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  1. Jigsaws - Barrel Grip vs Top Handle?

    I use top handle and like it
  2. I've watched this waaaaaay too many times and laughed waaaaaay too hard........let me know what you guys think, turn the volume up.....
  3. I will be needing a listen from this come summer time when you get it dialed in and have a few "go to" songs ready. I will trek to WI to hear it. 😁
  4. I love how into this build you are, so much always getting done. i miss those days
  5. Fuck yea man, keep it going
  6. Ran out of likes so i will just comment my happiness for you!!!!!!!!!!
  7. In for this build for sure. Sorry to hear about your friend.
  8. Welcome the newest SMD Partner B2 Audio!

    Welcome!!! Love me some B2
  9. It was 4 below zero at 8-9 this morning, how you doing this outside bro??