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  1. Really? Wow that's awesome C I knew you'd think it's rad... Going to be be even better when I cut holes in my sealed box... U no, to let air out for more base. Pretty sure I'll be the king of my block them
  2. i don't need all the science. when i run it at 2 ohms i get windshield & body panel flex. when i run it at 4 ohms i don't. simple.
  3. yo n8, if you're going to delete my replies why not just lock the thread?
  4. It wasn't my equipment so I don't know. I'm not even hung up on the exact number but more was just testing to see if I was making more power from 4ohms to 2ohms. Even if the method used was a little off it still showed the output was closer to 1000w than 500w which way more than I ever thought this amp would do We did an alpine amp at the same time using the same method and it did exactly rated power with the test
  5. how are you no making the connectionn here? the 2150 is exactly half the 2300. 600w amp vs 300w amp. the guts even look the same just x2. so extrapolating from that if the video shows the 2300 doing 1600w @ 2ohm, then there is no reason to doubt my result of 900w @ 2ohm if my amp is exactly 1/2 the amp. the guys were ass holes about my "claim" and now here we are with this video. you think they would've believed 1600w possible out of the 2300? let alone 2200w @ 1ohm? and if it doesn't make sense why i keep going just read the thread and how shitty they were. that and fuck it I'm bored and i don't give a shit about this forum
  6. If the point you're making is that 900w @ 2ohms 14v is possible than we agree. Read the thread. They all said it wasn't possible and beat the horse to death. Now I'm the one beating it cause I have a video of the "impossible" and if you still don see how the amp in the video relates to my amp them I can't help you
  7. My amp is rated @ 300w @ 4 ohms 900w @ 2ohms is not rated power
  8. Based on what the fuse rating on the amp? That 2300 had 90amps of fusing and put up 2200w
  9. Other than the fact that everyone said that was impossible...
  10. Wiz did the 2300 (2x300) and got 1600w @ 2 ohms mono My amp is the 2150 (2x150) the smaller (exactly half of the 2300 by spec) amp of the same generation mtx amps. I got 900w @ 2 ohms with my test, half what the 2300 did at 2 ohm on the dyno. Everyone made a huge deal about that claim and basically treat me like a delusional idiot ever since on these boards so now I'm making a huge deal about the video results cause wether or not you all want to aknowlage it or not it basically backs up my test results.
  11. Youre eating your words now and you know it, and everyone can see it
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