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  1. How about dem Lions tonight?....................
  2. What a story. Damn, now I'm curious too...
  3. This thread makes me wanna look hard at this gun, I've been shooting my glock 21 lately and just totally dislike the grip size. I would rather shoot my Springfield Arms XD/XDM/XDS any day, of all calibers. I'm going to hold one of those CZ at the gun store and see if I can get myself to pull the trigger on yet another gun to sit in the safe....(no pun intended). Kyle do you have, or have used, a M&P? If so, how does it compare to the CZ? Thanks
  4. Vikings first, second, and third string offense looked dominate in the smallest taste of an example there is but special teams was like worst in the league last night, LOL. Where was defense second half?!?! At least I got to see us score more points than any other team this week.....when it doesn't even matter.
  5. NFC North showed up in this thread...
  6. The D4800 is the direct replacement for my 2007 Tahoe so it's the same dimensions with the same terminals as factory. The fit is no different than OEM. Steve's might be the same since he used the 4800 as well
  7. http://www.ficaraudio.com/product/team-series-team-12v2/
  8. Vikings will go 12-4 after last seasons 13-3 even though we have the 7th toughest schedule in the whole league.
  9. Karkov

    eBay Coupon: 15% off

    Thanks for posting this. MN has to pay sales tax on ALL online orders starting in October or some shit like that so i am buying whatever I want now....lol......