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  1. Nice man! Never got a chance to re-meter before you needed a recone? SMD goodness looks nice under there, clean...
  2. Wow, those results tho thanks again for ANOTHER video, always doing us good Big D. I every every single video you make
  3. My reaction too...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ALL SOLD lock it up.
  5. my 18 solo x doing hair trick no wall 1000rms

    Nice man, I miss my SoloX's they were in 10 cubes each also. thanks for sharing this
  6. Random Video Thread

  7. 48k watts!!!!!!! Blown sub though damn that sucks..... Not a big deal for you though, haha
  8. I know why they are but I still think its too early and stupid, but everyone wants to be first... Voted.
  9. You took this build and got SERIOUS. Appreciate all the pictures...and there's a lot of them. You work looks professional, simply amazing man! Everything turned out so nice!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Someone better figure out what happened to Broke_Audio_addict
  11. 1% LMFAO How is driving at night? I love it, looks awesome. I would get pulled over so fast around here. I got a couple tickets for 35% and I normally run 20%