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  1. Yes we will complete thee brackets on Sunday for the 3x for those that are not in the WF part. if you are in the WF part you will comoplete your brackets for the 3x on Saturday
  2. Just got more info.... The WF guys will just drive throught the gate. If you are there for the 3x event you will be charged the $10 fee for FFF at the gate then pay your entry fee at the towers. You will also need to unload your cars from its trailor outside the gate. They have a special trailor parking area. For you guys that want to just come in and Demo... well the car show is $30 and they will let you park net to the dBDrag area. Remember that this only gets car and driver in and $10 for each additional person. Soooo if you are competing in the 3x.. it will cost you $10 to get in the gate and $50 for the first class and $25 for additional classes
  3. Please make sure that if you are in the WF part your name is listed here. Also if your name is here please give me your shirt size so I can make sure I have the World Finals shirts for you. I know some of these people dont visit this forum but if some of you can contact them and let me know there shirt sizes that wouls be helpful and make sure the names are spelled properly so I can make sure everything is correct. WF Competitor list Street A Team SSC - Scott Street B Team SSC - Jeff Street Max Team SSC - Ron Will Lievers Super Street NW Jim Jean Team Incriminator – Luke Super Street 1-2 James Jean Super Street 3-4 Ray Maestas Socalspl John Extreme Os 1-2 So Cal SPL Cal Extreme 3+ Gary Killian Bass Race Ssb Tim Gary Killian Ray Maestas Socalspl John Team Ssc – Stephen Psychlone Gary Killian
  4. $50 to get your car inside. or you can enter the car show but you would have to check out the Forbidden Fantasy site Kimo I just cut and Pasted it from the termpro site
  5. We will have special move in time from 8am - 9am at gate D off of Lake Perris Blv. If you have ever been to this show you don’t want to wait in the enormous line that FF always brings. If you are there after 9am you will have to wait in the line with the other 1100 cars for the car show part. Officiating Staff: Doug Stockton Andy Teuscher James "Kimo" Kaliloa Jim Wright Rob Wolcott Mike Jaffe PRICE: DBDRA = $50 for one class and $25 each additional class IDBL = Currently not set Price only includes car and driver. It is $12 for each additional passenger. That covers both days. Schedule: Saturday 8am-12pm Move in 11am-1pm DBDRA World Finals Qualifying 11:30am-2:30pm Qualifying for DBDRA and IDBL 3x 2:30pm-5:30pm Complete DBDRA brackets(for WF people) and NSPL 3 event 5:45pm Move Out Sunday 5am-9am Move in 9am-12pm Qualifying for IDBL World Finals & DBDRA World Finals runs 12pm-3pm Any WF runs for Bass Boxing (if applicable) & Brackets for the DBDRA 3x event 3pm Trophies 4pm Move Out On Saturday we will run DBDRA brackets for the WF competitors only. That way they will only have to worry about the big important run. This info is not set in stone but it looks like this is how it will go down later Doug
  6. Comments, Ideas, and thoughts please later Doug
  7. I have just uploaded like 20-30 videos on my youtube site http://www.youtube.com/user/sonicfxdoug so enjoy. It seemed like I have alot of LoganBerry. let me know how you guys feel about Bass Boxing to see if we are going to add it as another format offered at the shows later Doug
  8. I have added the Bass Boxing Videos to my youtube site. I am working on more later Doug
  9. I have uploaded pics from Sunday here http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=11869&Method=2 and pics from Saturday here http://termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=11871&Method=2 I am working on videos and shold have them up in the next couple of days. I have about `4 gigs of video to edit then upload. results will be up later today. and thanks for the send off I had a great time and will miss all of you and the shows I am sure. later Doug
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