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  1. I've never done a trunk build so I'm not sure on the vent. Hopefully someone else chimes in.
  2. He hasn't even logged in for over 2+ years so I doubt he will see your post. I wouldn't mind seeing your build if you decide to take and share some pictures on here though.
  3. Not sure if I am OG but life has been rough. Glad to be glancing around once again though.
  4. Not that this will be any help, but I did multiple builds in a 2007 Tahoe. Not that any of it was great but if you want to sift through the old threads for ideas I will share a couple links below. Thanks.
  5. Hey Joe X, yes long time no see! I REALLY appreciate the effort! Yea, I have never had 8" subs for similar reasons but I had at least tried 10" in the past. I have always preferred my 12's, 15's, 18's, etc. (even though enclosure dependent for sound obviously). My conundrum is that I've been out the audio game for a bit but a good friend gave me all this specific gear for free, including ALL the wire to install all this, and so I'm really basically stuck with this box and I only really want to spend money on the sub, otherwise I really wouldn't have had a stereo at all right now. I have shaved the opening a little bigger in the past with files and such, and I had thought about doing it again but I'd rather not if at all possible. I know box Guru's like you understand things about enclosures that I don't think I ever will, which is why I was hoping someone could maybe glance at my scenario and make a suggestion. That's really the place I'm at. Yes, I'm pretty much wanting/needing if you would help me choose a quality sub that will actually sound decent given the specs of this enclosure. The subwoofer doesn't need to handle 2k watts, that just happens to be the potential wattage that I'm dealing with and will be running. Also, I'm not overly concerned about cost of a sub either, although I was mainly looking to only spend a max of $600 for one, roughly, as this isn't my end all be all system, it's just some bass in a commuter car that I wouldn't have had unless mostly given to me anyway. Thank you so much
  6. This Dave? I guess I been gone a long time... https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/profile/1-david/
  7. Hello, hope this link below works for everyone but based on this enclosure, which I got for free, I'm curious what subwoofer would work well in it based on the specs of the box. It was supposed to fit a DC Audio XL SPL 10" but that sub requires a 9.35" cutout and this came with a <9.25" opening. It's MDF, double baffle (1.75"), tuned to 33 Hz. Outside dimensions of enclosure 27" Wide 13" Height 12.75" Deep Port is 1.5" wide x 11.5" tall Port length is difficult to measure with 45's and rounded spots (tuning frequency is above) Subwoofer mounting depth appears to need to be <9.75". Shouldn't be an issue for a 10" subwoofer. Goal would be loudest bass possible for what it is (even though sound is subjective obviously). It's going in the trunk of my commuter car (2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo). Amplifier is an American Bass PH-4000 MD. (2000 watts RMS). I usually build a custom box based on the subwoofer(s), but in this case I'm trying to find a subwoofer based on the custom box. I'm worried that without the proper subwoofer I will end up with a narrow frequency range, and/or 1 note wonder, etc. etc. etc. I don't want the end result to sound like ass. That's why I'm here asking the audio gods for some help. ~Thanks~ -Karkov https://sonix-enclosures.myshopify.com/collections/stage-3/products/stage-3-ported-enclosure-for-single-alpine-r-w10-sonix-generated
  8. I have a 14' Silverado with Bose stereo so did you do integration or add a Head Unit some where? What did you do to have it completely separate? Thanks. PM if need be, not trying to thread hijack.
  9. I'm glad you rebuilt it instead of giving up. 😃
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