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  1. Necro, LOL 2014 2015 2015 2016 2018
  2. I don't think he means the molex connectors. Basically I have the same vehicle thus the same rubber things you are talking about OP so what i did was unattach the rubber from each end, pull/push wire you want to run through metal hole, fish through rubber thing, then through other metal hole, then reattach rubber sleeve hose type connector grommet on each end again. OORRR use the Metal fisher that the guy posted above which works great if it's smaller wire. I have used that too, just attach it really well when pulling the wire through. If I'm thinking of something else please post a pic. Have to have door panel off to do this IMO. the rubber thing is black and ribbed correct?
  3. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno & Unboxing

    Cool, thanks guys! and thanks for making and posting the videos!
  4. Fi SSD 12" surround

    They do change suppliers from time to time as i experienced when ordered 2 FI SP4's one summer, and identical ones the next and they came with noticeable different surrounds and it was because they switched cone/surround supplier.
  5. smallest box for fi sp4 18

    I will assume ported. I would go with what they recommend. The box will make or break your setup no matter what sub/amp/power you have.
  6. Old enclosures?

    One was used for chicken coop and the rest get thrown in the grove at my folks place to rot into the ground....The audio scene is small around here and its not worth my time to find a buyer and sell it for nothing......I would give mine away if I ever found someone
  7. Audiopipe APMI-2000 Amp Dyno & Unboxing

    Are you the Ryan guy who makes those videos? AP does rated now huh
  8. Apparently my old pics don't work in my build log(s) for 2007 Tahoe, didn't get grandfathered in 😠 Anyway, Since I ran two batteries underhood I ran power wires from battery that was on drivers side up to the firewall, where the brake fluid reservoir sits, then down, underneath, along the frame best I could (this vehicles gets tight underneath, too much factory crap packed between frame rails) then I made a hole behind drivers side rear wheel well (inside factory interior panel where cubby is) and that is where they came up. Same as the grounds, I grounded straight to frame back there, but I also used two separate alternators, thus 2 separate charging systems to avoid the B.S. factory ground loop sensor, otherwise you can only ground to front battery ONLY. I had ALL interior out at one point and STILL on a vehicle like this choose to run wires underneath. Don't need to jack it up or anything. 😀
  9. PM me, If you pay shipping I have one you can have. Here's my feedback thread.
  10. Best 6.5 component Door speakers

  11. Random Video Thread

  12. I as well I am interested in others feedback. I need a third safe and am willing to spend more money etc. etc. for a nice one that will last a lifetime. I have more guns than I have space right now so some guns are not in safes currently. My 19 cube safe has about 12 handguns and at the most 8 long guns but it's full AF and I am wanting/needed a much large one. I don't care much about which brand since I know so little but I want a nice one. I as well seek advice thanks.