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  1. Bump. This battery is mint. No scratches, scuffs, scrapes, or any other imperfections/defects.
  2. I have for sale a XS Power D1200! It is new, never before used except maintained on a intellicharger by XS Power. I bought it in March of this year, but I never got around to using it. (My loss will be your gain!) I am asking $190+ shipping obo! All reasonable offers entertained! http://gyazo.com/13964b865c97f039c8bfab3a70952903 http://gyazo.com/425f936093b7dbf2337448a1d71b399c http://gyazo.com/d88e7224812820767dd989a10e317741 ^^ 12 hours off the charger. It usually rests around 12.6-12.7 *Sorry I don't know how to post pichurs so I Gyazo'd them.
  3. Mosin

    WTB 0 Gauge wire.

    0 Gauge? What colors do you have? How much per foor or how much for 15'?
  4. Mosin

    WTB 0 Gauge wire.

    What color is it and is it CCA or OFC? Can you measure it to be exact?
  5. Mosin

    WTB 0 Gauge wire.

    Not a lot, just enough to add a secondary battery. LMK what ya got!
  6. That copper colored lubricant, according to Glock cleaning procedure was NOT supposed to be removed. Nice Glock btw! I carry a Glock 22 Gen 4 daily.
  7. thankfully in georgia a cop has to haver a legitimate reason to ask me to provide identification. if im carrying my handgun (which i do openly) he has to have reasonable suspicion of a crime to ask for my carry license. basically, it has to be more than a tier-1 encounter for identification or license. an officers "hunch" or "public concern" means absolutely nothing in georgia. And you support this? If you're not doing anything illegal and have your licenses than why would you? A person who is up to no good essentially could walk around and without PC a cop can't do shit... It's absolutely idiotic to not enable police to screen people carrying firearms in public areas. It's absolutely idiotic to enable police to screen people carrying firearms in public areas... Legitimate suspicion is one thing, a call from a scared citizen is another. That's like me saying that guy over there is too tall, or he is being ignorant with his posts and I'm scared, ID him. It's the joy of being American, the right to bear arms. If you don't like it, go to Canada.. Or England.
  8. I always fall short by about 24 kills... lol I haven't gotten a MOAB yet on account of me always playing SnD. Currently ranked 32500 and slowly getting my rank down there.
  9. Already posted these in a diff thread but I'll throw em here also. Glock 22 Gen 4. I'll get some shots at a target late next week. Don't have a range around here that I know of.
  10. I just got my permit for concealed carry a few days ago so I now carry my Glock 22 Gen4 with a full mag of Fed. Hydra-Shok rds. Hopefully next week I'll get a Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment holster.
  11. I think right now it's a toss up for me between the Hornady's and the Federals. Correct. I just got this last Thursday at Cabelas, how do I know if I need to get it replaced?