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  1. Email Rusty Flowers and ask? I don't know for sure (owner of DC Audio)
  2. Please lock this thread. Everything is gone. Thanks.
  3. Nice man, glad you are liking it. It's a sweet unit. i am jealous of the equipment in that pic, haha
  4. the definition of harsh is super tweeter
  5. I have a self powered Klipsch downward firing sub and at the time of purchase it was a $200 difference between a 10" and the 12" so I opted to just go with a 10" since it was hooked to a TV and was only for movies and not music and to be honest this thing has blown my expectations. I now use it for music and it is LOUD in my opinion. I couldn't be happier. Granted I would have loved the 12" even more but I am in no way dissatisfied with the 10". Louder than I though it would be, clean, plenty loud overall, etc. etc. If money is tight get the 8". It also depends what your end use is for it. How much do you like bass at home? Music? movies? etc. Not sure if this helps you at all or not. Is the subs were oriented the same I would go for the 11" but that is just me. Since they arent then I am not sure...sorry Oh I should add, my sub is downward firing but the port is out the back or side if you will. I aim the port at a corner or wall and it's louder.
  6. Jaw dropping. Have always loved your builds. Now taking it to another level. Can't wait to see how you guys do reaching your goals....
  7. Fuck yea kyle, happy as hell for you. I just got 19 ammo cans and a shitload of ammo, it's gonna be a good summer.
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