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  1. What does everyone use to fill kerf cuts? Im using sawdust and titebond but feel like it could use more.

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    2. hdorre


      I use PL 3x. If you wanna go full retard, you can glass over that as well.

    3. audiofanaticz


      titebond3 and fine sawdust. Mix it so its a bit thinner than peanut butter, but not so thin it runs. Once it hardens up which may take 24ish hours it should be solid. and if you have any resin and fiberglass cloth or mat you can do a layer over that, which really wouldnt cost much money or time if you had the materials on hand already.

    4. Amart88


      I used plain old resin... if i did it again, i would use pl.

  2. Give it back, it's a money pit. Hell no, parts are cheap and easy to put in. Vehicles are only a money pit if the maintenance is neglected.
  3. I thought the original rpp was just getting glitchy with so many posts and cute kitten pics.
  4. That sucks. I'd insert that south park meme. But that's just shitty.
  5. New season of shameless. Down side is I'm actually caught up on a show so I have to wait a whole fucking week instead of binge watching it over night.
  6. Some asshole somewhere dropped the ball on the whole Netflix and chill. The women have been alerted, the gig is up. Thanks obama.
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