels. My wife isnt working, so im doing the smart thing and holding on to my savings instead of blowing it. As soon as she starts work, wheels will be going on. You can see the spare in this shot. Pass side lower a arm notch still needs some more notching. The pass side is an inch higher than the drivers laid out. In the driveway. Chillin in its home where its at 6 out of 7 days. The other day, i needed gas. :/ This was like a week ago, and i hadnt put gas in it since i filled it up when we finished it. Its sitting on F in the garage right now. (My Honda was on E too. )
  9. No, don't get me wrong... I was pointing out the modlist he had, and it was a pretty sweet vid. I didn't even read the article. I probably should have. haha
  10. thinkin about it, i really dont know if im going to put any subs in it.
  11. You should have room in the garage for both after taking so much stuff to the shop right?
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