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  1. Holy shit dude, you're a mod now? Congrats! I haven't been on in like 5 years, looks like a lot has changed.
  2. Haven't been on here in years and I miss it! Any OG's still here?

    1. boom50cal


      im not an OG but I been around awhile, I pop in and out to see whats good occasionally!

    2. KillaCam


      I remember your screen name. N8, Adam (hatersgonnahate), lots of of others too but not off the top of my head. I'm trying to see my old build log but cant remember my photobuck login.


      Edit: and Lbox88 my homie from Grand Rapids



    3. boom50cal


      adam is still active on fb. He remodels houses i think. A lot of the guys that were really active around 2014 or so have kinda moved on in life. I miss this hobby but just needed to take me a break from it.

  3. What does everyone use to fill kerf cuts? Im using sawdust and titebond but feel like it could use more.

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    2. hdorre


      I use PL 3x. If you wanna go full retard, you can glass over that as well.

    3. audiofanaticz


      titebond3 and fine sawdust. Mix it so its a bit thinner than peanut butter, but not so thin it runs. Once it hardens up which may take 24ish hours it should be solid. and if you have any resin and fiberglass cloth or mat you can do a layer over that, which really wouldnt cost much money or time if you had the materials on hand already.

    4. Amart88


      I used plain old resin... if i did it again, i would use pl.

  4. I thought the original rpp was just getting glitchy with so many posts and cute kitten pics.
  5. In the middle of the night you gotta turn the other way so you don't roll off. Boners save lives.
  6. The fuck kinda bathroom is that? Are they pissing in puppy heaven?
  7. I couldn't get a good picture but there's a rainbow around the moon. Looks like a gay Saturn.
  8. Bet you can fit that Christmas tree in your mouth and not even gag. That experience lol
  9. Oh and what is the new "death by bass" badge? That's new since my hiatus
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