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  1. FUCK TO THE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was going to piss me off since sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many bad drivers exist but this is awesome. I still remember the video of the person in the passing/fast/far Left lane getting trolled by cop. haha
  2. I should have said, but shipping U.S. 48 states only please. ☹️ Also, fiber dust caps which is a upgrade over the regular.
  3. If you have something relevant then use an old one so ALL info is contained to one place so anyone in the future looking for the answer to the same question can find all the information all in one place?
  4. I'd be happy with how it turned out also, that thing looks amazing. I'm over here jelly as shit since i've been looking into getting a sports car again.
  5. What camera REVOofrustler? Must be nice as shit
  6. 10 cubes each, early 2k's, when Kicker Solo X 18" were still cool, me and my GF at the time, lol
  7. Thing is almost the size of a pallet, LMAO. Is that all you're doing for bracing and is it glued and screwed yet? JK!!!!!!!! had to...I always see your disclaimers and yet someone usually asks... When you were talking about the corners of the ports you said it looks good in real life...yea well it looks good in pictures too! That dust collector from the CNC for this box is insane, full! so much chewed up MDF it's nutz I get a woody in this thread since my favorite part of stereo's apart from listening to bass is the box building (in my threads my boxes look pretty good for back yard type shit) and I usually build multiple boxes for each set up for each summer, love me some MDF dust and figurin' them angles and cuts. That CNC would be busy if I had it too, I am jealous! Hold and I will post a pic. from early 2K's that fits into this thread a TINY bit, LOL!
  8. I'm sorry, i should have added shipping is U.S. 48 states only.
  9. wow...........shitty...........[email protected] Seems like people like that will never go away for you Steve, it's too bad but you carry on with your life anyway which makes you the winner even before you say ANYTHING there or here. =)
  10. Looks like the side panel of the amp is pulling away from the heatsink of the amp
  11. Thanks all for tuning in! LOL@ paralyzed I change my set up for every summer. This one I WAS gonna keep for two summers but ya know.............