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  1. he slept on his hand........
  2. Noooooooo but I guess you do always change stuff anyways, lol so many meters getting readings, LMAO
  3. Damp PRO already on roof or just Damp? I think SS has one of the better adhesives in the business so if you roller it on i wouldn't think you would have an issue unless Andrew thinks that due to those hot summer days it may peel off?! I have SS stuck to more SS and have no issues with any of it peeling off anywhere....IDK man, up to you, maybe keep researching around to see if anyone else anywhere has had SS peel off for ANY reason.......taking SS off is not a project I would ever wish upon anyone!!!!!!
  4. Taramps HD3000 Amp Dyno Test

    Just watched this video on Youtube in it's entirety. You definitely put some time into that video! I love that YOU* tested one of these amps, here/see so much about them more and more over the last couple years. Yea, they look small as hell, have very little internals (that HV cap tho!) and those numbers are impressive. Yea, that 10k test was nuts! That fact they are full range is mind boggling. Definitely have to keep them within their voltage range rating. Why did the first test struggle being smooth when wattage was climbing? After looking at internals I can't believe it pulls that much amperage! Are they like pushing things to the max?! That 0.3% THD deters me but that price is nice! I am so, so grateful for you to have made this video! THANKS!
  5. $290 for last pair shipped to your door US 48 states
  6. Why isn't it straight? JK old box looked nice, tuned in for this one, looking good so far.
  7. It is identical to the DC Power dual alt kit i own. I am making the assumption that's what it is.
  8. pics. of sister. lol, jk......................................but seriously I forget, where did you get those door panel things? I know they are not Qlogic
  9. If you make a drive I got some XP3000's for cheap