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  1. Already have the box built for my 21'' Z series. For now I just have the wires stubbed out of the box but one of these terminals would be great so I no longer use wire nuts.
  2. Any update on a release date for these? I've been trying to order them for a couple weeks now, impatiently ? Awesome product Steve great innovation .
  3. He has a Corsair AXI1200 watt PSU in his 'main' rig. I have the same PSU and it's plenty enough. A 750 watt PSU might still work but he'd be cutting it close with the 1080tis. Personally I don't care for SLI and you would only gain a bit of frames while running in 4K but other than that a single 1080ti is way more than enough. Again, it's good for running 4K resolutions to see a benefit otherwise it might be doing more harm than good considering bugs of SLI. Steve, get yourself one of these electric dusters- https://www.amazon.com/XPOWER-Airrow-Multi-Use-Electric-Computer/dp/B01BI4UQK0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502314510&sr=8-1&keywords=Duster+electric They're so much better than compressed air and pack a big time punch. Bye-bye dust!
  4. Can we get some rough pricing? Maybe we can get some pre-order stuff setup here. I was thinking about getting an 8 spot fuse block made by Juan Patron for my Civic but now I'm seeing these bad boys
  5. I don't think you should get rid of it, you'd regret it. Also, my CRX used to be multi-colored from body work and after I got it all one color I felt so much better about it and myself. I feel bad I've neglected the car as long as I did but I always have all sorts of projects and crap going on, there's never enough time in the day. I'm sure you know that better than most people Mr. Meade I tried to multi-quote but not familiar how to use it properly as of yet.
  6. I realize it's been two years since the last post here but I felt like I just did a ton of work just going through the whole thread/build today. My lord, what a project it was...awesome work. Like others, I'm wondering what became of this build.
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