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  1. So guys, something has been brought to my attention. The build I'm gonna be working on is pretty much copying off of "Altima1" on here's build. Anyway, he has over 250sqft of Deadener in his Altima. But also mentioned that he had quite a deal of Luxury Liner Pro by second skin, installed in the trunk and Roof to further dampen the vibrations for his loud Low-End Bass (26-30hz range usually). - Is the Luxury Liner / Any type of Liner material necessary for a Loud Low End build?? Is 2 Layers of Sound Deadener on the metal not enough? I'm using one layer of Second Skin's Alpha Damp for the first layer. Havn't figured out the 2nd yet, probably Second Skin Damplifier. But with those 2 Deadeners combined throughout my vehicle, shouldnt the Low end come through pretty well? Its gonna be a Sealed Off 15 from the Trunk. - Anyone with good knowledge on Sound Dampening is there any advice you could give? - Thanks!
  2. Hmm yes the Fusion (07 or newer) is looking like the most affordable, good looking car to choose. Well that or a Mazda 6 lol. And yea, I'm ripping the back seats out to seal off no matter what i get. it's a build for a competiton.
  3. I am currently looking to start a new build, practically "copying" off of Altima1's Sealed Off Trunk Build, because it's exactly what I'm looking to do, and love the way he's done it! Here's his link: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/158900-removable-rear-door-brace-started-06-altima-6k-trunk-build-fi-15-sp4-hair-trick-vids/ WHAT KIND OF CAR IS GOOD FOR THIS TYPE OF BUILD? IM LOOKING FOR A 2006-2010 CAR TO SEAL OFF THE TRUNK FORWARD LIKE THAT. SO FAR MY IDEAS ARE A CHEVY IMPALA, MAYBE FORD FUSION. SUGGESTIONS PLEASEE? I HAVE A COMPETITION IN JULY AND AM NOT NEAR READY YET, HAVE TO FIND A DECENT VEHICLE SOON! A few thoughts running (franticly) through my head are these: Ford Fusion - "Rumor" from someone on youtube is that Ford's cannot thoroughly deaden the roof's...not true? Other thought, 2010 Chevy Impala - has a TON of Airbags, including in the roof area, how do I deaden that without F'ing something up, not to mention on 4000 Watts will I be setting any of those off? PLEASE in all sincerity can someone make a LEGIT suggestion on how I should do this, or at least name a few affordable newer large-trunk cars? I appreciate it! Thank you
  4. I don't understand what "crossing over" even is. I know there's "crossovers" that come with the tweeter and mid speaker set I'm getting, but I never understood what they do. And i'd like a final 4-ohm impedance (using SoundStream DTR4.680 Amp, 4-channel)
  5. I've never wired mid speakers and tweeters before and I just want to know what is the correct Ohm impedance for the Tweeters and Midbass speakers? I'm going to wire 4 speakers to a 4-channel amplifier, so when I order the speakers do I get 4-ohm OR 8-ohm?
  6. How do i delete a topic?

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      hey sorry i dont spend my life on this website, just looking for help and advice. no need to post dick-responses

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