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  1. Jaw dropping. Have always loved your builds. Now taking it to another level. Can't wait to see how you guys do reaching your goals....
  2. Fuck yea kyle, happy as hell for you. I just got 19 ammo cans and a shitload of ammo, it's gonna be a good summer.
  3. Thanks Big D cant wait to check out the video, i watch all your videos, appreciate the time and effort.
  4. Karkov

    Will it fit???

    2007 Tahoe same 5.3L motor. D3400 main battery tray (passenger side) D3100 secondary battery tray (drivers side) I have pics in my build log way back from 13'
  5. LOL guys! jealous of new subs. =(
  6. Have always loved your work and this is no different.
  7. Not getting the position at work you tried for. Again. Guess I will continue making $12k less per year for a while longer. ???
  8. Wow, big changes. I'm in for whatever. Less headaches=better life. Happy to see it man. There is still quite the aftermarket for the Term Cobra's. My slightly modded one was legit as fuck. i miss that thing. I cant wait to see what you get next. What are you doing with the 99 red Silverado or whatever year it was? 300k miles lol
  10. Shadow 2 will be my next purchase. I just bought 11 ammo cans 30 cal and 7 that are 50 cal. Plus a bunch of 3006 ammo. ? yes, 18 total, all metal
  11. Very nice setup! turned out great. i'm jealous that you got a place like that to make the box, haha