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  1. Glad everything arrived ok and turned out alright. I have always liked the way FI ships their subs (that whole buildhouse)
  2. Damn i like how that turned out, kind of wish I could hear it in person to see how it sounds.
  3. Oh, I'm kind of just realizing you already commented again.,,,sorry also, I see for fuses you have them just off from alts, and then again in back near battery, I get it, i get it, LOL
  4. No one is laughing mate. Why does it go from one fuse right into another fuse? Maybe I'm reading it wrong. It shouldn't matter but maybe ground the relay and transpo to an actual ground and not the stock battery negative? If it was me I would keep EVERYTHING, except chassis ground of course, separate, no exceptions. Period. Transpo's need to be near the alts? If so, and you have no stereo battery/reserve up there, can you feed them positive by adding a lug to the fuse holder and use the stereo alts positive?
  5. NICE! Gratz on the first. I'm not surprised and yet shocked at the same time. I didn't know you would compete again haha
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